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Harry Potter and the Meaning Of Love by darthvengeful
Chapter 12 : The Prank That Never Was!
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A/N: Sorry for the wait had a major crisis when writing this chapter and I am now back at university. Thank you to all those who have left the wonderful reviews, you really have kept me going with this.
I have used the words from “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt from his album Back to Bedlam in this chapter. (I suggest you buy it as it is brilliant.) Please read and review they really do help.

Chapter 12: The Prank that never was

The next morning Ginny, Lily, Neville, Luna, Remus, Tonks and Hermione all woke up early with the same feelings of desperate anticipation at what was about to happen. They all headed downstairs after quick showers and went to the kitchen where Lily was cooking breakfast as Ginny went into the front room to check on the sleeping boys.

As Ginny entered the room she found that the two boys no men she thought to herself were in exactly the same place as where they were left. After checking that they both were still alive she headed to join the others in the kitchen.

“They still knocked out then Ginny” asked Luna.
“Yeah haven’t moved an inch from last night. They look so peaceful like that I kinda wish they would stay that way” answered Ginny as she sat down and piled her plate with food unaware of the looks she was getting especially from Hermione.
“When did you start eating like Ron Ginny?”
“Huh what do you mean Mione” Ginny asked unsure of why the question was asked when she suddenly looked down and saw her plate piled high with 4 sausages, 2 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, 2 hash browns, loads of beans and a piece of toast.
“Whoa I must be hungry” she quickly said to everyone. “I’m glad Harry’s not up to see this”

At that everyone laughed and tuck into their breakfast. Around half an hour later everyone had finished and Lily was just cleaning up when suddenly the two Potter men came walking in and plonked themselves down at the table.

“Well Good Morning everyone, thanks for leaving us some breakfast” said James looking pleadingly at his wife who was standing in front with her hands on her hips with an enormous scowl on her face.

“Good Morning and you two can get your own breakfast now as you couldn’t be bothered to get up in time” replied Lily, thinking this was the perfect opportunity to see if the spell had worked.
“Ok mum Sorry for not getting up, Dad what do you want then?” voiced Harry.
“Thanks Son yeah just some beans on toast would be good” answered James. As his son waved his wand and conjured up two plates on beans on toast in front of himself and James. Just then both Harry and James were hit by two yellow beams right between their eyes as they were eating and suddenly slumped down quickly and then jumped back up as quickly.

At that very moment James started to clean the kitchen, waving his wand about as he made the floor shine as the brightest star the cupboards were spotless all the dishes were done and put away and then just sat down and said,
“Now my dear wife is there anything else you would like me to do today”?
“Why James I thought you’d never ask. How about I just leave you to clean the all house from top to bottom for me?” replied Lily with the biggest grin ever seen on her face.
“Right O then of to work I go” sang James in reply as he headed straight upstairs to begin the cleaning. As soon as he left the others, except for Harry started laughing and patting each other on the back. That was until Harry suddenly burst into tears and ran from the room crying his heart out. Lily and Ginny quickly followed him but found that he had locked himself in his room and they could hear him sobbing from outside. They both tried to open the door using spells but nothing worked.

“Harry please open the door you’ve got to let us in. At least tell us what is wrong sweetie” asked Lily.
“Yeah come on Harry you can tell us we both love you”
“Now Harry come on we’re back, you know Sirius and Dumbledore are happy and died saving you and without them we wouldn’t be hear.”
“Please Go Just leave me I want to be alone I’m a horrible friend, a terrible son and a crap boyfriend. I just need some time”
“Ok Harry come down when you’re ready we are always here for you” with that Ginny and Lily went back downstairs. As soon as they arrived they both stormed up to Hermione and Ginny shouted at her.
“Now Ginny calm down, we did agree to this remember. We are just as responsible”
“I know I’m sorry it just I can’t bear to see him like that. I thought he was past that until Miss I have bloody interfere in everything makes Harry like that”

