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Of Black and White by she_who_shall_not_be_named
Chapter 3 : The Girls of Gryffindor
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Chapter Three: The Girls of Gryffindor

When I walked in, there was already 5 other girls, sitting around and talking animatedly. They got quiet as I walked in, and all of them turned to look at me. The red-headed girl at the other end of the room got up, walked over, smiled, and stuck out her hand.

“Hello, I’m Lily Evans. You must be Janet. Welcome to Gryffindor.”

I had smiled when I heard her name, remembering that James had a thing for her. I made a mental note, reminding myself to change her mind about not going out with him.

“Thanks,” I answered, shaking her hand, “call me Jay,”

The rest of the girls introduced themselves from where they sat. A girl with mousy brown hair sitting on the bed next to Lily’s said that her name was Alice Fisher, and introduced the blonde on the floor between the beds as Sabrina Smith. Then, the two girls sitting on the second bed from the door introduced themselves as Katie Pradd and Elyse Jones. “EJ for short,” Elyse said with a smile. “And this bed right here,” she pointed to the bed I was standing in front of, “is yours. Welcome.” I changed quickly into a pair of pajamas, and hopped into my bed. When I looked back around, everyone had moved back into their own beds.

“So,” Lily said, “How was everyone’s summer?”

There were scattered mutters of “nothing special” and “boring.”

“I moved here from America,” I interjected, hoping to maybe start a conversation.

“You came from America?” Katie asked. It was then that I noticed that her accent was only slight

“Yeah, New Jersey,” I answered.

“Seriously? I’m from Pennsylvania. I moved here when I was ten.”

We continued to talk about assorted things from our old home for a few moments. Elyse was the only one not in the conversation who seemed interested, and Lily was staring at her fingers as we talked. She waited for a momentary pause, and tried to change the subject.

“That’s so cool that you two used to live so close to each other, Small world, eh? Anyway, what did everyone else do this summer?”

For a few seconds we were all silent.

“Y’know, you look familiar Jay,” Sabrina said, squinting a little bit. “Were you sitting with the Marauders on the train?”

I nodded and Lily looked at me oddly. “The Marauders; like Black, Potter, Pettigrew and Remus?”

“Yeah,” I raised my eyebrow, and in an attempt to make a joke, I said, “why? How many groups of Marauders are there in this school?” Katie gave me a look that said that I maybe should’ve kept my mouth shut.

“Oh, you poor thing! How did you stand it?”

“uhm, I’m not sure I get what you mean.” I was starting to think that the look Katie had given me wasn’t completely unwarranted.

Lily laughed. “Are you kidding? They’re so obnoxious! And annoying and—“

“Funny and nice.” I interrupted. “And they’re smart, too.”

If I was having any doubts before, the death glare I had received after my last statement was living breathing proof that I should have just pretended that I had no clue what Sabrina was talking about.

“Whatever,” she huffed. “I’m going to bed. Good night everyone.” She turned around, and got under her covers. I rolled my eyes. Drama queen.

as Alice and Sabrina followed suit like good little minions, Katie and EJ walked over to my bed and sat down; EJ on the edge and Katie on the floor right next to it.

“You might wanna watch your back, hun,” Katie said with a sympathetic look on her face.

EJ nodded. “Yeah, Lily Evans isn’t someone you really want to mess with. And Alice there is her best friend, and therefore just as bad.”

“But don’t worry about Sabrina.” Katie dismissed the idea with a wave of her hand, as if the idea was silly. “She couldn’t hurt a fly if it got down on its knees and begged her to.”

I smirked at the both of them, “I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that the two of you got on Lily’s bad side too.”

EJ nodded. “She’s pretty ridiculous when it comes to the Marauders. They’re all really nice, if a little obnoxious.” She shrugged in way that said “boys will be boys.”

“Except for Peter,” Katie interjected, talking more to EJ, who was nodding in agreement, than me. “I really don’t understand why they hang out with them.”

“What’s wrong with Peter? He seems nice enough,” I asked.

“He’s annoying,” Katie explained, “and kinda shifty, if you know what I mean. It always seems like he’s up to something.”

They then went on to explain their favorite ways to annoy Lily without giving her reason to kill me (my favorite being “let her catch you leaving a fake love note from James Potter under her pillow”) and other fun ways to occupy my time at Hogwarts, while I told them some of the stupid things we used to do at my old school. We continued talking and laughing until Katie looked at her watch and pointed out that it was practically midnight. We all climbed into our beds and said goodnight. As I finally began to drift off into sleep, I heard a still-giggling voice whisper, “y’know Jay, I think I was wrong. You have nothing to worry about from Lily.”

A/N: Hello everyone! Whether you’re a new reader or a faithful fan who’s come back to re-read, I’d like to tell everyone that I was soo excited to see 5 new reviews when I logged on today. If that continues, there’s a good chance that I’ll start this story up again, because I have ideas for it that are just begging to be written down into coherent sentences. Hahaaa, thanks again to everyone who reviewed! You guys are fantastic~!!

Your Humble Author,

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