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Lily's ABBA obsession by Sweden
Chapter 1 : Lily's Idea
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters I use in this story. They all belong to someone else. I am only burrowing them for a little while and adding some personally things on them… Here’s the story:

Chapter one: Lily’s idea

Maybe you have noticed that James Potter and Lily Evans went to Hogwarts at the seventies? Oh, yes they did.
And maybe you know about a Swedish pop group that were world-famous at that time? Yes that’s correct, I am talking about ABBA. Maybe you also know what ABBA stands for?
I tell you – none of the wizards or witches knew. They thought it stood for: Aggressive-But-Blinding-Acceptable, and that it was a muggle transportable- communication-thing.
One person we all know, love and hate knew what ABBA was. And maybe some other muggleborns. But that person I am talking about is of course Lily Evans. Let me just tell you some basic facts about Lily:
Lily was a seven-year-old school student at Hogwarts. She was a very popular girl. Many boys wished to be her boyfriend. One problem: Lily didn’t want them. Lily was more interest in homework, school itself, her friends and mugglemusic. And what’s wrong with that music type? It’s very understandable that she fancied music from were she came from: the muggles. You and me. Elvis. President Bush… well, I think you got the picture. Lily did not fell for boys in any way. She thought. But don’t get it all wrong; Lily wasn’t an enemy with the boys. She did have many male friends; she just didn’t want to be their girlfriend. Um, I’ll put that in a different way: Lily didn’t want to be anyone’s girlfriend ANYMORE, she actually had had lots of boyfriend, and she had kissed many, but not more than that. She just couldn’t settle down with anyone. It seemed like the thought of Potter unfortunately always showed up in her mind when she was dating someone. She never knew why, but she never told any of her friends about it… Well, I think that’s enough for now, as you all know about the hatred Potter, the Marauders, the teachers, Hogwarts, her sister Petunia... – So I’ll just start with the real story.

Lily had a very variable music taste. But she likes especially the Swedish group ABBA. The songs reminded her often of her own difficult life (it was indeed quite stressful) and the music itself was in her opinion very beautiful. No one seemed to know what she was talking about when the topic showed up in discussions, though.

Lily wanted desperately to change that. Since she had been made Head Girl this year, she had promised herself that the other students would have their own opinion on what their favorite song was, and they would be discussing it when the summer begin to show up from the cold winter. She had a plan for the Christmas. She had planned this for a long time now and she had asked Dumbledore for advice. She was now ready to tell the whole class the news.

At Monday morning, at breakfast, she stood up and clapped her hands for attention. The Griffindors, Hufflepuff and Ravenclawboys went silent immediately as they all were deeply in love with the girl, or just liked her. The rest of the school went also silent – to be polite. Oh, yes, the Slitherin’s too…
“Listen up everyone! I have news. At Christmas eve, there will be a Dance.” At this the whole room exploded in cheers. It took Lily a while to calm them down.
“And,” she continued, “The music we will use is mugglemusic.” Lily could hear people gasp. Over half of the students had never heard any music from any muggles. “It will be ABBA music. More information will be given to you later. Thank you.” She sat down, pleased with herself. She was smiling until someone picked her at the shoulder, and she realized who it was. James smiled his most charming smile and asked The Question; “Evans, Will you go out with me on Christmas Eve?” Lily’s smile faded away. It was typically for James Potter to destroy her pleasures. He always did.
“No, Potter. I rather date a snowman.” She answered rude, got up and marched hastily out of the hall. With no idea how much she had hurt him.

“If you change you mind
On the first dayline.
And if I’m still free
Take a change on me.
If you need me, let me know,
Wanna be around
If you got no place to go
When you’re feeling down.”

Lily hired herself as music DJ – so she didn’t need to go with a partner. She could use her free time to decide which songs she wanted to play at the Dance. She sat in an armchair that day, after class for today was over, and planned the whole thing. She was going to have a blast, she was sure of that. And soon would all the students sing the ABBA-songs out loud at the hallways, she couldn’t wait to December. As she thought these happy thoughts, the Marauders came walking right in the room, looking very cool, as they always did. Too cool to Lily’s taste. James and Sirius chatted happily with each other, with some comments now and then from Remus and some laughs from Peter. James noticed Lily and walked proudly up in front of her. Lily felt her anger raise.
“Lily, there you are! I was wondering where you were.” At this he talked calmly, mature and soft as silk. Most girls couldn’t stand this, but Lily wasn’t a most girl. James continued: “I have an idea to a little twist on your Dance Christmas Eve.” Lily didn’t like the thought of James having ideas. It always followed with trouble.
“WHAT Potter?”

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Lily's ABBA obsession: Lily's Idea


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