Meanwhile upstairs in Harry’s room the crying had stopped and Harry sat opposite his father laughing.
“So Dad what exactly did they do to us?”
“They used the switching spell on us. I can’t believe that they made me clean I feel violated.”
“Well at least they didn’t make you feel like shit and bring back all those horrible emotions. I bet it was Hermione who did that to me”
“Yeah well the question is how we are going to fight this son. From my memory of this spell there are stages of about 30 minutes that we have to go through over a space of a week, I’ve done cleaning, and you mourned.”
“So what will they do to us next?”
“Let’s think here. I think they are going to make us do things which we never do. So me mourning Ron in a very out there way was them telling me I was a bit of a prat for not releasing my emotions”
“I was going to ask you about that”
“Well here’s the thing I think I’ve just reached the stage where there is a part of me that is numb. I mean I can’t release my emotions publicly anymore. And I was just so happy that you were back I guess Ron became…”
“A less important part of your life”
“Yeah how did you know?”
“I think I’m experiencing another stage where I am more aware of other people’s feelings.
“What? What does that mean?”
“Well at the moment I’m picking up your feelings like they are pouring out of you... mmmmmmm interesting I didn’t think you had it in you son.” James answered smiling broadly.
“Dad it’s not what you think.” Harry replied blushed a deep shade of red.
“Don’t worry its natural to think like that. It actually shows how mature you really are having emotions like that. Are you feeling any different?”
“Yeah I feel like I want too…….sing to the one I love. Come on Dad I need to do something.”
“Yeah I feel the same let’s go.”
Harry raced down the stairs and quickly ran into the front room and stood in front of Ginny, with James close behind facing Lily. They then at the top of their voices started singing.
“My life is brilliant
My life is brilliant
My love is pure
I saw an angel
Of that I’m sure
She smiled at me on the subway
She was with another man
Bit I won’t lose no sleep on that
‘Cause I’ve got a plan

You’re Beautiful. You’re Beautiful
You’re Beautiful it’s true.
I saw your face in a crowded place
And I don’t know what to do
‘Cause I’ll never be with you

Yeah she caught my eye
As we walked on by
She could see from the smile on my face I was
Flying high.
And I don’t think that I’ll see her again
But we shared a moment that will last till the end

You’re Beautiful. You’re Beautiful
You’re Beautiful it’s true.
I saw your face in a crowded place
And I don’t know what to do
‘Cause I’ll never be with you

You’re Beautiful. You’re Beautiful
You’re Beautiful, its true
There must be an angel with a smile on her face
When she thought up that I should be with you
But its time to face the truth
I will never be with you.

As they finished there song the seven and in particular, Ginny and Lily burst out laughing at the two Potter men. They were all rolling around clutching their sides as they struggled to contain their giggles. As they were laughing James and Harry had left the room and headed back to Harry’s room.

“I can’t believe we did that!” exclaimed Harry as he sunk himself onto his bed.
“I know. The most important thing though is do you think they bought it?”
“Yeah definitely they bought it hook, line and sinker dad. The way they were all laughing.”
“Right now what else do you think we should do to keep up the charade for now. And also we have to think up our revenge.”
“Well let’s see we could maybe insist on cooking dinner I suppose.”
“No we need something really big, brash and completely out of character to do. We only have to do this for 24 hours so think Harry.”
“You’re supposed to be the Marauder you think. I came up with the idea to sing.”
“Fair enough, how about… we act like house elves for a bit. It will certainly have them cracking up…”
“And it will annoy the hell out of Hermione, which will give me some semblance of revenge for her making me feel the way I did, when under the spell.”
“Exactly. So we on?”
“Yeah come on lets do it…Wait! We should dress up like butlers.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well there is this muggle thing where these really rich families have this servant who basically who does what the house elves do for us, except without magic. Well the thing is they wear this really formal suit, with a white shirt, black blazer and trousers with a little bow tie round the neck.”
“So you want us to dress like that?”
“Yes I do. Here let’s try this” With a swish and flick of his wand Harry had transfigured James’s clothes into the perfect imitation of a butler’s uniform.
“Wow Harry that is some transfiguring skills you got there. I am very impressed; it’s almost as good as me”
“Ok dad, deflate that ego, and do the same for me please.”
“Yes Master Potter” and with the same swish and flick, Harry was dressed as a butler.

