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Willingly into Wickedness by Irisheyes
Chapter 5 : Fun
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Hermione stared out of the taxi cab window in awe. She had never seen anything like Las Vegas in all her life, matter of fact she was staring so hard that she hit her head on the window of the cab as she strained to get a better few of the Luxor casino. It was pyramid shaped and at the very top had a light that looked to have shot all the way into space. The streets were crowded with all sorts of different varieties of people and some not as modest as she was used to in London. Course she was used to odd looking individuals, she was member of the wizarding world but something about this city and the people that inhabited it, or visited, seemed wild to her.

Draco watched as she peered out the window not saying a word. He could only imagine how much of a culture shock Vegas was going to be for her. He actually found it some what funny, realizing how sheltered Hermione Granger had kept herself. He imagined she would only leave her hotel room for work purposes only, seeing as she could order room service to cover not having to go out in public to eat. He laughed and she turned to confront it.

“What is so funny Malfoy,”” she asked.

“Well it’s just,” he paused thinking of a nice way to put it, but couldn’t find polite words enough for her, “Well I imagine you will not be up to having any fun while we are here in this wondrous city; seeing as you seem to be a prude when it comes to having a bit of fun.”

She rolled her eyes and retorted, “You Draco Malfoy know nothing about me or how I have fun.”

He laughed again and noticed the Excalibur, their hotel, from the window.

“There is our hotel Granger, just like the ministry to put us in something like that,” he said pointing to the massive castle shaped hotel. Hermione thought it was actually very neat looking, and very colorful all lit up at night.

“I like it,” she said with a tone of excitement in her voice.

“Was that a bit of enthusiasm, Granger,” he asked.

“Draco, seriously do you think I am just some shrewd that plans on staying held up in her room the entire time,” she asked him snobbishly.

“Well I mean you will have to leave it to work on the mission, but I am sure you will return as soon as we are done,” he answered with a playful grin.

“Oh ya, well you’ll see,” she said. Though he did have a point the wildness of this city sort of scared her, but she wasn’t about to let Draco Malfoy ruin her first trip to the U.S.

“Granger, have you even stepped foot in a dance club, played black jack or stood at a roulette table,” he asked.

“A what table,” she asked in return.

Draco simply laughed and she again rolled her eyes at him. The cab came to a stop finally and they paid the driver and took their luggage up the escalator walk to check in. Their rooms were side by side and to Hermione’s horror they seemed to be adjoining rooms. Upon realizing this she quickly double and triple checked the lock on the door between their rooms to make sure it was securely locked. She walked over to the curtains which were rich red velvet and pulled them open. The view was breathtaking. She could see almost the whole strip and lit up like it was excited her. She thought about how she semi challenged Draco about her having some fun while they were here and she could not decide whether she was eager to partake in this fun or nervous. While she analyzed this, as she analyzed everything, there was a knock at the door.

“Ready for that ‘fun’, Granger,” Draco said when she opened the door.

“Draco, we’ve work tomorrow and I am exhausted. I can’t believe you are not tired,” she said.

“Oh I am tired, but that is the rule in Vegas, first night no matter how tired you have to have some fun. And besides we don’t have to work until Tuesday remember, Lockhart is in Reno for a few days and is scheduled to be back then. So get ready Granger,” he ordered in a playful manner.

She opened her mouth to argue but he cut her off before she could get the words out.

“Get ready Granger, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. I will be back an a few minutes to get you. Oh and be sure to were comfortable walking shoes, we are going to walk the strip.” And with that he shut her door for her. Leaving her standing there perplexed.

After ten outfit changes and three hair style changes she was finally ready. She had chosen her favorite pair of hip hugger jeans and a playful “Seeker” t-shirt that just barely showed her belly button. She decided to wear her hair down and had straightened it, but was extra sure to bring a hair tie with her. There was no telling what her hair would do in this dessert weather.

Just as he had said, thirty minutes later Draco knocked again on her door. She paused before opening it, turned to the nightstand where she had a picture of Ron she set out, gave it a weak smile and then looked back to the door. She was about to walk around Las Vegas with Draco Malfoy, she felt in her pocket for cash just incase she was in need of a taxi, no telling if Malfoy intended on leaving her stranded somewhere. Once making sure she had her id and cash she opened the door.

Draco was wearing a simple gray t-shirt and jeans, which fit him rather nicely though she would never admit it, and a ball cap.

“Glad to see you dressed casual Granger, figured we would hit some of the more casual places tonight and try out some of the dressier places tomorrow night,” he said smiling at her.

“Tomorrow night,” she said in a inquisitive tone.

“Seriously Hermione, if you think you are only getting off with one night you’ve got another thing coming. We are here for a few days, all work and no play makes for a boring day,” he rhythmically said with a charming smile, “Course must of the ‘play’ comes in at night.”

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