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Willingly into Wickedness by Irisheyes
Chapter 3 : An Unlikely Pairing
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Dearest Ron,

I see him everywhere. He is haunting my dreams and seems to be around every corner I turn. He invades my every waking thought and whispers to me putrid tales. Tales of horror I myself am afraid to repeat. Yet behind his sinister stare I see a familiar face, I see my face. My loneliness echo’s within his mind, my despair sings to his heart and my nightmares are lullabies to his soul. I try to resist him but he comes to me in my sleep, ravages my mind when I am most vulnerable.

Ron, I don’t know anymore what is happening to me. I see myself living but it is like I am watching a stranger. I am trapped within my own body and I am being held prisoner. I surround myself with those that love me, but yearn to run far away from them. I have often thought maybe he has cursed me, but I am more powerful then he and that is impossible. He is controlling me without magic and that is something so unfamiliar for me. For the first time in my life I do not know how I can beat him. But what scares me most my love, is I am starting to question if I even want to. I feel myself not resisting anymore, I feel so confused. I can’t believe that I am even writing this. I am walking away from everything I have ever known and everything that has ever mattered to me. I am stepping willingly into wickedness, God help me…


Hermione put the journal back on its respective nightstand and ventured into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. She had an early meeting at the ministry and figured it best not to miss it, even though she desperately wanted to have a sick day.
“Come on Hermione, stop feeling sorry for yourself,” she told herself as she poured some cream into the black steamy coffee. Once she had prepared her cup of java to its perfection she took a long sip. It was hot but soothing at the same time, and something she needed greatly in the mornings to help her wake up. She carried the coffee into the bathroom and set it on the sink to her run her bath.

“Hmmm, rose or green tea bubbles?” she asked herself. She selected the rose as it had always been her favorite and soaking in the rose aroma seemed to put her in a merry frame of mind. She lit some aroma therapy candles and took off her robe, hanging it neatly on the robe hook on the back of her bathroom door then she eased into the hot bath slowly. She always made it a little too hot but it benefited in the long run because she soaked for long periods of time, so it took longer for the water to get chilly. She closed her eyes and rested her head on the cushiony bath pillow. The hot water felt so relaxing on her tense nerves and the bubbles caressed her smooth skin like a fizzy blanket. She rolled her head from side to side to relieve some of the tension in her neck muscles, sighed then held her breath as she dipped her head under the steamy water. She emerged from the depths of the frothy bath and wiped her eyes with her face towel. She washed herself with lavender smelling soap then washed her hair. She relaxed a little more then decided she better get out and finish getting ready or she would be late for her meeting.
It was almost nine o’clock in the morning when she scurried through the briefing room doors coffee and notepad in hand. It was an assignment meeting she could tell because all the auror’s not currently on missions was present. Sighing she took a seat at one of the front tables and prepared her notepad for immense note taking.

“I am glad you all made it, dreadfully cold today, figured some of you would call for a sick day,” the minister said with a chuckle.
“Ok I am going to announce these assignments quickly so pay attention and hold all questions till the end, thank you,” he said sternly.
He was halfway through assignments when he finally called Hermione’s name and it made her snap to attention since she was starting to daydream.
“Granger you will be paired with Malfoy since Potter and Weasely are on their honeymoon which obviously leaves you both without partners,” he instructed. Hermione rolled her eyes at Draco and sunk down in her chair in disapproval.
“You two will be headed to the U.S. for this assignment, Las Vegas Nevada to be exact. You will be monitoring none other then Gildroy Lockhart himself seeing as since he has got his memory back he has developed not only a gambling addiction but a problem with not being able to keep his mouth shut. We have been advised he is leaking information to some death eaters of the Vegas area. You can pick up your passports and new id’s as soon as this meeting is over, you fly out within the hour. Good luck and we will see you in a week,” the minister finished and went onto the next assignment

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