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Problems with Love by HermioneG
Chapter 5 : A Girl's Night (Part One)
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A/N: I decided that I should have this in two parts. It would be a waaaay longer wait if I hadn't made that decision, you know. Hope you aren't mad at me for not having much R/Hr but I promise it'll come...

Draco did not know exactly how it had happened. He had only taken a night-time bath (which was illegal, of course) when a girl stepped inside. It had been the very same girl who had hit him with those hard shoes earlier that day. And the very same girl who had cried. She had just stood there, terrified, and stared at him. Draco hadn’t noticed her the first minute, but when he turned around, he had seen her. His face had turned even more pale than usual. He had pretended that this was a normal situation and had just sneered, “Close your eyes and turn around,” to Clara. She had done so; she would do anything in this embarrassing situation.

After that, they had just talked. Draco had discovered that he actually could speak to her, before he had realised she was a Gryffindor. But suddenly that hadn’t mattered at all.

Draco was in bed now and he thought back. How could it have happened? She was a Gryffindor; he was a Slytherin, so how could it? For some reason, he did not care at all. Now, everything he wanted to remember, was Clara Dobbs’ lips against his…

Weeks passed and, miraculously, it worked out. Draco Malfoy and Clara Dobbs together, who would have believed that? Some people were still in shock after seeing the pair of them tightly enwrapped around each other. Draco and Clara had got to know each other better and better. They learned new things about the other every day (which they absolutely should, if you look at all the years they hadn’t known each other at all) and it seemed they had been together the entire life. One day, they had agreed to meet in the dungeons.

“Hi Malfoy!” Clara said when she came down to Draco.

“Why do you call me Malfoy? We are really close, don’t you think? So you should call me Draco.”

“Oh, aren’t Gryffindors and Slytherins supposed to hate each other?” Clara said sweetly.

“Don’t count us there. We are supposed to-” Draco hesitated. It was still unnatural to say the word he was about to say.

“-love each other,” she fulfilled for him.

“Yeah, I guess so…” He looked around but the pair of them was alone. He grinned, grabbed Clara and started to kiss her.

When they broke apart, gasping for breath, Clara said, “Sometimes I wonder if that’s the only reason we are together; because you like kissing.”

“Do you have any reason to believe that?” Draco sneered.

“Yes! And especially when you do that sneer-thing; you look evil! You are evil. I mean- you were evil.”

Draco did not sneer, but simply glared small-eyed at her.

“Oh, Draco, come on!” Clara said impatiently. “There’s no use denying that! How you still treat any other Gryffindor but me… it’s disgusting! You should learn some manners, you should learn how to be nice and you should learn to love! That means, loving other people but me too!”

“Clara, listen to me-“

“No! You shall listen to me! I- I do love you, but if you still are going to be like that, I- I’m going to… I don’t even know what I’m going to do! But, well, I can’t be with you if you’re hated by all my friends! Alright, you’re popular in your tough Slytherin gang, but they don’t like me! And none of my friends like you! I’m sure that if you had got to know… for example Ginny, you would-”

“Hold on! Get to know that damn blood-traitor? We’re talking about my family’s enemy here!”

“Honestly! No wonder you are what you are! How you’ve been raised… Your enemy… Well, ‘your enemy’ is one of the best Wizard families that exist! You know you can always turn away from your family traditions, don’t you? If you get to know people, nice people, you can be with them instead…” Clara had screamed the last minute, but she whispered the last words. Tears filled her eyes, and that softened Draco. Softening had always been looked at as a weakness from his point of view, but not anymore.

He watched her closely. “But you know… they are my family… I don’t hate them; I can’t just turn away from them…”

“D’you love them?” Clara asked quietly.

“That- that’s my own business!” He sat down at the floor. Clara sat down as well. After a long silence, Draco muttered, “If it means so much to you, I can- I probably can meet your friends…”

Clara brightened up. “Oh, that’s good. What about Ginny tonight? Just the three of us, getting to know each other…”

No matter how much he wanted it to be the two of them, not three, he answered, “Well, I guess I can… why not… it’s not like… I have anything other to do…”

“Great!” Clara said cheerily. She kissed Draco on the cheek. “Ginny and me were going to have a girl-night, but I’m sure she won’t have anything against you being there too.”

Draco, who highly doubted that, asked, “Where am I meeting you then?”

“Just meet me outside the Great Hall seven o’clock. Then we’re going to meet Ginny… somewhere else.” She was about to go, when she turned to Draco again. “Oh, I forgot. We were kind of planning to have a special ‘topic’ to discuss.”

Draco was now looking even less forward to seven o’clock; the last thing he wanted to do was discussing how to put your make-up properly. “What’s the topic, then?” he asked anyway.

“How to get Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger together,” Clara said.


