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Harry Potter and the Umbrella Conspiracy by nybabydino
Chapter 1 : How Dumbledore's Grandniece Died
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CHAPTER ONE: How Dumbledore’s Grandniece Died

September 30th, 1998

It was dark. In fact, so dark that the two people in the long corridor couldn’t see their own hands in front of their faces. The only thing that guided them were the stony walls that enclosed them. Everything was like an out-of-body experience, that they were really just watching a movie but they knew it was anything but that. The sounds of their thudding hearts and harsh breathing confirmed that it was not dream and if that wasn't proof enough, their throbbing wounds were aching too much for them to dismiss.

They needed to think about their plan of action, one bit at a time. They couldn't think about their ultimate goal of escaping Raccoon City when all hope for survival practically vanished. Was there really any chance for them to live one day more? Or was it all wishful thinking? It seemed to them that they should just end their lives then and there before they became monsters like the rest of the city. Should they?

“What is that smell?” the woman whispered to the large man in front of her. His S.T.A.R.S. uniform was like a second skin and revealed the shapes and hills of his muscles as his shoulders raised in a small shrug.

“I can’t be sure, lady. It’s probably the rot from both the dead and undead bodies littered throughout the city or someone let out some pretty bad gas,” Rule Legend answered sarcastically. The woman huffed angrily but stuck close to Rule as he led her down the long corridor.

It seems that Rule Legend is the last S.T.A.R.S. officer around or at least the last live S.T.A.R.S. officer around but he understood that it won’t be this way for long. There’s a monster after him. Hell, the monster was after any S.T.A.R.S. member it could find and Rule being one member it found but yet to kill makes him a dead man walking.

During Rule’s first confrontation with the beast, two members of his Delta team were wounded. An hour later, the wounded became the undead. Rule and the other survivors had to shoot them down.

In the second confrontation; the creature managed to take Gary Davison’s life simply by throwing him thirty feet across a room and into a concrete wall. With his knowledge of almost every vehicle made and his skills at hotwiring cars and flying all sorts of planes, Davison was the team’s vehicle expert and pilot. So when they had happened to find a deserted truck and the key turned up missing, they were shit out of luck.

Rule’s third and last confrontation with this-this nemesis killed what was left of his Delta team and left him unconscious for nearly two hours. This was down in a secret laboratory underneath the Raccoon’s City Police Department that even Rule didn’t know about despite his ten years of working with the force. He came awake during a huge explosion that shook the research lab. A computerized voice then announced a nuclear bomb was making its way towards Raccoon City, warning all authorized personals to evacuate. Its estimated arrival time was two hours and fifty eight minutes.

Rule was on his own until he came across the woman he is with now. After a slight misunderstanding, (she tried to attack him with an aluminum baseball bat because she believed him to be a zombie) he took her under his wing. Together they’ve been following sewer lines, finding any route out of the city but it was no use. The sewers were either barricaded or a dead-end.

Rule’s last plan of action to escape was through the abandoned train station. Before modern technology came to Raccoon City, the state was building an underground transit system. They quickly abandoned that project when the Umbrella Corporation proposed a more urbane transit system above ground that they were willing to pay for. Just so they could hide their evil doings under the citizens’ feet, Rule had realized earlier.

“S.T.A.R.S.!” the roar resonated and bounced off the walls of the long corridor. The sound was deafening and something Rule came to be familiar with. He raised his S&W magnum, his finger alert and suspended at the trigger. The monster is becoming a real nemesis, Rule thought and subconsciously started calling the tyrant that. Nemesis either found another S.T.A.R.S. officer Rule doesn’t know about or it was getting frustrated with its lack of S.T.A.R.S. members to kill.

The woman pressing close to his back had already started to weep, as if realizing that her time is coming to an end, and to Rule’s annoyance, it was gradually increasing in volume.

“Can you please?” He whispered desperately and the woman valiantly stopped whimpering though silent tears now streaked her mud-caked face. He had to get them out of there; he already let down his teammates and their families and he’ll be damned if he let down another person.

“We should be close to the abandoned train station, from there we can probably re-supply and escape the city before that nuke hits us,” he told her. In the last hour, Rule had come to respect and care for her no matter how much he didn’t want to. Though he didn’t even know her name, he grew to feel rather comforted by her presence. Rule doesn’t know how else to explain it.

“How much time do we have left?” she asked but Rule placed a finger to his lips and shushed her. He did this for two reasons: one, he didn’t want to reveal the fact that they had less than twenty minutes to live and second, low moans and shuffling could be heard very close by. Placing his hands on the wall, Rule started feeling his way towards the sounds. Maybe he’ll find a light switch or perhaps a… a door! Rule’s hand clasped a cold doorknob and relief flooded through his veins.

