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Lily Evans by hpfanzz
Chapter 6 : Lethal Book Wars
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Sirius grinned and ducked into the compartment after Lily, shooting one last glance at the large burn mark now residing on the compartment the older girl had dissapeared into. As soon as he had stepped in, Sirius reached out to close the door behind her. This alarmed her slightly, but then she smiled and sat down in the nearest open space, which was right between Remus and the door.

For a few seconds, Remus and Peter just eyed her, unsure why she had joined them. This annoyed Lily, but she bit her tongue to keep from saying anything. She didn't need to turn them off with her temper this early.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was really only a few seconds, James broke the silence. "What a great way to start off the year, eh, guys?," he said with a slight chuckle, not looking even slightly bothered at what had just happened.

Remus tore his eyes away from Lily and turned to Sirius. It was then that Lily realized that he had a large yellow smiley face that seemed painted into the back of his neck. "I don't see how you're related to them. Are you sure you weren't switched at birth or something- Are you okay?" he asked abrubtly, noticing that Lily had slapped a hand over her mouth to stop her giggles.

"Yes," she answered once she finally managed to control her laughter. She avoided looking at Remus' head, but it was hard when he was sitting next to her. "Can someone help me with this?" she asked finally, gestering towards her cart that still stood blocking the door.

Jynx gave a loud mew at that point, as if seconding this request. Lily stuck her finger in the carrier and wiggled them around to pet the cat.

Sirius quickly stood up to help. "To answer your question, Remus, no. Dear old mum's already checked for any loop holes around me really being her son. Sadly, she found none." He gave a shuddering sigh and rolled Lily's cart closer to the luggage rack. Just as he did so, the door burst open again.

Three girls around Lily's age stood outside her compartment. Or rather, two girls had their arms linked and were dragging another girl into the compartment. The two girls with linked arms burst into the compartment, and, unaware that the other residents were staring at them as if they were crazy, one of them grabbed Lily's arm. "You're the girl who the Slytherins bombarded, right?" she asked, yanking Lily up.

Too shocked to say anything else, Lily nodded slowly, the other girl's hand still grasping her forearm. She stared at the girl, taking in her appearance. She was average height, maybe half an inch taller than Lily, with dark, hazel eyes. Her skin was a yellowish tan and she had thick dark brown, almost black, hair that fell in waves down just below her shoulders. Everything about her looked fun, wild and friendly, except for the acne that took up most of her forehead, nose, and cheeks. Lily sympathized with the girl, who otherwise was so pretty. Suddenly, Lily snapped from her trace-like state and realized that the girl was looking at her expectantly.

"Um," she said, stupidly, hoping the girl would repeat whatever she had said.

The girl giggled. "I said, people are talking about you. They say you hexed them or something." She looked at Lily with anxious eyes.

Lily squirmed uncomfortably. "Hexed them? No! Actually, Sirius was the one who got me out of there..." her voice trailed off and she cocked her head towards Sirius, who was now standing about a foot behind her, staring at the four girls with a confused expression.

"Sirius?" repeated the other girl, worming her arm out of the first girl's. "Sirius Black?" Her eyes darted over Lily's shoulder to where Sirius stood, a frown slowly coming over her face.

This girl was tall, almost as tall as Remus. She had long, flowing, very pale blonde hair that fell to her hips. In fact, everything about her seemed pale, though in a beautiful way. Her skin was milky, almost pure white. Even her eyes were a light blue color, and her lips a very pale pink. When Lily looked at her arms, she wondered how the girl could be so skinny and perfect. Before she could contemplate this, however, she was jolted out her thoughts when she realized someone was talking again.

"He saved you from the Slytherins?" asked the third girl, shaking loose the other girls' grips on her arms and coming forward.

"Yeah," Lily answered uncertainly. "Why's that so surprising?"

"Because," the girl answered snottily, "He's a Black. Which means he was destined to be in Slytherin."

"Destined?" Now Lily was confused. Hadn't she read in Hogwarts, A History (which she hadn't been able to resist staying up late reading) that they were chosen for their houses through their traits, not who their families were?

"Yes," said the dark haired girl, scrunching up her nose. "Destined to go to Slytherin, like every other member of his family."

"Not every member," Sirius shot, and Lily could tell that he did not like this topic at all. "Andromeda's a Gryffindor. And I will be, too. I'm not like them."

Both James and the two girls opened their mouth to retort, but, before they got a chance to, the blonde girl, who had been oddly silent, spoke in a quiet voice. "Look, we can't be sure of anything until we're sorted, right?" The third girl snorted.