Just a bit over two weeks ago, Draco would laugh his head off if he had heard this; him and two Gryffindor-girls, one of them from a blood-traitor family, having a cosy night planning how to get Weasley and Granger together. He would snigger the one who had told him to hell. But now, he did not laugh of it. He just felt weird and made a mental note not to mention this to any of his Slytherin friends.

He met up outside the Great Hall six minutes later than he was supposed to.

“You’re late,” Clara said with her eyebrows raised.

“Yeah,” Draco grinned. “We’re not going to ruin my Slytherin image, are we?”

“Suppose not,” she murmured, grabbing his arm.

“What are we doing here?” Draco asked. He and Clara were standing alone at seventh floor.

“Ginny told me we should meet here,” Clara said, eyeing her wristwatch nervously. “But that was fifteen minutes ago…”

They heard footsteps and Draco looked up hopefully, expecting the Weasel-girl. He did not want to stand here for the rest of the night; what if some Slytherin discovered he was waiting for a Weasley? But it wasn’t Weasley who came. It was a little Hufflepuff (Draco believed him to be in first year. Not that he cared) who had a most curious expression on his face.

“What’re you doing up here?” the little one demanded. He could make a good Slytherin with that attitude, Draco thought.

Clara smiled sweetly. “Oh, we just wanted to have this deserted corridor for ourselves. You know, he’s my boyfriend and we do this stuff all the time. Like kissing, making out and cuddling,” she said lovingly, touching Draco’s arm and looked deeply into his grey eyes. “We’re planning to continue now, though…” She started to kiss Draco passionately, letting her tongue play around in his mouth.

This was more than enough. The Hufflepuff had run away, screaming “Eeeeewwwww!!” a long time ago.

“Disgusting!” another voice said. Clara and Draco broke apart. Ginny Weasley had finally appeared. “Don’t do that in front of me!”

“Sorry,” Clara grinned sheepishly.

Ginny shook her head and looked disgusted at Draco. He could tell she was just as happy as he was for this night.

“Well, over here,” Ginny said, waving them over. They followed her to a place where a man was teaching some trolls ballet.

Draco recognized this place. “This is where Potter had this club last year, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, this is where Harry had DA. The club which a person named Draco Malfoy helped getting shut down,” she added, with a hard look on her face.

“You-!” I began.

“Please!” Clara screamed. “Why can’t we all be friends?”

“Easy enough for you to say, Clara! You haven’t exactly been his target as my family have been! Hell, his father is a Death Eater! He probably is one himself!!”

Draco managed to stay cool. “As a matter of fact, I’m not.”

“That doesn’t help! How you’ve behaved… it makes me sick!” Ginny yelled. Her face was red. This reminded Draco of his fight with Clara earlier that day. Girls could be so weird, so… emotional.

“Hello,” a dreamy voice said. Luna Lovegood came toward them, smiling vaguely.

“Oh! Hi Luna!” Ginny smiled. The smile seemed forced.

“You’re Draco Malfoy,” Luna said, nodding. She turned to the two others. “What are you doing here with him? Have you kidnapped him?”

“No! We haven’t! We were just going to have a- err- girl’s night…” Clara muttered the last words.

“Don’t let me stop you. So Draco Malfoy is a girl? She must suffer from Hiriklana…”

Watching Luna go, Clara frowned. “What is Kiricluna?”

Ginny shrugged. “No idea.” She started to go back and forth, back and forth, whispering something under her breath. After three times, a pink door popped up. “Come on!” She went in, followed by Clara and Draco.

“How did you know how to get in here?” Clara asked curiously.

“Hermione told me once, I think. I don’t really remember,” the redhead answered, closing the door. Draco noticed that she wasn’t that angry anymore. Thanks, Lovegood.

He looked around. His mouth opened in disgust. The room was pink and lots of teddy bears lay around on blankets. Everything was pink and fluffy, including the sofas, chairs, pictures, tables and books. He picked up one of the big, pink books. Make-up guide. He picked up another. Best ways to become popular. He picked up several others. How to get him, Kissing; an underrated sport, I’m pretty, Top ten mascaras, What to do when you’re way too desperate, Romance, The perfect outfit and Gossip; you know you have to. Ginny had read the titles over Draco’s shoulder and he could tell that this wasn’t exactly her dream room.

“Wow,” Clara whispered.

“Know what? I think we’ll go out and change this,” Ginny said, on her way out of the room.

“No! Isn’t this just perfect? This is the best room I’ve ever been to!” Clara cried.

“D’you really think so?” Ginny said uncertainly.

“Yes! I love it! I could move in here anytime!”

Draco stared at her in disbelief. Ginny opened her mouth, but closed it again. She sat down at the floor, muttering, “Suppose I’ll survive,” but only Draco heard her.

A/N: So next chapter: still Draco's POV. And they will plan how to get Ron and Hermione together! Yay! Sorry if you thought Malfoy was OOC. I did my best. So now, please review!!

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