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The Secret of a Lily by 188__dragon song__881
Chapter 3 : Hubble Bubble Berry Gum
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Faces of satisfied witches and wizards glowed from the dull light of hovering candles. The last of the dessert dishes had vanished and small chocolates and biscuits had replaced them. First years sat at their new house tables staring around them, their faces alight with wonder. The comfortable din of conversation buzzed in Alices ear.

‘It feels good to be home,’ she thought.

Although she loved her mother’s home every summer holidays she always left part of her behind, at Hogwarts. Alice had always been shy as a child and still was when in her boisterous mother’s company. It was only at Hogwarts that she had really been able to come out of her shell. It was hard, at first, not having her mother’s shadow to hide behind.

She looked around the Ravenclaw table at the people she once had dreaded and felt a great surge of love. Slowly the chatter faded away and heads begun to turn to the staff table where Dumbledore had risen.

“Welcome, welcome new and old, young and ancient, teacher and student!” He beamed at the sea of faces before him. “It is my honour to bring forward a new year at Hogwarts. As many of you would know I shall be replacing Professor Dippet as your headmaster and look forward to sharing a wonderful journey with you this year and the next and the next,” At this comment Rowena leaned over to Alice and muttered in her ear, “We’ll be in for a very long journey!”

“We have a new staff member I would like you all to welcome,” he gestured to a tall young witch. She wore her black hair in a tight bun and a stern expression.

“This is Professor McGonagall, she shall be taking my place as the transfiguration teacher.” Professor McGonagall gave a curt nod. “Now, just a few short announcements and I shall send you to your beds.

“First years should note that the forest is out of bounds, unless you no longer want or need one of your limbs.

“Mr. Filch has wanted me to remind you that magic is not permitted in corridors between classes.

“Madam Quaffich will be taking Quidditch trials in the third week of term. Those who wish to play for their house should try out.

“and last but not least Hubble Bubble Berry Gum!” his last comment was met by various responses. Few laughed openly while other sniggered, but many students stared at him with open mouths. A single clap could be heard from the Gryffindor table. It was James Potter.

“You’ve got to love that lad,” Rowena sighed.

As the conversation started up again Professor Armonía rose from her seat, twirled her wand. A long golden ribbon flew from it and formed the words of the school song. She turned to a small group of students dressed in purple robes and began to conduct the school choir.

As the song finished prefects began ushering the students out of the hall. As Alice pushed her chair in she felt someone walk beside her.

“Did you have a good holiday, Kilf?” Frank Longbottom pushed his long hair out of his face. Tall and broad shouldered Frank made a perfect beater on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. His hazel eyes looked at the ground.

“It was alright I guess. I went to France which was fun,” replied Alice. “What about you?”

“Well my family went to Australia, America and Bali,” Frank had the same smug look on his face he had when he had beaten Alice in potions.

“Well good for you!” Alice quickened her pace. Luckily she lost Frank in a crowd of second years.

She searched the crowd for Rowena’s familiar black hair. Alice begun to panic she could not see Rowena anywhere. She raced back into the Great Hall. All the dishes had been cleaned away. Dumbledore remained at the staff table reassuring a troubled first year.

Alice tried to calm herself, ‘It is alright she probably only went to the toilet.’

Pushing troubled thoughts from her mind she jogged up the staircase until she could see the back of some loitering Gryffindor fifth years.

‘She’ll be fine,’ she told her self as she climbed through the portrait hole for the first time in three months.


Alice woke with a start. She had dozed off in front of the fire whilst waiting for Rowena to return. She rubbed her eyes and looked around the common room, searching for the reason she woke up. Then she heard it. Giggling and pounding was coming from outside the Common room.

‘Who could be making all that racket outside?’ Alice thought angrily to herself. She climbed out of her chair and made toward the girls bedroom ignoring the shouts of laughter from outside. Suddenly she remembered, Rowena!

She raced to the portrait and swung it open. Standing in front of her were a boy and a girl. The girl’s robes were torn and her hair was messed up. The boy had scruffy black hair, and his glasses had been pushed up on top of his head. An empty bottle of fire whiskey littered the corridor a few yards away.

“Rowena not again,” Alice looked sadly at her friend.

“Alice the camel had five humps,” Rowena sang and fell onto the floor in a fit of giggles. Alice rushed forward and helped her off the floor. The boy started to count the number of bricks on the opposite wall.

“Go to bed, James,” Alice told him. “This is not a good way to start your first day back at school.” James stared at Alice with a puzzled look on his face as though he was trying to remember where he was.

Alice looked at him with pity. She gently lowered Rowena to the ground, drew out her wand, tapped James on the shoulder and said, “Senso, James Potter’s Bed.” James’ eyes drooped and he let the spell take him where he was meant to be.

Alice turned to Rowena. “You will regret this in the morning,” Rowena only laughed harder, “Senso, Rowena Bringam’s Bed.”

*Authors Note*
Is that too unpredictable? Should James be less of a bad boy? Please tell me your honest thought, because I love getting your reviews!!!

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The Secret of a Lily: Hubble Bubble Berry Gum


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