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The Weapon by Bellamybabe
Chapter 1 : The Weapon
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Chapter One: The Weapon

Albus Dumbledore sat in his chair and started into nothingness. His mind was wondering into countless thoughts that tilted him all to close to the border of insanity for everyone’s comfort. He had a finger tracing over his lips in wonderment. His blue eyes had lost the sparkle, had lost the determination he once had. It has been years since search began but every lead became a dead end. It has been years since the death of Lily and James Potter; years since one year old Harry James Potter went missing.

The fires were still blazing, and the groaning of the supportive structure was resonant. He remembered standing there as the Ministry of Magic workers busied themselves. Sirius and Remus where there seconds after he himself appeared. They rushed in and carried out James and Lily’s lifeless bodies and laid them out on the grass at a safe distance and closed their eyes and mouths and conjured blankets to cover before they went in looking for young Harry.

“He isn’t there Albus.” Sirius cried.

“How were they found Sirius? Were you not their secret keeper?” Albus said looking at Sirius with darkening eyes.

“We changed to Peter, it was my idea because I thought that it would call his bluff, that he would ignore Peter and come for me.” Sirius choked out before Remus pulled him close. Albus sighed and sat on the low wall.

“We checked everywhere, even the basement, Harry isn’t anywhere. How can a one year old disappear?”

“How can a one year old destroy one of the darkest wizards our world has seen?” Albus muttered. Both men were shocked at the loss of their friend; Harry’s disappearance nearly shattering them.

“Where do you think he is… not dead, we would have found him otherwise, right?” Remus sniffed. Albus shook his head indicating that here was not the place to talk of there.

“I fear that maybe a death eater might have gotten to him.” Albus muttered when they entered his office after the funeral. Many appeared to wish farewell to two of the bravest and powerful beings.

“What?” Sirius yelped. “Imagine what they could be doing to him.”

Severus just rolled his eyes. “I have heard nothing of yet.” Severus muttered. Sirius just glared.

“Bet you are happy, huh? James is dead; I bet you are dancing inside.” He yelled.

“I am actually, two down, two to go.” Severus snarled. But that was not what shocked the group of Order members, it was Remus grabbing Severus from his chair and punching him across the face.

“How dare you?” Remus cried. “Have you no respect?”

“Enough!” Albus shouted when Severus was about to retorted. “We have a missing one year old child here; if the death eaters have him they could have already killed him…” A gasped filled the room. “…Or, they could be raising him as their own, raising him to the dark arts. I have no doubt that Harry will be powerful. Please keep your school years behind you, you are adults now, what is done, is done, we can not change it.”

Severus growled before fixing himself and walking out of the room. Remus sat down with Sirius beside him.

“I’ll murder him.” Sirius whispered. Remus could see the pain and anger in his friend’s eyes. Sirius had just lost his true brother and he was not taking it well. Remus gripped his shoulder. “Pettigrew, I’ll kill him.”

“Do not follow that train of thought; I can only see a terrible outcome for that.” Albus snapped. Sirius flinched and remained silent though Remus could hear his brain clicking around inside. “Please keep Harry in your forefront; he will need our help especially if he is still alive. I am determined in finding the Potter’s son. If you are, I suggest you take a seat and a few deep breaths. If you are not the door is there and do not think you can re-enter lightly.”

“What do you suggest?”

Albus has exchanged many letters with his many friends outside of the country over the last fourteen years looking for the young wizard; each letter cutting down the millions of ropes holding his hope up. He was down to the last few. He was off in his own world that he didn’t notice the entrance of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, both sporting dark rings around their eyes due to their excessive travelling and late nights finding their late friends’ son.

“Professor?” Remus said tapping his aging shoulder lightly.

“Ah, I am sorry my dear boys I didn’t hear you enter. How are you both?”

“I am exhausted” Sirius replied dropping in an armchair when indicated by Albus. “Albus, we haven’t found anything and everything we had had led us to many dead ends.” Sirius sounded down hearted.

“You are giving up?”

“We haven’t found anything, Albus.” Remus said.

Personally, Albus couldn’t blame them; nothing they found indicated that Harry was alive. If they did, how would he act? Would be like his parents or like his captives? He sighed.

“I do not blame you my friends.” Albus said rubbing the bridge of his nose. “I am beginning to give up hope…”

An owl fluttered in though and landed lightly upon Albus’ desk and hooted softly. He smiled and patted its head before taking the letter and conjuring two bowls; one of water, the other food. He unrolled the letter and excused himself from Remus and Sirius. His face paled as he read it.

“What is it Albus?” Remus asked noticing his mentor’s paleness. He handed it over.

Albus my friend,

I have noticed something a little… odd with Minister Fudge (when isn’t there something odd about him). But he is coming more and more giddy. He is having almost daily meetings with one of our top Aurors, Gregory Chaplin.

