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The Weapon by Bellamybabe
Chapter 3 : The Burrow
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Chapter Three- The Burrow

“Molly?” Albus said after the middle aged woman with wild red hair answered the door. She eyed the crowd behind him. Sirius remained in the back still holding Harry. He whispered soft words to him; telling him of memories of babysitting him. “My I come in?”

“Of course Albus, are they not?” She added upon seeing the others conjuring chairs outside.

“No, not until I have given them the clear.” Albus said. “I feel it best you invite the others in please.”

Arthur, George, Fred, Percy, Ron, Bill, Charlie and Ginny and her best friend Hermione Granger all entered. They sat around the table all looking curiously at Albus.

“You are aware of the disappearance of Harry Potter?” he asked. They all nodded curiously.

“Did you find something Albus?”

“Yes. Minister Fudge had Harry hidden in some building in Wales.” Albus said softly. “He was training him, forcing him to become emotionless and deadly. A perfect weapon he would describe him. He has been there since that night. We have retrieved him.”

“And you left him outside bring him in…”

“Molly, I am about to ask you and Arthur, all of you for something that can turn out to be dangerous.” Albus admitted, preventing Molly outside.

“What is it?”

“He is a weapon. He is controlled by a serious of words. He has been punished if tests were not completed how they preferred. He is emotionless. Hollow. He was left with one person since that night. He knows not how to act around others. The second I introduced myself he attacked. Fudge commands his assessments and he is powerful. There are command words telling him to wake up, fall asleep. He is ordered around and he listens without question.

“Molly I am asking you to care for a weapon that was brought up under Fudge’s eye. He was trained by Gregory Chaplin and he is the only person he knows. Fudge wants Harry as a weapon against evil. He is using the fact that Harry some how destroyed Voldemort, delayed more like it and survived at one. He is using an ideal. He is going to be sixteen and all he sees is violence. He knows nothing of emotion. Not even anger, remorse.”

“The poor child…”

“That is exactly why I am asking this off you.” Albus said before taking a breath. “I am asking you to accept him into your household and try and help me pull something human from within. In Gregory’s files, he had mentioned that Harry would wake up screaming for his mother. That was only when natural sleep was allowed.”

“Natural sleep, there are different forms?” Ron interrupted.

“The command word for sleep just sent him into a state of unconscious, something like stand by. His eyes are still awake. And when he is in that state he is assaulted with images of war and death and weapons and murder. He is a weapon. I can not allow Lily and James son to be forced into such a strong and dangerous path.”

“You mean the Gregory Chaplin?” Arthur muttered.

“Yes, him exactly; he didn’t really retire. It was a mask. He was paid wealthy amounts to basically torture a child into nothing.”

“What do you want us to do exactly?” Molly asked softly, already accepting it.

“I want you all to help him feel. You are a mother of seven, Molly, a perfect candidate to help him. If you are all willing, I will provide any expanses for you all. The wards will be strengthened and…”

“Albus, it is fine. I accept. Just tell me what to be warned off.”

“Attacks; be wary of how you treat him. In a way, he is abused.” Albus said softly. He pulled a folder out and slid it across to her. “That is everything you need to know. He is unconscious at the moment. Do not place him under ‘false sleep’ unless he is a danger. Even then, go for ‘unconsciousness’. His food intake is small with minimal selection; I know you will do fine in that department.” He smiled. “I will stay the first night if something happens.”
“How come Remus and Sirius can not accept him?” Arthur asked curiously.

“Because they are… maybe blind. A mother of seven is a much better candidate. He needs a mother’s love, someone to comfort him. I am sure they would be fine, but… then again, they might not be.” Molly replied still looking through the files. “Well, don’t leave him outside, bring him in.”

Sirius carried the unconscious form into the sitting room and laid him on the couch. He was now wearing a black t-shirt with ‘Marauder’ sewn in gold on the left breast (Sirius’ handy work) and faded denim jeans. His runners were black and his glasses were placed upon his nose. Sirius brushed some loose hair from his face and patted his hair before pulling away and letting the Weasley and Hermione see him.

