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What happens when Americans-- such as my friends and I-- wind up at Hogwarts? by PhoenixTears
Chapter 3 : Time to leave... for the wrong place
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Disclaimer: *throws discaimer notes at laywers and yawns* Tell Ms. Rowling I worship her, kay? *sings* Every kiss does not begin with K... it really begins with E.... Every starts with E, not K... *laywers snigger despite themselves*

"Dear Miss Phoenix,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Daehur Academy of Magic!"
Hazel gasped, and Gabi said softly, "Right. Which means Hogwarts is real..."
Gabi giggled as Hazel cursed. "I thought you'd be happy!"
"No, listen. 'My sources have informed me that you are in contact with other accepted students-- Gabriella Ranger, Sherene Drache, Molly Mozzy, Eric Elmore, blah blah blah... and guess what?"
"What?" Gabi said in a bored tone.
"Rosemary and Erin have been accepted!"
"Damn!" Gabi screeched over the phone, making Hazel laughed.

Gabi, Molly, Sherene, and Hazel stood in a group at the train station, waiting for others to arrive. Many showed up, then Rosemary and Erin.
Rosemary turned to look at Hazel, giving a wide, fake grin. "Hazzzzze! You've been accepted, too! Good job, girl-- we rule!" She held out her hand for Hazel to slap, which she did unenthusiastically.
"And they all rejoiced," Hazel muttered to Eric, quoting Monty Python and the Holy Grail. "Yaaaaayyyy. Little tiny flags appear unenthusiastically."
Eric snorted.
The train whistle blew. Haze raced Sherene, Molly, Gabi, Eric, and her other friends to the train. They shot to the back compartment.
As the train began to chug off, Hazel watched a fork appear in the tracks. It took the left one, and suddenly Hazel felt that something was wrong.
"Feel that feeling?" she asked Gabi.
"No," Gabi replied. Nobody else could. Hazel frowned. Why did she have a feeling the train did something wrong?
Finally, at seven o'clock PM, the train slowly stopped. The fifteen-year-olds jumped out.
Eric froze.
"What?" Hazel asked curiously.
Eric gaped, then stuttered, "Look, it's Harry Potter. We ended up at Hogwarts!"
Then Hazel knew why she'd had a bad feeling... the train had taken a wrong turn!

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