“There’s a door,” Rule told her. She probably could hear the excitement in his tone of voice and in turn became excited.

“Is this the train station?” she asked huskily. If Rule concentrated hard enough he could almost make out the whites of her hopeful eyes in the dark and he wished to GOD that he could save her from this damned city. To hell with GOD, he thought, I’ll fucking keep her alive myself.

“You wait here,” Rule whispered to the woman but she grabbed a hold of his arm.

“No,” she said firmly in a low voice.

“What’s your name?” he asked her.

“Portia Dumbledore,” the name was strange but Rule didn’t have time to think it over.

“Portia, you have to stay here. Let me just make sure everything is safe for you,” he almost begged.

“And leaving me out here is supposed to keep me safe?” She asked rhetorically. “Uh-uh, I don’t think so,”

“What would you have me do?” Rule burst out angrily. He paused for a moment to rein in his temper. “I don’t want another death on my conscience. I’ve already got six of those.”

“I am not your responsibility Rule Legend,” she said calmly. Her sereneness helped soothe Rule before he had let it known to the zombies in the next room that they had company.

“How do you know my name?” he finally asked. Portia didn’t answered and neither did he, causing a moment of silence to pass. Rule could practically hear the ticking of the clock. fifteen minutes and fifty-nine seconds… fifty-five seconds… thirty seconds…

“I guess you deserve to know this,” she sighed heavily. This only made Rule even more confused. What did he need to know?

“What is it?” he prodded.

“It’s like this... I’m not who you think I am,”

“Just spit it out,” Rule growled. “If you haven’t noticed yet, we don’t have enough time to play Twenty Questions,”

“Fine!” She huffed angrily, “I’m a witch! Are you satisfied?” But Rule wasn’t satisfied. He was shocked.

“What do you mean you’re a witch?”

“Exactly what I meant, Rule.” She said sarcastically. “I could help. Granted, I’m no use when it comes to guns and even hand-to-hand combat but I’ve got something that’s been helping me to survive eight hours alone and they’re my powers.”

“What?” He asked, dumbfounded.

“I’m a half-blood witch anyway,” Portia corrected her self, “but I have an amazing talent of sneaking a look into the future and reading people’s minds,” When Rule didn’t say anything, Portia continued, almost nervously now.

“I’m not any use with other magic which would have made me a squib if it weren’t for my abilities as a seer,”

“Squib…? Seer…?”

“Well, they’re magical terms. A muggle is a non-magical person, a squib is a person whose parents are a witch and wizard but wasn’t born with any magic and a seer is a person who can predict futures and prophecies.” Still no reply from Rule…

By now Portia is definitely nervous and wonders if she should have told him or not. She may have predicted a few things before but they were all spontaneous. Nothing forced so she couldn’t have seen what Rule’s reaction was going to be.

“Uh… two muggles can give birth to a witch or wizard. This would make that child muggle-born. In England, muggle-born witches and wizards is a huge issue. There’s practically a war going on because of it. The more influential and affluent wizards and witches are usually pure-bloods and some don’t like muggle-borns or muggles. One example of a powerful wizard with a major dislike of anything muggle is He-Who-Must-Not-”

“Shut up,” Rule interrupted. “We’ve wasted enough time just listening to your speech,” He was right. They only have a little more than nine minutes to escape with their lives but it doesn’t mean Rule disregarded all Portia said in the last five minutes. He had simply pushed it to the back of his mind so he can address it later. She’s either pulling his chain or seriously believes she’s a witch and that makes her crazy.

“Hey!” Portia cried out indignantly having read his thoughts but Rule had already thrown open the door.

Once Rule’s eyes adjusted to the light, joy swept through him as he took in his surroundings. They finally found the abandoned train station with only nine minutes and half left before the nuke obliterates the city but they didn’t have time to rejoice.

Unfortunately for Rule and Portia, along with the abandoned train, there were about twenty zombies and two creatures with razor-sharp tongues that his teammate, Michael Rodriguez, had mockingly dubbed the ‘lickers’. One of them monsters from hell had cut Rule’s best friend in half with just one whip of their tongues.

Despite all these creatures and how they all stared hungrily at Rule and Portia, Rule’s eyes settled on one thing… Nemesis.

But this wasn’t the nemesis he remembered. No, this monster was bigger, uglier and had, what looks to be, a rocket launcher resting on its shoulder. The odds didn’t seem to favor the pair.

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The door slamming behind them startled the two as they glanced at each other before raising their weapons; Rule’s magnum and Portia’s baseball bat.

“S.T.A.R.S.!” Nemesis roared as it too raised its weapon at the pair and just as it pulled back its trigger, Portia and Rule simultaneously ran in different directions, sending them flying when the rocket hit the door and concrete walls. Burning debris flew everywhere, knocking down a few zombies and one of the lickers that were trying to sneak up on the two from the ceiling.

