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Steal My Kisses by MeiQueen
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Story Summary- Lily is an average girl who makes mistakes. One day, she finds herself kissing James Potter…when she has a boyfriend. This is the story of the choices and consequences following that rash decision.


Steal My Kisses
Mei Queen



I sat back against the red velvet of the armchair, overcome with emotion. How in the world could I possibly get across what had happened? How could I tell you? There were no words coming out, and none that I knew could possibly make this situation any better.

My red hair hung in a tangled mess over my right shoulder, as my emerald eyes stared through the window out into the distance, desperately trying to find something to say. But how could I possibly tell you what I was thinking?

I desperately longed, with every fibre of my being, for Potter.

I think I might be sick at this thought, in fact.

But how I could tell you this…how I could tell my boyfriend of a year, my best friend, my confidante, that I lusted after…hell, might even love, another guy…

Is there really any nice way to say it?

And frankly, the more I sunk into the chair, the more I realized that I really did not know how to say it at all. “You were great, Grant, but I need something fantastic?” No, that’s insensitive. “It’s not you, it’s me?” No, too cliché.

I could be here all day just trying to find the words.

But no words were needed this morning. This morning when I had a passionate morning kiss with a boy I’ve always despised. This morning when my stomach went topsy-turvy and my senses felt like they were down in my feet. This morning when…I realized…I never loved you, Grant.

…This morning when I cheated on you.

I don’t even understand what happened, really. One minute I was scolding Potter for use of magic in the hallways, and the next I was being snogged to within an inch of my life. Potter, of course, seemed pretty pleased with himself afterward, but all I have been able to think as I’ve wandered around in this daze is how in the world I’m ever going to fix this mess.

I know that I need to tell you, Grant…but I’m scared. I don’t see a way out of this that doesn’t involve hurting someone, and that very thought scares the life out of me. I’ve never been the confused one. I’m Lily Evans, Head Girl. I’m the girl who you turn to in a crisis; I’m “level-headed Lily”. When did I lose all common sense altogether?

I can’t believe I find Potter attractive.

It seems for me, Lily Evans, nothing ever happens the way it should. The man of my dreams never finds me when I’m single. My friends can never find the right things to say when I’m upset, and I’m doomed to be permanently ineloquent for the rest of my life.

But such is my story. This is the story of a girl who leaves broken hearts in her wake, but is completely aware and pained because of it. This is the story of Lily and hopefully, of James. This isn’t a story of flowers or of childish giddiness…this is the story of reality and the hearts that hurt because of that sad truth.


Author’s Note- Way more to come, but I really couldn’t see a way of starting the chapter after this, so I’ve decided to wait for the chapter until the next update…review and tell me what you think of this idea…I know it’s a little nuts, but we’re all human and we all make mistakes, so I wanted a story that portrayed Lily like a normal person who makes silly choices.

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