After making sure they looked the part Harry and James made their way downstairs ready to start their performance when James suddenly stopped.

“What’s up dad?”
“We should apparate to the spot just like the house elves would do.”
“Good idea”
“Ok on three, 1… 2… 3” and the both disappeared and landed in the kitchen.

“Right now we should go directly into the front room and put on a performance they will never forget.”
The others were still in the large front room/ living room laughing and talking about what had just happened. Lily and Ginny were particularly smug; as they reflected on the success of there prank on the men they loved. The others were also enjoying what had happened and all had forgotten about the earlier argument with Hermione now that Harry was over his grief. As they continued talking, they all heard two very distinct pops as James and Harry apparated in front of them wearing butler uniforms. They all stifled there laughs as they approached Tonks and Luna.

“Mistress Tonks is there anything I could do for you” asked Harry very politely as he bowed before Tonks, whilst taking hold of her hand. This caused Tonks to start to giggle as she looked at Harry.
“No thank you Harry” and with that Harry rose and headed over to where Neville was sitting.
James had reached Luna and just like Harry he bowed low and spoke so softly and politely as he took Luna’s hand.
“Mistress Luna, please do me the honour of providing you a service?”
“Oh James, thank you for asking, but I’m afraid I do not need anything at this moment.” Luna replied through her giggles.
“Oh but Mistress Luna please. Please madam I only exist to serve you, my beautiful mistress.” James replied with huge puppy dog eyes.
“Oh very well then, I would like a cup of tea if you insist” Luna replied.
“Yes right away Miss Luna you do not know how happy I am now Mistress.” And with that James apparated back to the kitchen a cup of tea for Luna.

By this time Harry had reached Neville and though right lets treat Neville as Dobby treats me.
“Master Neville Longbottom sir, Is there anything I can do for you sir?” he asked trying to contain the grin which was threatening to break out across his face.
“Well let me see, yes well how about you go and fetch some of those lovely cookies, which you’re mum cooked.”
“Oh yes Master Neville Longbottom sir. Right away sir” and just like James Harry apparated straight to the kitchen, grabbed the cookies and apparated back.
“Here you go Master Neville Longbottom sir.”
“Thank You Harry, you are dismissed”
“Yes Master Neville Longbottom sir”, and again Harry apparated away but this time to his bedroom where he was shortly joined by his dad.

Back in the living room, the seven were once again in hysterics about the last part of the spell. Neville and Luna were still in a daze about being treated like that especially Neville who was so shocked he couldn’t speak. Ginny and Lily sat and just stared at one another and grinned evilly as they both thought about how well the plan was going.

“Well this is going really well, don’t you think Gin?” voiced Lily.
“Exceptional, we couldn’t have planned it better, first cleaning, then singing and now butlers, we have got lucky so far with what’s come out, except for Harry’s little episode” answered Lily giving Hermione a cold stare as she spoke the last bit.
“Yeah well it’s over now only about 6 hours left, knowing how much those two sleep” continued Lily.
“So what do you think will get next time you two?” asked Tonks.
“Not sure really, could be anything. Let’s hope it benefits us though again!”
“Agreed,” everyone cried in unison.

Upstairs in Harry’s room, James put down the extendable ears and looked at his son as Harry did the same thing. They both had identical expressions on their faces that of an almost maniacal grin, as both thought through what they had just heard. They were both thinking of something they could do which would NOT benefit the others.

“Dad? Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
“Yes son I believe I am. The only question is what exactly can we do that will fit the bill. Any ideas Prongslet?”
“One don’t call me that, two I do have an idea” and with that Harry whispered about what they could do and just how fun it will be.
“Wow son what a way to go down, but are you sure we won’t get hexed or anything?”
“Well being Potters we are always liable to get hexed but I can’t see it happening just yet.”
“Ok I’ll trust you on this” replied James as he pondered how they would react to this little turn they were about to perform.