"Fine, whatever," she said in a bored tone. "Now, can we please go back to our compartment? You dragged me over here..."

The blonde rolled her eyes. "I'm sure you wouldn't rather be stuck in the compartment with the bookworm."

"I'm sure she would," the dark haired girl answered. "I think she fancies your brother." After the other girl turned a delicate shade of pink, she smirked. "Let's go, then." After the other two girls hurried out of the compartment, she turned to Lily, smirk still in place. "Well, are you coming?"

"Uh..." But before Lily could give her a complete answer, the girl had grabbed her arm and was pulling her out into the hall. Lily only just managed to grasp her cart before she started to stumble away.

The girl continued to lead her up the aisle until she finally got to the last compartment. The door was open and Lily could see the other two girls settling themselves into it. After pushing her way into it, the first girl released her grip of Lily and, instead, pulled her luggage cart inside, Lily trailing behind it.

"So," she said five minutes later, sprawling herself out onto one of the seats, one of her knees poking in at the blonde girl next to her. Lily, who had been standing, dumbstruck, while the girls hoisted her stuff up onto the luggage rack and released Jynx, stared at her.

After shoving the girl's knee off of her, the blonde girl giggled. "This must be pretty confusing for you." After Lily gave a small nod, she smiled warmly and stuck out her hand. "I'm Erin Chaucey. Have a seat."

Lily did so, planting herself across from Erin. "Lily Evans," she replied once she had settled herself. "Nice to meet you."

"I'm Alice Clearwell," came a shy voice from Lily's left. When she turned to see who it was, her eyes met the face of the third girl, who looked a lot more inviting when she wasn't being dragged into a compartment. She was pudgy and small, Lily noticed. A good four inches below average height. She had very straight, thin, milky brown hair that fell about halfway down her back and wide brown eyes to match.

Then the dark haired girl next to Erin grinned. "I'm Cassandra Lynche." She stuck out her hand, which Lily promptly shook. "And that dude staring at you from next to Alice is Frank." At this, Lily whipped around and leaned to see past Alice. When she did, her eyes locked with Frank's, who was peering at her from over his book with one eye, a lock of blonde hair covering the other.

"Oy, Frank, stop staring at the poor girl," Erin barked after a second. Frank shifted his gaze to her, breaking eye contact with Lily. "My brother," Erin said after a second, answering Lily's unspoken question. "Twin, actually."

"Sadly," Frank added dryly. Erin stuck her tongue out at him and he rapidly changed the subject. "What I wanna know is what you three did to this 'poor girl' that made her stare at you like you were insane. Which," he added after a moment of thought. "You may very well be."

Cassandra rolled her eyes. "All we did was barge into the compartment, dragging Alice, accuse her of hexing Slytherins, insult the guy who saved her, drag her into this compartment, and throw her stuff onto the luggage rack" she replied, ticking off her fingers as she went.

Frank sighed, shook his head, and wordlessly returned to his book. Erin cast him a withering look before turning back to Lily. "So, have we scarred you for life yet?"

Lily laughed. "No, I'm afraid not. Though, would you mind answering a few questions?" Before Cassandra had even gotten a chance to nod, however, she burst. "Why is it such a big deal about Sirius' family? Do you know any magic? How do we get sorted? Who was that redhead girl?" She had just taken a breath, ready to start off another round, when the other girls' laughter stopped her. "What?" she asked, frowning.

Erin grinned. "You sure are eager, Miss Evans. But, have no fear, for we're prepared to answer each and every one of your questions."

"Okay, then," Lily said, smiling. "What's wrong with Sirius?"

The mood in the compartment immideately darkened. Frank's eyes, though still facing the book, stopped darting back and forth and, instead, focused on the same spot. Cassandra sat upright and Alice, who had been stroking Jynx gently, started unknowingly pressing down harder and harder until the kitten leapt up, hissing. Erin saw all this and rolled her eyes.

"Nothing is wrong with Sirius," she said, glaring at her friends.

"Nothing?!" Cassandra exclaimed, her eyes widening. "He's a Black! A filthy Black!"

"That's not his fault," Erin shot back. "After all, he can't be like them if he saved Lily from the Slytherins!"

Cassandra opened her mouth to retaliate, but Lily cut her off. "What's wrong with being a Black, then?"

Now Erin's face darkened. "The Black family is one of the most pureblooded, darkest, richest wizarding families. They think they're better than everyone and about 99% of them have been in Slytherin, except for the occasional black sheep. They're," and here she paused. "Well, they're the kind of people who think that only purebloods matter and that everyone like, well, like you don't deserve to be magical."