They are personal and no one else but only they know of the contents. If it were something to do with the Auror department we would have heard from him, but the thing that strikes me strange is that Gregory was superannuated from the Ministry about less than a year after the Potter’s untimely deaths and young Harry’s disappearance.

I would have mentioned this earlier. But the problem was that I never thought anything strange about this, but over the past two maybe three years he would appear one or twice with many folders, enter the minister’s office and not come out for several hours, whenever this meeting transpired Fudge would seem very much please. In fact, two days ago I heard him whisper something before he disappeared back inside his office. He said ‘He destroyed one, soon he’ll destroy them all’; have you any idea who he is conversing about?

Well, let me know if you think something dark is emerging with these series of strange scenes and events.

Alastor (T. G.) Moody

Remus looked up and passed it to Sirius.

“Could he be talking about…?” Remus asked, unable to finish the sentence.

“I say we should talk with Minister Fudge.” Albus said standing up and heading toward the fireplace and grabbing the floo container. “That is if you are interested.”

“Hell yeah” Sirius said rushing forward.

They appeared in the reception office of the Minister. She looked up and smiled.

“Professor Dumbledore, how is your day?” Teresa Grey asked genuinely. She may work for the minister but her heart would stay with Hogwarts. She was a member of the Order after all. He waved his wand and silenced the room.

“What is happening with Gregory Chaplin?”

“Ah, Moody managed to get my letter to you.” She whispered, even though she new of the wards. “He retired about six months after the Potter’s passed, Merlin rest them in peace.” She said sincerely. “But it wasn’t finalized for another six months. I heard him arguing with Fudge one day, it was muffled but it got some words, they were arguing about him taking someone and training them.

“I thought it was a relative or a friend of Fudge’s who Gregory just didn’t think could do it. But then he retired and that was that. He would come with ten thick files and they would talk and argue. After a while I figured that the files where on the person Fudge wanted Gregory training.”

“It is strange, retiring to train someone.” Remus muttered.

“Do you have information on who is being trained?” Sirius asked.

“No, but I managed to break through a silencing charm without there knowledge and heard them saying that he was having many nightmares when ever they placed him in natural sleep. They said that he would command him to tell him and then erase the memory from his mind. But last week he said that, the training was far from over, he wouldn’t classify him ready until he was out there. Just last week I heard him refer to the person as a ‘weapon’”

“Something fishy is happening. Is there anything else, Teresa?” Albus asked. She smiled and pulled a folder out from a drawer after studying both doorways and fireplace. On the cover was ‘Magic Control of the Under Age’. She smiled and winked.

“It is a copy of something I found last week.” She smiled. “I would have sent it but Fudge doesn’t like anything addressed to you, that isn’t clarified with him first to be magically scanned. I hid my magical signature on the file. Oh, Gregory is in there.” She said also with a wink tilting her head to the door.

Albus smiled and waved his hand after handing the file to Remus. The room was filled with the sound of Gregory and Fudge’s voice.

“…any more problems?” Fudge asked in a smug voice.

“If he is kept ‘awake’ for too long he will fall into a natural sleep… the training regime that you made is too long to complete everyday. He is fifteen, nearly sixteen, you can not expect him to complete it; despite the command words on him.”

“Ok, shrink it a little bit. I want him fully prepared before Christmas; this growing threat from the east isn’t comforting. I’d like to unveil the ultimate weapon before then. Imagine the headlines.” Fudge said.

“I can imagine.”

“What are his responses, emotional etcetera?”

“Expired, he has none. He is the perfect soldier. Takes commands, no matter what they are and he does it, completely. But due to the limits I have only tested to a certain level.”

“What I want to know is if someone else gets there hands on him, how would he act?”

“Immobile. The command spell… well, he doesn’t do anything without a certain word. He has a turning on word and turning off…”

“What is that exactly?”

“I can send him into sleep but he doesn’t sleep.” Gregory said, now sounding smug. “His eyes are open and certain responses are still on. He is just in a relax mood…”

Albus had heard enough and replaced the silencing charm and thanked her before leaving.

“He is basically machine, who ever he is.”

“Didn’t you get it?” Remus snapped at Sirius. “It has to be Harry. Destroyed one will destroy another, he is nearly sixteen. Harry’s birthday is up soon and he will be sixteen. It has to be him…”

“And it is” Albus said looking at the folder. “Fudge has had him since that night. He or someone must have gotten to him before us. He has basically paid Gregory, and paid him well to raise Harry as a controlled machine, a weapon.”

“That dirty rotten bastard!” Sirius snarled.

“When are we going for him?” Remus asked noticing the stupor Albus had fallen into again.

“Soon… trust me very soon.” Albus said with an anger that was slowly erupting within him. ‘You picked the wrong person to make enemies with Fudge… oh, yes, the worst!’ Albus thought before calling an Order meeting knowing Teresa was going to miss it anyways.


A/N: Another story? Yep. DId you enjoy? Love ya. Bb.

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The Weapon: The Weapon


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