“Dad, on a serious note, there’s been something I wanted to ask you.”
“Go ahead son; I will answer to the best of my abilities”
“Well you know how you are animagus? Would it be possible for me to become one as well?
“Oh son, I never thought I’d see the day! I’m so happy; of course you can learn it was one of my wishes that you would become one!”
“So how easy is it?”
“It was very difficult for us, but for you with my help it will be easy. Basically there is this potion you have to take first, this will almost numb you to the point where you will not feel pain as you transform, and I have this in my private lab which is in the basement. Once you have taken that your body becomes much more receptive to being changed into an animal. The next stage, is too say an incantation which is Mi na laminm, once you say this you have too tap your head six times with your wand, whilst focusing intently on allowing your body to transform. You will then hopefully become an animal. After this someone else, in this case me will have to perform a spell on your animal form, which is, mromsnart ta lliw which will allow you too transform at will and back again without a wand or potion. After that and some practise you become an animagi.” James recited to Harry.

“But Professor McGonagall said in Transfiguration that only certain wizards possess the power in order to become an animagus and even then they may not be compatible.”
“Yes and our dear Transfiguration teacher is correct. You do have to be powerful and compatible but I assure you, that you will have no problems at all” James responded hoping that Harry would ask the question for more information.
“But how?”
“Well, one you are very powerful as a wizard and two you will be compatible as all Potter men are. You see animagi is also a hereditary trait and we Potters have all been one. I’m a stag; my dad was a Lion and so on, obviously some others can become animagi if they want too, such as the traitor we all know but it is a more difficult thing for them to do it. You see I was able to transform immediately we did the process but it took Sirius and Peter about a year and a half to fully transform.”
“Right ok, so I will be an animagi today? Can we get on with this now?”
“Yes you will and of course we can, let apparate down to the basement and get started as we also have to perform to our waiting audience”

Harry and James apparated into the basement and Harry looked around in awe at his surroundings. He had found himself in a fairly large room which was lit by a number of flame torches on around the walls, covered by some very ornate coloured glass which gave the room a bright and colourful lighting effect so different from that of Snape’s dungeon at Hogwarts. It had at the far wall a large wooden shelving cupboard which contained 6 rows of potions all bottled waiting to be used. You could see that they hadn’t been touched in years as they had all gathered dust.

The wall to the right had a number of portraits on the walls of people who were undeniably Potter’s with the unruly black hair, hazel eyes and glasses and much to Harry’s surprise these men all shared their portraits with beautiful women with red hair and sparkling eyes, some blue, some green and some brown.

The wall to the left was again taken up by this large wooden cupboard which clearly said on the front potion ingredients as Harry walked up and opened the door he was amazed as he saw every ingredient under the sun as well as some old and massive books all on potion making.

Shutting the door Harry then turned around behind him to look at the wall behind him. On this wall were a number of photos all moving about, smiling and waving and generally having a good time. Harry noticed that there were photos of his dad, from a baby right up to his wedding day, as well as his mum growing up as well as others that included Sirius, Remus, Peter, Frank Longbottom and other members of the Order of Phoenix. Harry was then drawn to a number of photos of another little baby, with the same unruly raven hair but with the most gorgeous green eyes. Harry thought wow that’s me, as I grew up.

As Harry kept looking at the photos on the wall James watched on just standing behind his son as he took in all that was before him. He realised that Harry needed some time to take this all in and so he went over to the far wall and took out the potion needed to start the animagus process. He took the correct potion and put on the large work table in the centre of the room before walking back over to Harry who was now sobbing quietly as he continued to look at all the photos before him.

James gently placed his hand on his son’s shoulder and spoke very softly.
“Harry, come on now I know it’s a shock but the potion is ready and we really will have to head upstairs soon before they start to worry about us”
“Oh dad” Harry said as he turned around and hugged his father as tightly as he sobbed into his chest. “I’m so glad you are back, seeing all the photos just brought back those years I had with the Dursley’s at what might have been. You were all so happy and carefree and now you have me and the damn prophecy to deal with”
“Now Harry listen very carefully as I will say this only once. Don’t ever think you are a burden or a problem to us. You could never be. You coming along were without any doubt the greatest single moment I and your mum ever experienced. You are our world, without you yes we were happy but not completely, and then you came along and changed everything. We died for you Harry to protect you because we wouldn’t have lived without you. Just remember that you are the most important thing in the world and prophecy or not we love you, we are happy with you and you could never ever become a burden to us. Understand?”

