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The Prophesy of the Twins by Hannah
Chapter 1 : The Abnormal Dream
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Disclaimer: I do not own anything exsept for Hannah Potter and Andrews School of Witchcraft.

The Prophesy Of The Twins.
A/N: Let me take this time to remind you all that storys become better in later chapters, not just the first chapter alone. That's an explaining chapter. And if anyone finds anything that could use improving, please tell what it is in a 'Reveiw', and I will try and fix as quickly as possible! Thanx!

Chapter one: The Abnormal Dream

Harry woke up on a beautiful sunny day at the Weasleys' house. He had left the Dursleys' a week before and things were starting to look good.
Harry was dating the love of his life, Ginny Weasley; her older brothers didn't know about it; he was finally away from the Dursleys, and he wouldn't be going back until next June; he was living with his best friend; he'd be starting his fifth year at Hogwarts soon; and since Mr. Weasley had come home from a buisness trip a few day ago, he hasn't been having any dreams about Voldemort.
"Harry, get up! It's breakfast time." Called a voice from the kitchen, that was unmistakably Ronald Weasley's.
There was a pounding as some ran up the stairs. The next moment, Ginny came running through the door. She looked scared.
"Harry! I'm sorry! Don't go down to eat breakfast, it's not ready!" Cried the red- head.
"Why?" Harry asked confused. "Ron just said it was done."
"I was drawing in my journal stuff like "Mrs. Potter" and "Ginny Potter", and I didn't mean to, but it fell. It fell on the floor and Ron picked it up and saw!"
"Uh oh." Was all Harry could say.
'Fine! If your not coming down to talk about this, I'm coming up!" Ron yelled.
The next moment, Ron came running through the door. His face was almost as red as his hair.
"Ginny! Get out of my room!" Ron yelled. Ginny ran out crying, muttering sorry to Harry. "You have no reason to be sorry Ginny! Harry's the one who's going out with his best friends little sister! You," Ron said, pointing at Harry. "Have no right to go out with Ginny! She's my SISTER!" Harry ran around Ron, ducking through the door, and ran into Ginny's room, locking the door behind him. "Harry! Get out of there! I won't hurt you! I just want to talk to you!" Ron yelled through the door.
Harry unlocked the dooor an steped out. Ron almost immediatly grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into their room.
"First things first. This is for not telling me." Ron raised his fist. Was he going to hit Harry? Ron unclenched his fist and pushed Harry onto the bed. "You didn't think I was actually going to punch you, did you? Oh god, Harry! I said I wasn't going to hurt you!" Ron cracked a grin. Then he became serious. "Never break Ginny's heart, or I'll break your arm. She's my sister and you treat her with respect. Got it?"
"Yes." Harry said. "But to be honest, I'm just glad you didn't already break my arm."
They both started cracking up. Soon afterwards, Mrs. Weasley called them down for breakfast. Fred and George were down stairs when they got there.
"Oy! I think, after a spot of breakfast of course, that we had play some Quidditch! What do you say, boys?" Fred Weasley asked.
"I think that's an excellent idea, Fred." George Weasley agreed.
The four boys ate their breakfast quickly and went out to play Quidditch. But before Ron and Harry were even on their brooms, Ginny came running out.
"Harry? How is it that you've been fifteen for a whole week and I still haven't given you your birthday present?" Ginny asked, acting innocent.
She walk right over to Harry and kissed him passionately, catching the attention of Ron.
"Oy! You two best just be happy that Fred and George are practicing." Ron said, pointing up at Fred and George, who were beating around a pinecone.
"Why do you think I came when I did, Ron?" Ginny asked.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
That night Mr. Weasley had to go out of town again, and Harry was afraid to go to sleep.
"It'll be fine, Harry." Ron reassured him for the third time that night. "Just go to bed."
"You foolish girl!" came the voice of noneother than Voldemort. "You cannot escape me! for I am Lord Voldemort! Your brother is better off without you!"
Voldemort was sitting in a chair in the middle of a room, pointing his wand at a familiar girl. She had long, untidy black hair with brilliant green eyes. But there was a look of terror all over her face.
"I must find my brother! I must!" Screamed the girl.
"You cannot fool me. Do you think I don't know what the prophesy says?"
"What prophesy?" The girl answered qiuckly.
"Hannah! Don't play stupid with me! You cannot fool me! The prophesy that says 'The boy- who- lived shall defeat all evil with the help of his sister by his side.' Harry Potter shall not meet his sister, then I shall not be defeated!"
"I've never heard of that prophesy!" Hannah cried. "I just want to find my brother!"
"Don't lie to me! Crucio!" Voldemort yelled, making Hannah scream with all her might. She started twitching on the floor, and Harry could feel her pain. he started screaming to.
"Harry! Wake up!" Ron screamed in terror. He started shaking and pushing Harry, but Harry wouldn't wake. All the Weasleys ran into the room.
"Wake him!" Cried Ginny.
"I'm trying to!" Ron yelled.
Then, as quick as it had started, Harry stopped screaming, and the Weasleys just started at him.
Hannah fell to the floor, gasping for breath.
"You foolish girl!" Voldemort screamed.
"If you don't want me to find Harry, then why do you keep me alive?" Hannah asked.
"Because, fool, that old git Lupin will become worried that your gone. For he surely would tell that Dumbledore, who will come searching for you. And when he does, I'll make sure he dies!"
'I wish I could find Harry!' Hannah thought, and Harry heard. 'Voldemort knew that I would be starting at Hogwarts this year, so he had to take me from home! He wants to kill Dumbledore!'
"I suggest you leave that child alone!" Came the thundering voice of Abus Dumblodore. "If you don't not, you will be forced to do so!"
"Dumbledore. I thought you would come for the girl."
"Well, you predicted right." Dumbledore said, his eyes like fire.
"Crucio!" Voldemort criend at Hannah.( Once again, at the Weasley, they all ran into Ron's room, trying to wake up Harry.) Dumbledore took a step toward Hannah. "I wouldn't if I were you! I'll kill her!"
Dumbledore took a step back and cried, "Crucio!" at Voldemort.
Hannah fell to the floor, unconscious. Dumbledore grabbed her and ran out of the room.
Harry woke with a start, with all the Weasleys standing over him. Ron was the closest, and he looked terrified.
"All right there, Harry." he asked, his voice higher than usual.
"No." Harry said, grabbing his scar. It was still burning. Ginny walked over and sat next to him and put her head on his shoulder. Harry began to tell them about his dream. About Voldemort and Hannah Potter, about the prophesy, and about Dumbledore.
"Dumbledore, using an unforgivable curse?" Fred asked, astounded.
"That's some you don't hear about averyday!" George said with ammusment.
"Fred, George! That's not the point! Now go to you room!" Scolded Mrs. Weasley.
"Harry? are you alright?" Ron asked. Harry was holding his scar again. It hurt a lot.
"Harry! I'll call dad, mum!" Percy said to Mrs. Weasley. She nodded.
"Good idea, Percy! Hurry off now! And Ginny, ge to bed, sweethart." Mrs. Weasley said. Ginny started to open her mouth in protest, but quickly closed it at the sight od Mrs. Weasley's face. She did not look happy. "Ginny, I know you want to take care of Harry, but it's Two O' Clock in the morning!"
When Mrs. Weasley and Ginny had gone, Ron turned to Harry.]
"You know how your dreams usually come true?" Harry nodded. "Well maybe you really do have a sister."
"No." Harry said simply. He got into bed and Ron did the same. "Dumbledore would have told me.

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