“He is tall for his age!” Arthur commented noticing the feet dangling on the edge.

“Growth potions and such where force fed from an early age.” Remus commented also hating to be parted.

“You may stay for a while.” Molly presented noticing their eyes.

“You are cramped as it is Molly. I just ask to visit occasionally. We’ll be fine.” Remus said as Sirius agreed.

“Shall we meet him?” Albus said warily before casting a charm to protect everything. They nodded. “Hiymi” He whispered. Harry shot up breathing heavily.

“Harry?” Molly asked softly, unsure of what to expect. She saw nothing within his eyes. His green eyes seemed dim. He looked in her direction and took everyone in. He studied them quickly, taking measurements in to memory. “Harry, my name is Molly Weasley.” She said softly edging towards him. His eyes snapped to hers making her freeze in fear. But she took a deep calming breath and stepped closer.

Harry had no idea where he was. ‘Chaplin? Where was Chaplin? He is going to kill me… my medication… I haven’t taken it yet… oh Merlin!’ He thought warily but hid it well. If any emotion remained within the young boy of sixteen, it was fearing his tutor. Chaplin would beat him for the slightest mistake and starve him. ‘Who is this woman?’ He thought to himself studying her. Her eyes remained kind and welcoming.

Harry suddenly stood up looking around the room before taking her approaching figure in. He turned and looked around assessing the area; width and length, height and colours all storing themselves in his memory. Harry jumped at the feel of a hand on his shoulder. No one touches him; never. He turned around wand in hand at Molly. She flinched but did nothing. The tension in the room behind her was almost deafening but she still did nothing. He looked at curiously.
Ah ha, emotions… get rid of them. It can be a test… yes, Chaplin is testing you.’ Harry thought looking around curiously for any sign of his test.

“Can you put your wand away Harry, please. Can we talk please?”

Harry just turned slowly and looked at her. ‘Talk?’ He never talked. When Chaplin would order an answer, he answered. But what was talk, he had no clue.

“How are you feeling, Harry?” She asked. But he still didn’t answer just stared at her. She reached forward. He grabbed her wrist and placed his wand at her throat. He found several wands pointing at him. He wasn’t scared, not in the least; unlike these fools. He looked between them and the woman assessing that they were related. Upon close look and calculation of age differences, he found her to be their mother. He froze.

Move aside!” A voice hissed dangerously.


“You foolish child… just move aside, I’ll let you live.”

“Pathetic. Do you honestly believe that I would step aside and let you kill my son…?”

“Have it your way then… Avada Kedavra”

A green flashing light covered the room, lighting shadows and forcing them out. A scream filled the room. “Harry”
“Now, it’s your turn.”

A face of pure white with blood red eyes filled his vision. A scream came when the green light did.

“What happened?” a voice asked.

“I don’t know he just collapsed and then…” “Well appears to have had a nightmare.” “Did you sound the sleep command?”

The voices were numerous and ceaseless. His head pounded and his mind throbbed. He felt his eyes water from the pain. He swallowed and shaky breath before something twitched. He gasped as his lungs failed to retrieve air.

Molly and the others were completely shocked to see him look around before he collapsed and began moaning and then screaming. She was by his side in an instant and brushing a hand threw his hair as she whispered comforting words into his ear, holding him close.

She felt him moan and saw a tear drop fall along his cheek. She brushed it away as she heard his shaky breath. “Guys” She called but failed to garner their attention. He gasped in breath and twitched. “Hey, guys!” She tried again. One or two looked about. They called the others as Harry began convulsing.

“Merlin, what have they done to him?” Albus whispered as he stroked his hair after the seizure stopped. He was on his side and fast asleep in natural. “Keep an eye on him Molly, please?” Albus begged softy as he helped her carry him to the couch. She sat down with his head on her lap and continued to whisper to him nodding in agreement to Albus.

Yes, this is exactly what the child needs.’ Albus thought as he conjured a blanket for the suffering soul who was now whimpering in his sleep. ‘Emotionless indeed'


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The Weapon: The Burrow


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