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Willingly into Wickedness by Irisheyes
Chapter 4 : Viva Las Vegas
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Hermione checked her seat again on her ticket and much to her despair realized the ticked stub was not lying, she was seat A4 the window seat which she preferred but unfortunately it was right next Draco; who was smirking at her none the less.

“Well, well Granger it is about time you decided to show up. I was beginning to think I was going to have the luxury of this mission all to myself,” he said with his Draco charm.
“Shut up Draco and move over,” she said ushering him out of her seat.
“Why should I have to move, we’re headed to the same place,” he said.
Hermione rolled her eyes,” Damn’t Draco just move over it is my assigned seat anways.”
He stood up and moved over so she could pass, but the space in which she passed was very narrow and there was no way around brushing up against him.
“Just like you Granger, always one to follow the rules,” he whispered devilishly to her as she sat down.
“Draco lets just get this over with and try not to have to speak with one another more then necessary in the process,” she said agitated.
She took out her ipod and a magazine and prepared to ignore him for the rest of the trip.

Draco laughed to himself at the irony of this situation. He used to detest Hermione and here they were on their way to the United States and Las Vegas none the less. He couldn’t imagine them getting along, even though some where deep within him he hoped that maybe they could. After a few hours of reading, something that shocked Hermione, and two in-flight movies he feel asleep. He couldn’t seem to stay asleep long and when he awoke he noticed Hermione had managed to fall into decent nap. Apparently all the flights and layovers had worn her out. Her hair was starting to fall from its bun and looked slightly disheveled but he thought she looked pure. In a silent moment she looked pure, almost angelic as she slept. Her skin milky white, lips crimson red and glossy looking and he noticed she smelled of lavender. He recognized the sent and he was comforted by it.


“Come one Malfoy, stay with me. I know you and you are too damn stubborn to die,” he heard a familiar voice above him, a woman’s voice.
“Damn’t Malfoy,” the woman said again, “COME ON.”
He slowly opened his eyes and squinted at the sun’s rays which seemed blinding. His vision was blurry but he could make out the outline of a woman’s body.
“That’s it Draco, come on, breath,” she said to him. He felt her hands on his face, and they smelled of lavender. He tried opening his eyes again and with the help of her hands shading them from the sun he was able to realize who had just saved his life.
“Granger,” he weakly said.
“Yes you git, Granger. Now keep your eyes focused on me help will be here any minute, keep breathing and if you feel the need to fall asleep let me know. I will slap you to stay awake, and I will try not to enjoy it,” she ordered.

*End Flashback*

Draco smiled as he watched her sleep. She didn’t have to save his life that day but she did. She may have loathed Draco for all the torment he caused her while at Hogwarts but she was too good natured to let him die, he respected her for that; though he never told her.

“This is your captain speaking, I would like to welcome you all to the great Las Vegas. We are on our final descent, please place all your trays in the upright position and fasten your seat belts. Thank you for traveling with us today and enjoy your stay in Nevada’s busiest little city,” the pilot said over the intercom system.
“Granger,” Draco said nudging her, “Granger, wake up we’re landing.”
Hermione opened her eyes slowly and she looked at Draco with a very groggy expression. He couldn’t help but laugh at her droopy eyelids and sleepy face, he thought it was sweet, though he would never admit it!

Hermione put the shade up on her window so she could see their destination. At first she saw nothing but black and figured maybe Draco was playing with her and they still had hours to go, but then all of a sudden she started to see lights off in the distance. As the plane lowered the lights turned into a single strip of flashy signs that almost looked like something from an amusement park.
“The strip,” Draco said leaning over her shoulder. She could feel his breath on her neck, it was warm and gave her goose bumps.
“I take it you have been here before,” she said without looking at him.
“Aye, came a few years ago for Goyle’s bachelor party,” he said.
“Why doesn’t that surprise me,” she said finally taking her eyes away from the window and looking directly at him. Their faces were within inches and Hermione suddenly felt a sense of nervousness in her stomach.
Draco merely smiled, “This is considered Sin City,” he said with his famously corrupt smile.
Hermione sarcastically smirked at him and sunk back into her seat. She stared out the window and watched the strip get closer and closer until they flew slightly past it and landed. It was a bumpy landing and without realizing it Hermione went to seize her armrest, which she unfortunately shared with Draco and she ended up grabbing hold of his hand instead of it. Quickly realizing what she had done she tried to take her hand back, but he held onto and clutched it so tight she thought he would crush her bones.
“What’s a matter Granger, scared of a bumpy landing,” he asked arrogantly.
“No, I just get a little nervous when it comes to planes and the whole landing and taking off bit,” she answered and yanked her hand away from his grip.

Once the plane had taxied to its terminal the passengers stood to grab their carry on luggage from the overhead compartments. Hermione and Draco had been seated in the front of the plane so they were one of first couples to stand. Draco graciously stepped aside to let Hermione out of her seat and into the aisle and he even got her briefcase down for her; which shocked her extremely. They exited the plane and Hermione stood in fright upon entering the terminal, there were tons of slot machines right there at the gate. There were monks greeting people and she counted four different men dressed as Elvis. Draco walked up behind her and gave her a gentle nudge to keep moving.

“Sorry,” she said still startled.
“Come on Granger, it’s just slot machines, monks and Elvis. All things you have seen before so keep it moving,” he said.
“Actually this is nothing like I have seen before,” she mumbled.
“Well Granger, you are in for a big culture shock because this is just the airport terminal. We haven’t even seen the good stuff yet,” he laughed.
He gently slipped his arm in hers and led her to baggage claim. She was in awe, but not to in awe to notice his arm tangled with hers, but since he was more familiar with the surroundings she allowed it.

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