“Rule!” Portia screamed but Rule was badly shaken from the fall and couldn’t even stand on his own two feet. He must have fallen harder than he thought because he felt as if the earth was quaking from underneath him.

Quickly, he rolled over onto his back and raised his magnum and pulled the trigger at the three zombies surrounding him. BAM, BAM, BAM!

Just as the last of the three zombies fell, a bullet hole in each of their foreheads, his gaze settled on Nemesis who was… running!… towards Rule. Nemesis’s footfalls were the small earthquakes Rule felt, preventing him to keep a steady balance on his feet.

“Come on bastard,” Rule urged silently. He was still lying on his back but his head and gun were raised when he pulled the trigger again. BAM! BAM! BAM! One bullet blew off the Nemesis’s ear, another went through its left eye and was safely lodged into its head and the third hit its broad chest, sending rotten guts and blood flying but nothing deterred Nemesis from its goal: Rule.

This was the end, Rule knew, but like hell will he die without fighting. He fired two more shots into Nemesis’ face and came up empty. With no ammunition left and seconds left until he died, Rule could see his life flashed before his eyes. But just when the monster was right on top of him, Portia suddenly jumped onto the back of the ten-foot tall monster.

“PORTIA! Nooooo!” Nemesis didn’t even notice Portia until her hands dug into the gaping hole in its shoulder. There was a huge purple tentacle waving around from there and must have been Nemesis’s weak spot because it dropped to its knee, roaring in agony.

“Portia, leggo of it!” But she either didn’t hear Rule or ignored him for she held on like a parasite. Rule then gave a cursory glance at his surroundings and surprisingly, all the zombies were down which meant Portia was right when she said she could help. One of the lickers was squashed under a huge rock that must have landed on it when the rocket exploded into the wall.

A few feet way from the squashed licker, was the rocket launcher Nemesis dropped. Rule knew immediately that there would be one last rocket in that launcher and it’ll be powerful enough to send that fucking monster to the deepest parts of hell.

“Portia, get the fuck away from him, I got a plan!” He yelled as he sprang onto his feet and started toward the rocket launcher. He looked behind him and saw that Portia had listened to him. She had put a safe distance between her and Nemesis, who was still on its knee, screaming and roaring.

Suddenly, Rule was falling… hard… and landed on his back. He looked around and saw that he was barely out of reach of his goal. Cursing, he swung his head around to see what could have tripped him and cursed inwardly again and even more vehemently when he found the second licker hissing on the ceiling above him.

Its tongue was the length of Rule’s body which was a couple of inches pass the six feet mark. Rule watched warily, adrenaline pumping through his veins as the tongue whipped dangerously close to his torso, reminding him of Michael. Foamy saliva dripped from the licker’s shark-teethed mouth and landed on Rule’s face. It stung but Rule knew that any sudden movements might cause the licker to attack sooner so he didn’t wipe it off.

At that moment, the creature pulled its claws out of the ceiling and Rule rolled to the side so that when the licker landed, it wasn’t on Rule’s chest. Instead, it landed most conveniently for Rule who had his boot poised at the hissing creature.

“Go to hell,” Rule said as he threw a powerful kick at its face. He then pulled out his ten inch survival knife and stabbed it through the brain that was visible from the top of the licker’s head. After some gurgling, the licker collapsed at Rule’s feet.

Throwing his useless magnum to the side, he stood and reached for the rocket launcher, heaving it onto his shoulder and aiming it at Nemesis but something was terribly wrong. Sometime during Rule’s clash with the licker, Nemesis was seeking revenge on Portia.

“PORTIA! GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE!” But it was too late. Just at that moment, Nemesis’s large hand shot out and covered Portia’s face, lifting her by her head. Rule could hear the muffled screaming and his heart ripped into pieces listening to it. Her legs were kicking about but it slowly stilled as a purple tentacle burst through the back of her head.

“No!” Rule cried. He watched as Nemesis threw her body to the side and the purple tentacle that killed Portia was whipping about from the palm of its hand splattering Portia’s blood and its own purple blood all over the place. Suddenly, Nemesis found Rule and started towards him.

“S.T.A.R.S.,” It moaned loudly.

“Not this time, motherfucker.” Rule pulled the trigger and the rocket burst from the launcher and into Nemesis’s chest. The force sent the tyrant flying into the wall. Fire exploded everywhere and chunks of Nemesis’s rotten guts spilled.

“S.T.A.R.S.” It moaned lying on its back, close to defeat but not quite yet. Rule then suddenly appeared at its side.

“When I’m done with you, you’ll be seeing stars.” Rule’s boot was the last thing the Nemesis saw before all went black.

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