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James's Sketch Book by Houlestar
Chapter 10 : Must Be James
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A/n: Not a lot of people are reading this story sigh. Well whatever i shall still write it.

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Rae was now starting to get worried. She knew that Lily wanted to ask James to Slugghorn's party, but she was positive that she would never work up enough courage to ask him to the party. Rae realised that matters were only made worse because of the fact that the party was tomorrow night.

Sighing, Rae decided that she had to do something drastic, or someone else would ask Lily. At all she wanted to make sure that Lily ended up with the right guy. She knew that a certain black haired hooked nose guy in their year just might ask Lily, or so the rumor had it.

"Lily," began Rae as she sat down next to Lily in charms class, "you have to ask James to the party."

"No!" snapped Lily.

"Why?" asked Rae.

"Well, he’ll say no-" began Lily.

"No he won't," laughed Rae. "He would do anything to go with you."

Lily looked at James who was sitting across from her with Sirius, Lupin and Peter. "Are you sure?"

"I am not going to lie to you about something this big," promised Rae. She leaned in closer to Lily. “Come on, Lils.”

"Fine than you ask him," said Lily folding her arms.

"What?" Rae leaned back shocked.

"Ask him if he would go with me."

Muttering cruses to herself, Rae got up and walked across the room to where James was. Putting her hands on the table, she said to James, "Look, Lily isn't going to ask you to Slugghorn's party unless you do, so I want you to tell her that you would like to, got it?" she stated to James with the air of someone trying to get something over with as quickly as possible.

James looked up at Rae. Nodding, he looked at Sirius. "Tell her that I would like to go with her."

"No you tell her!” exclaimed Rae. “She won’t trust me. I keep on telling her that you won’t say no, but she doesn’t believe me!” Rae continued on in a whisper since Lily had turned to look at them. “I’m sick of doing things for the two of you trying to get you two together.”

"Fine." James got up and strode across the class. Sitting down next to Lily, he placed his arm around her and said, "So when are you going to ask me to the Christmas party?"

Turning as red as her hair, Lily looked at James, took his arm off of her shoulder and answered quietly, "James, would you like to go to the Christmas party with me tomorrow night?"

"Sure," replied James. Getting up, he bumped into Rae. Whispering in her ear he hissed, "I don't need you to help me get Lily to ask me to do anything. Got it."

Smiling slyly, Rae sat back down in her seat. “Sure, Potter, I believe that...” she murmured.

"You are a little rash, Rae," muttered Lily.

"I know," responded Rae as Prof. Flitwick came their way.

"Is there a problem?" asked Prof. Flitwick.

"Nothing, just that Lily is too God damned shy for her own good," giggled Rae.

Lily blushed deeply scarlet once again. "You are too bold, Rae, honestly," whispered she once Prof. Flitwick continued on walking.

Lily and Rae turned around when they heard the sound of someone laughing quietly behind them.

"What do you want Snape?" asked Rae sinisterly.

"Nothing," he sneered. "It think the part about Lily being too shy for her own damn good is just total bull.”

“What makes you come to that conclusion?” snapped Rae.

“Don’t get involved, Rae,” whispered Lily.

“I just thought that if Lily was so shy she wouldn't have offered to model for James in the first place,” began Snape. “She also wouldn't have done half the things that she’s done. You really can't say that Lily is shy."

"Severus, please don't," murmured Lily.

"She is shy around guys that are good looking," snapped Rae.

“Rae!” interjected Lily.

Ignoring her friend’s protest, Rae carried on. “That explains why she’s perfectly fine around you.”

"So you are saying that I am ugly," concluded Snape cooly.

"Yeah, I guess I am," laughed Rae.

"Well you aren't much of a good looker your self," retorted Snape.

"At least I can look at Lily and keep both hands on my desk," snapped Rae, crossly.

Snape laughed cruelly. "Why would I do that?”

“I’ve seen you,” jeered Rae.

“Right... I really feel the need to- how did you put it- put one had under the table when I see her.” He laughed again harshly. “Honestly, I would never do something like that. She is such a repulsive little- damn you potter." He turned he head.

James had hit Snape over the head with his textbook. "Don't you even start to say that about Lily, you sick perverted bastard."

Snape stood up, shaking slightly.

“Good move, Potter!” cheered Rae.

“You-” began Snape.

"Don't start," commanded Lily.

"Yeah, Bastard. Snivellus, Lily isn’t on your side now. How-" began James.


Annoyed, James turned to Lily. “Lily, he’s an arsehole. Don’t defend him.”

"I don't care what you think he is, don't say it, two wrongs don't make a right," reprimanded Lily.

Sighing and shaking his head James said, "He was going to call you a you-know-what again. And I really can't see why you defend this sicko. He called you a you-know-what."

"He is human, and-"

James interrupted her. Whispering to her he said, "Stay away from him, please, Lily. He only wants to hurt you."

"Since when did you have the right to say that? Since when have you been able to control who I do and don’t see?" asked Lily.

“I don’t.” James shrugged and walked off.

"I give up!" murmured Prof. Flitwick from the front of the class. "Today you can't seem to listen or sit still.”

“It must be the holidays," reasoned Narcissa loudly, who was sitting in the front of the room.

Must be James, thought Lily.

A/N: Don't own harry Potter or the picture.

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James's Sketch Book: Must Be James


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