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The Weapon by Bellamybabe
Chapter 2 : The Rescue
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Chapter Two: The Rescue

It has been nearly a week before Teresa owled Remus and informed him in a set of carefully written words that Gregory was now at the Office and the meeting was just starting. They began with the plan and then portkeyed away to the location hidden in the files.

They stood and looked at the white building sitting amongst the thick woodland indicating that the only way to enter the area was apparition or there way. Albus looked at the blueprint and then whispered at the orders. Two groups of ten were formed; one would form at the south side, the other from the north.

They stepped in through the entrances and the place was what looked like an abandoned warehouse. Albus muttered a charm tapping the walls and immediately felt something deflate around them. He nodded as he felt another form of the same spell reach them indicating that the other time led by Alastor Moody was inside also.

He stepped into the hallway and went up the steps keeping his wand out; the ones in the middle studied the area extra carefully whilst the two at the back made sure they didn’t miss anything. On the second floor they entered through a pair of swinging doors and entered a whiter than white area.

They walked forward and looked about. A receptionist’s desk was under piles of files and folders. Albus went forward as Alastor entered the other end and joined them, his magical eye studying the area closer than anyone else present.

“Tests show that in natural sleep, Potter has a large number of nightmares that seemed to have queued up when he was under relaxation. He screams, sweats coldness and shivers violently - July 1990”

“My fears are a little more alert when I listen closely to his mutterings. The same nightmares play. He mutters, calls, and eventually screams for his mother, Lily Potter. He has had a few convulsions but other than something curable, the term should be finished soon. – January 1994”

“I began the medication Minister Fudge insisted upon use to help control him… he reacted horribly at first. Convulsions appeared the second the tablet touched his tongue, I counted up to six every hour. He was vomiting and sweating as well as becoming. His speech became slight impaired. That was to one tablet. Fudge insisted upon more.

They got worse. He failed to awake most mornings, reading of his vitals showed that he was in a coma. He lost a drastic amount of weight and energy and would have died had I not forced the medicine to be taken back and altered. It was and I place one in each serving of food. He still as a long way to go… May 1996”

Albus looked up at Remus and Sirius and smiled softly.

“Did you find something interesting?”

“Yes, I found a list of command words.” Albus said softly holding out the sheet and studying it. “Many are crossed out, so I assume that he was either trying to figure them out or…”

“Confuse invaders like you?” A voice sounded. They spun around and glared at Gregory. He just huffed and set his folders down. “No doubt you are here for Mister Potter.” He was tall, six foot and his hair was black and eyes shocking blue. He had his muscular arms folded.

“You filthy rotten asshole” Sirius snarled launching on him. He pushed him down on the table and pushed his wand bruising into the man’s throat. “How can you live with yourself? How can you practically destroy a child with commands and safe words? You are sick.”

“I am not. I am doing a job.”

“You call forcing a child into a weapon as a job?” Remus said joining Sirius.

“I do what he asks and get paid so yes… I define it a job.”

“Stupefy.” Sirius growled wishing he could kill him instead.

“So, where is Harry?”

“Well, we could have asked him that.” Severus pointed out as if it was obvious.

“Shut it, Alastor?” Remus said.

“He is in the last room to the right…”

They gently opened the room and found it whiter than white. The bed was metallic and had one night stand. It had a clock that ticked annoyingly so. Everything else was bare. Harry was lying on his back and staring blankly at the ceiling. Sirius followed his sight and saw faint images and words flashing. He waved his wand and they disappeared.

“He is showing images of death and evil. He is drilling war into his head.” Remus said before looking down and seeing a thin form dressed in white cotton. He was tied to his bed and the only thing moving was his chest as he breathed. “This is no life for a child.”

“Hiymi” Albus muttered looking at Harry. Immediately he blinked and they felt a shift in the air. His blank eyes turned emerald and he looked conscious. He remained lying down. Albus waved his hand and the bandages vanished. “Stand up, Harry.” Harry followed. He was tall reaching over six foot and three inches but what killed Albus a little inside was the emptiness within his eyes. “How are you feeling Harry?”

“Ready.” His voice was husky replied indicating his lack of talking.

“My name is Albus Dumbledore…” before he finished something flashed in Harry eyes before he grabbed his throat and slammed him into the wall, the wall cracked.

“Mistal Ryis” Gregory called from the entry way. Harry fell to the floor unconscious.

“What was that all about?” Severus gasped; he had his wand out pointing at the now unconscious figure.

“Fudge makes the training program I only do it because he has the power to ruin my career my name.”

“You lie” Remus snarled.

“I assure you I do not.” Gregory said before Sirius stunned him again.

“You seriously have to stop doing that mutt.” Severus snarled.

“Well, I am sick and tired of seeing that sycophantic fool conscious, it’s that or worse.” Sirius snarled.

“Severus, strap him to a chair and get the Veritaserum I asked you to bring.” Albus said moving from the wall, which had caved from the attack.

“Fudge really does not like you.” Alastor joked.

“What is your name?” Albus said after Severus had done his task.

“Gregory Franklin Mark Chaplin.” Gregory answered in a monotone.

“What is your state of work?”

“I am creating the first of the warriors for Minister Fudge.”

“Who is the first?”

“Harry James Potter.”

“How did Fudge acquire him?”

“He paid someone to fetch him before you were alerted of the deaths of the Potters. He took him here and ordered I go and beginning creating spells of control and command. He also asked that I write down for retirement so that others would not question my curious disappearances.”

“How exactly have you created such an emotionless warrior?” Albus asked looking at the sleeping figure on the bed.

“A serious of tests and punishments for failures.”

“Explain them for me please?”

“From the second I had him I was to prevent any development of emotion. Fudge was adamant that he would become so that he wouldn’t question anything Fudge asked of him.” Gregory said in monotone. “The first test I did on the record was a burning.”

“What did that signify?”

“That he is to take pain and disguise his pain so any tortures would not sense weakness.”

“How old was he and how did he fare?”

“He was five and failed.”

“How did you punish him?”

“I locked him in his room with no food or water for the week. Fudge was adamant of physical punishment which began shortly afterwards.”

“What kind of physical punishments?”

“Via hitting mostly; he at first retaliated but afterwards he learned to accept them and hide any pain until it was obvious he experienced none.”

“How is that an improvement?”

“He could take more than the average wizard.”

“How are his magical skills?”

“He is beyond powerful. He is physically powerful, a single blow can break several rib bones and he has excelled in wandless magic.”

“How does one break a command spell?”

“You can not, it is tied to him.”

“But there is a way, there always is?”

“If there is I haven’t found one. Fudge is the main deciding factor in Harry’s development.”

“Are you the only one he sees?”

“Yes, Fudge wants him away from other people, he fears that too many will develop emotions.”

“Has he ever visited Harry?”

“He has once. He was very much pleased at his progress.”

“Thank you… Stupefy.” Dumbledore said before sending him to the ground and leaving him gagged and tied up. He walked over to Harry and studied him in sleep. Some emotion was evident. ‘Yes, he is a child. Emotion there will be’.

Sirius carried him out and they left for the Burrow.


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The Weapon: The Rescue


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