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Erin by HPsmartone32
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4: For the Love of Oreos
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TND (The New DragonGirl) DREW THAT! WEll she drew something even awesomer but i had to edit it down to that.

Chapter 4: For the Love of Oreos

“Okay Erin, hold your nose and swallow this potion and then you can have the Oreos,” Hermione said as she held a tablespoon full of a thick and smelling purple potion in one hand and held two Oreos just out of Erin’s reach.

“That medicine is Ew!” Erin whined, eyes on the Oreos greedily struggling to grab them.

“But the Oreos are yum,” Hermione said teasingly and Erin reluctantly plugged her nose and opened her protesting mouth. Hermione fed her the medicine and Erin swallowed in painfully and grabbed the Oreos out of Hermione hand. She took a huge bite out of the first one and Hermione put the spoon in the sink and out the potion back in the cabinet.

“After you finish your Oreos we are going to bed, Ron comes back tomorrow and we need to be rested, okay?” She asked, washing her hands and reaching for a green fuzzy towel, dribbling water all over the counter.

“Okay,” Erin said as she finished off her first Oreo. Hermione pulled an Oreo out for herself. Lately she had had a craving for them and since Erin loved them she used that as an excuse to buy them.
Hermione poured Erin a glass of milk and set it in front of her. She then watched as Erin dived her cookie into the milk making propeller sounds and then take it out and bite a chuck out of it. When she finished chewing, Erin looked up at Hermione and smiled innocently, her whole mouth black from the Oreo.

“What is Ron like?” Erin asked sleepily as Hermione crawled into bed beside her.

“Er, he’s really nice and sweet and he has red hair and freckles.” She said softly, her eyes dreamy.

“Do you love him?” Erin whispered, suddenly attentive, her eyes fixed on Hermione's face.

“Yeah, I do. A lot,” Hermione wondered why Erin was asking her this but she didn't pause to dwell on it.

“What is love?” Erin asked looking up at Hermione with her big blue eyes.

“Well, love is, er, you feel like… its like you can’t live without that person near you and you want to spend the rest of your life with them,” Hermione realized that love was a really hard thing to define as she struggled over the words.

“I love you, I think,” Erin told Hermione making tears form in her eyes. Hermione pulled Erin into a hug and whispered, “I love you too, Erin.”

“Do you think that Ron will love me?” Erin asked softly.

“Erin, I know that Ron will, now let’s get to sleep, goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” Erin said. She lay down and snuggled close to Hermione. Hermione felt like everything was all right and she really liked that feeling.

The next morning Hermione woke up to a tapping at the window. She quietly got out of bed, careful not to wake Erin and walked over to the window.

“Its too early for mail!” Hermione opened the window and an eagle-like bird flew in, dropped a note one the floor and left again. Puzzled, Hermione picked up the letter and opened it.

I know you have my daughter there. Drop her off at Burkingham Park at noon or you not only endanger her, but your family as well.

There was no signature but Hermione knew who it was from. There was no way she was going to surrender Erin to Malfoy. She would fight this battle to the end. She would kidnap Erin if it came to that. The thought of Malfoy made Hermione sick. Literally. She ran to the bathroom and barely made it to the loo in time.

“Are you okay?” Erin stood in the bathroom doorway looking with concern at Hermione, “Maybe you should take some of the Ew Potion. It helps me feel better after the yucky taste goes down, and the Oreos help.” Hermione couldn’t help but smile at the little girl. Hermione still found it hard to believe that Erin was four. She was too tiny. Hermione felt better and walked with Erin to the kitchen. As Hermione made the eggs Erin changed into one of the outfits that they had gotten the day before. She came back out walking like a model wearing a green shirt and a pair of jeans.

“You look so cute I could eat you for breakfast!” Hermione said and began to mercilessly tickle the four year old. Erin laughed and tried to tickle Hermione back. They landed on the kitchen floor laughing hard.

“Hermione! I’m home!” a voice called from the hallway. Erin and Hermione stopped laughing and Hermione stood up and ran to meet her husband.

“Ron!” Hermione jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist and kissed his hard on the mouth. Ron pulled her toward him, his body trembling.

“I missed you,” she said when the broke apart, she grinned.

“Me too, what smells so good?” Ron replied somewhat shakily.

“Eggs, come on, there is someone I want you to meet.” Hermione led Ron into the kitchen. She looked around but Erin was nowhere to be seen.

“Erin?” She said and saw the pantry door move the slightest bit as if someone crammed themself in there and took a breath. Hermione half smiled and walked over to the pantry and opened the door. Erin stood in there looking very scared.

“Come on Erin, Ron is nice,” Hermione took Erin’s hand and led her out of the pantry. Erin immediately hid behind Hermione’s legs.

“Erin! Oh well, Ron this is Erin, Malfoy’s daughter.” Hermione told him. His smile immediately faded.

“What? You and Malfoy!? How could you!?” Ron said in shock.

“Wha—oh my God no!” Hermione said when she realized what he thought. She explained all that had happened the night after he had left and as she talked Erin slowly came out from behind Hermione’s legs.

“Bloody Hell!” Ron exclaimed when Hermione finished.

“Ron! There are little ears!” Hermione scolded, “Erin, see, Ron is not mean.” Ron knelt down so that he was level with Erin.

“Come here, Erin. It’s okay. I won’t hurt you,” He said. Erin walked shyly over to Ron, who hugged her.

“Hi,” Erin said.

“Hi,” Ron said.

“Who wants eggs?” Hermione said.

“I do!” Erin and Ron looked at each other and laughed. Hermione knew that they were going to get along perfectly. She served the eggs happily, only one thing pulling at her: the letter.

After breakfast, Ron unpacked as Hermione watched the clock. 11:30, 11:35, 11:43, 11: 51, and then 12. Hermione winced as the clock chimed noon as if she expected an explosion. She told Ron about the letter while Erin was playing with the doll that Hermione had bought her. Finally as around one, Ron, Hermione, and Erin decided to apparate (this time Erin was ready) over to Harry and Ginny’s house. They knocked on the door.

“One second!” came a muted voice from inside. A few minutes later, Harry answered the door, his shirt all messed up and he was fixing his glasses. Ron eyed him with suspicion and then deciding that he didn’t want to know, walking in. Erin and Hermione followed.

“Who?” Harry asked pointing to Erin, eyes suspicious as he looked at Hermione.

“Ginny didn’t tell you?” Hermione asked and smiled as Harry looked down at the floor.

“Er, no it must have slipped her mind, and---"

“Ron! Hermione! Erin!” Ginny exclaimed as she walked out of her bedroom, her hair a little poofy and a smile a bit to wide, “I was just writing a letter to you! I hope that Hedwig doesn’t get confused bringing you the letter.” She said pointing to her room as if she had been writing in there. Hedwig upon hearing her name cooed from her perch on the corner.

“Er….” Ginny shifted uncomfortably.

“Where is Jami?” Erin asked making Harry and Ginny blush a bit more.

“She’s sleeping, but she should be up any minute.”


“Er, how do you know Erin?” Harry asked obviously trying to change the subject.

A/N: I am very grateful for all of the reviews! I’m glad you like the story. Sorry it took kinda long to update but it’s all good, right? Or at least it will be if you review…

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Erin: Chapter 4: For the Love of Oreos


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