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Beyond The Veil by Secret Lily
Chapter 18 : The Veil
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Chapter 18-The Veil

“Draco?” Lucius Malfoy asked in shock.

“Yes, father. It’s me,” Malfoy said. His wand was still outstretched and pointed at his father’s heart.

“I should have known you would cross over to Dumbledore. I have never been more ashamed of you in my life,” hissed Lucius.

“You’re the one who should be ashamed of yourself,” a female voice said.

Ginny, Neville, and Luna appeared through the clearing. Their cheeks were red and their wands were pointed. Professor Dumbledore did not looked surprised at all. He seemed to smirk at the sight of the students.

“Oh, the whole gang’s shown up,” Mr. Malfoy said. Dumbledore surveyed the Death Eaters. He knew Voldemort had brought the cream of the crop.

“Do you really think these students are going to do much good, Dumbledore?” Voldemort spat. He cast his scarlet eyes upon the small army Albus Dumbledore had brought with him. He grinned at the sight of Harry Potter.

“Crucio,” Voldemort hissed, his Death Eaters following suit.

The spell only hit two people. Dumbledore’s Shielding Charm did not cover the entire group.

Harry and Malfoy hit the ground, screaming in pain. Harry felt his legs spring up but his head was still spinning.

He wasn’t aware of what was going on. All he heard before he snapped were the fateful words, “Avada Kadavra,” in all directions.

His vision cleared and he saw a body on the ground. At the sight of long red hair, Harry ran straight into Voldemort. Ginny Weasley was dead.

Lily felt her presence before she had even come through the veil. She walked over with James to the cursed black veil and waited.

Red hair, almost the same shade as Lily’s, was the first thing visible. A frail, scared looking girl appeared. All eyes were now on her. Cho and Lily had tears streaming down their face.

“Mr. Potter? Mrs. Potter?” Ginny asked, recognizing them almost immediately.

James and Lily nodded their heads solemnly.

“What am I doing here?” she asked them.

“We must wait,” Lily said. “Wait until Harry kills Voldemort.”

“Sirius? Cho? Cedric? Professor Lupin? You’re all here?” Ginny asked.

“Yes,” they all said.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Potter,” Ginny said, seeing Lily’s tears. “Everything will be ok. Harry is going to kill him. I can feel it.”

Harry didn’t know what overcame him to forget about magic or his wand. He wanted to hurt Voldemort as badly as he could. He was doing a good job until Voldemort blasted him out of the way with his wand. Harry felt himself being thrown against a tree and wiped the blood from his mouth. He looked around to see Dumbledore dueling with Mr. Malfoy.

Ron and Luna were helping Hermione from the tree and taking the Silencing Charm off of her. Neville was dueling with the Lestrange brothers, miraculously not being blown to pieces.

Malfoy was dueling with Nott, Crabbe, and Goyle, all fathers of his best friends. The three of them were quite stupid so they were no match for Draco.

Harry saw Voldemort laughing. He felt shock in the fact that Dumbledore had stepped aside. Harry knew it was his time. His time to face Voldemort.

“So, Harry, shall we try killing each other with our wands once more?” Voldemort asked. “We both know the outcome will not work. How do you plan on killing me, Harry? You have no powers aside from inside that wand.”

“You don’t know that,” Harry whispered.

“Oh, so there are some powers I don’t know about? You really have been growing up. Mind if I show you a few tricks?” Voldemort asked.

Harry stared, dropping his own wand to the ground. Voldemort followed suit.

The Dark Lord concentrated and started saying some sort of spell Harry had not heard before.

“Mother Slytherin, bestow your powers upon my heart,” he said.

Harry didn’t think it was a spell, he thought it was a calling. He saw flames emerge from Voldemort’s hands. They were dark, captivating flames. Harry felt vibrations in his hands tingling.

“Come on Harry,” Lily said. She stood in front of the veil. She was ready for her own calling.

“Mum, bestow me with your love; your sacrifice,” Harry said. He clenched his fists together.

Lily felt power emerge into her; something that had not happened in sixteen years. She felt it building and building until she sent it off into the veil.

He felt the fire burning in his own hands. He looked down at them and saw the white, penetrating flames.

Voldemort watched, somewhat surprised and somewhat expecting. Harry knew at once that this was the way things had to be.

Everyone had stopped their duel to watch. It was as though they were not on sides anymore. They were all witnesses to the diverse sides. Harry was the good and Tom Riddle was the bad. There was no Malfoy and Dumbledore. There was only awe.

“You ready?” Voldemort asked.

“Are you?” Harry asked, feeling the power build.

The two of them sent power at one another in unison. The two powers were battling, pushing. At the same time, both Voldemort and Harry felt their knees give way. They were pushing, pushing. One of them had to win. The prophecy had to be fulfilled.

“Harry?” a woman’s voice asked.

Harry felt his eyes open and he saw his mum and his dad leaning over him. What had happened? He saw light cascading behind the two figures. He saw Sirius and Ginny. He saw Professor Lupin, and Cho, and Cedric all smiling in the background.

“You killed him, Harry,” James said.

“He’s gone and now we can all live in peace,” Lily said.

“Am I dead?” Harry asked.

“Not anymore,” Lily said. “Not anymore.”

A/N: In case you didn't catch that, Harry died in the end to save the wizarding world. He joined his parents & co., but they were no longer in 'darkness'. Hope that makes sense. This was well written before HBP came out (shortly after OOTP came out, actually). Please review. This story was DEFINITELY not my best, but I liked the idea of the plot in general. Thanks.

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Beyond The Veil: The Veil


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