"People like me?" Lily was more confused than she had been before.

"Muggleborns," Cassandra said simply, twirling her hair around her finger.

"Oh." Lily looked forcefully down at her shoe, trying to remember another question. Finally, one came to her. "Who was that girl? She said she was Head Girl."

Alice snorted, while Erin gave a small sigh of relief and Frank's eyes returned to reading. "Head Girl? That'd be Molly Prewitt," Alice said, happy to change the subject. "She's a family friend. She's in Hufflepuff. Don't know why, though, she's smart enough for Ravenclaw."

Erin nodded. "Yeah, but she's more of a people person. Isn't that what Hufflepuff wants?"

"True," replied Alice. Then a grin came over her face. "What do you wanna bet that Weasley is Head Boy, Cass?" She looked at her friend expectantly, but Cassandra was gazing out the window, a far away look on her face. Frowning, she waved a hand in front of the girl. "Hello? Earth to Cassandra."

Finally, Cassandra blinked. "What?" she asked irritably.

"Daydreaming again, Cass?" Erin grinned "Who was it of now? One of the guys in with Black?"

Cassandra hesitated. "Well..."

Erin's eyes went wide with shock. "Don't tell me. You like Black? Weren't you just going on about how horrible he is?"

"Well, maybe that kid had a point. How do we know he isn't different?"

"You just think he's cute."

"He is!"

"Who was that kid, anyways? And the other two?" Alice broke in, knowing all too well what could happen if her friends got heated up.

This was something Lily knew. "He said his name was James Potter. The other two were Remus Lupin and Peter... smething." Suddenly, she realized that she hadn't gotten Peter's last name. She made a mental note to ask him later.

"James Potter?" Erin asked, her curiosity getting the better of her. "Hanging out with Sirius Black?" Seeing the look on Lily's face, she quickly rushed into explination. "The Potters are another big pureblood family, only they're known for going against the Dark Arts and being in Gryffindor."

"He was rather handsome, too," Cassandra said thoughtfully, earning herself a smack on the back of the head from Erin. "Oww..."

"You deserved it," Erin replied briskly.

"Did not!" Cassandra protested.

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"SHUT UP!" roared Frank, causing all four girls to jump. They had forgotten he was there.

"Sorry," Cassandra mumbled, though she was glaring at him all the same.

Erin rolled her eyes. "Oh, go back to your book Frankie." This got her a book to the head. "OUCH! Just for that, I'm keeping the book!" she said, rubbing her forehead and thanking Merlin that it was a paperback.

Frank sighed and reached down under his seat, pulling out another book and burying himself in it, unaware that Alice was gazing at him. Lily, however, did notice, yet she decided not to bring that to the others' attention. She satisfied herself with a small giggle while Cassandra and Erin returned to bickering.

"Did too," Erin was saying. "And besides, the taller one was cuter."

"Oh, you mean Remus?" Lily jumped in, not wanting another argument.

"That's his name? I like it." Now Erin was the one with a far off look to her eyes.

Cassandra snorted. "Did I hear right? Erin Chaucey, perfect little veela girl, has a crush?"

"Veela?" asked Lily, who was starting to feel stupid with all her questions.

"Annoyingly beautiful girls who think they have rights to every guy," Cassandra answered with a huff.

Erin rolled her eyes. "It's not my fault I'm part veela," she hissed.

"Just like it's not my fault that I think Black is cute." Cassandra now wore a very proud smirk.

"Oh, shut up. You're so boy crazy."

"Well, you're a prefect little veela."

"I'd rather be that than boy crazy."

"Spoken like a true veela."

"Don't you two get started again," warned Frank, eyeing Erin, who had just opened her mouth, angrily, to retort.

"Why? Is bookworm Longbottom gonna sacrifice his precious book to stop us? OUCH!" Apparently, Frank was going to sacrifice his book. Erin glared at him and chucked it right back at him.

"Longbottom? You have different last names?" Lily asked, grabbing the book before it hit Frank.

Erin mock glared at her and snatched the book again, this time tucking it safely above her head, though within reach. "Yeah. Our parents are divorced. He went to live with our dad and I stayed with our mum, so I got her last name."

"Good thing we were seperated, too," Frank said, fishing around for another book. "I swear, I was ready to kill her. Twin or no twin. HA!" He grabbed the book before it hit him and chucked it back at his sister, thus starting an all out book war and a very interesting (and lethal) train ride.

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