“Yes dad, I’m sorry. So where is this potion?” Harry asked as he wiped away his tears and headed over to the work table.
“Here it is now take it all in one go and make sure you swallow it as well” and with that Harry swallowed the potion all in one.
“Right take out your wand and say mi Na lamina and tap your head six times” James told Harry.
“Ok here goes, mi na lamina” and he tapped his head six times with his wand, whilst focusing hard on transforming. As he did this Harry felt his body being tugged and pulled and stretched and squashed and he felt the transformation start. He felt no pain as his body went through changes as he suddenly felt that he was standing on four legs and not two, that he was slightly taller than normal, and that his eyesight and hearing was greatly improved. He heard his dad point his wand and say the incantation mromsnart ta lliwand and felt a light and a power wash over him. He focused on changing back and immediately found himself standing in front of his shocked dad, who suddenly grabbed him into a big massive hug.

“Oh son I’m so proud, I can’t believe it!”
“What, What did I change into? Please dad don’t leave me in suspense here, what am I?”
“Well my dear son I think I’m going to wait” and with that apparated out of the potion lab leaving Harry very very annoyed.

Harry apparated back to his room to see his dad sitting on his bed waiting for him, he looked so innocent there as he laid back so Harry jumped on him and started tickling him, when they heard a knock on the door.

“Come in” they both shouted in unison as Ginny and Lily came in looking a bit worried and flustered.
“WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU TWO BEEN? WE HAVE BEEN WORRIED SICK ABOUT YOU. YOU HAVE BEEN GONE FOR NEARLY 12 HOURS. NOW EXPLAIN YOURSELF!” roared Lily making both James and Harry jump backwards to make as much distance away from the fuming red heads standing in front of us. They looked at each other and winked before turning to face them again.

“Well you see we were just sitting here after we had somehow become butlers for a time when we suddenly for some reason we just found ourselves in Azkaban. We were just sitting on this bed then a bright light flashed and we found ourselves on a wooden cot in two cells opposite one another in bloody Azkaban. Now I know you used a switching spell on us, and the cleaning, crying, singing and butler thing were fine but what the hell have we done to end up in Azkaban? I mean it was torture for 12 hours, luckily no dementors god know how we would have dealt with that”

“Oh we are so sorry we never realised” Lily and Ginny cried out in unison as the rushed and hugged their men. As they did this Harry and James looked at each other and smiled evilly before Harry mouthed to his dad “You better tell me what I am or I will kill you” to which James just nodded and mouthed “Later”.
“We will do anything for you two to make up for it” spoke Ginny whilst still hugging Harry very tightly.
“Anything?” asked James.
“Yes anything darling.
“In that case how about you wait on us head and foot for 12 hours to make up for our torture ok?”
“Yes ok that will be fine” replied Lily, “we will be waiting downstairs for you ok?”
“Ok we will be down in a moment” replied Harry as Lily and Ginny went back downstairs.
“So Dad what am I?” asked a very frustrated Harry.
“Well my dear son I am happy to inform you that you have become a…………….stag just like me!”
“You’re joking right?” Harry asked shocked but James just smiled and shook his head no.
“Wicked!” We are gonna have so much fun with this.”
“Yes we will now come on lets use up our 12 hours of personal service. With that James and Harry went downstairs and enjoyed have their personal service from Lily and Ginny as they made them pay for their prank. For Harry and James it was the best 12 hours they had, for Lily and Ginny pure hell.

A/N: There it is the next chapter. I hope you liked it please review they mean the world to me and really help inspire me. Hope this isn’t a disappointment. Thanks for reading, darthvengeful.

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