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What happens when Americans-- such as my friends and I-- wind up at Hogwarts? by PhoenixTears
Chapter 1 : Introduction
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Disclaimer: I OWN THIS STORY!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! *lawyers run towards her* You silly lawyers, i only said I owned this story! *lawyers move away* *bows to the all mighty J. K. Rowling*

Before I begin, please understand that I will not use anybody's real name for safety reasons. Thank you.

Hazel Phoenix: Me! I am a girl totally obsessed with Harry Potter. I love to read and write, but I also love to have fun. I make people laugh all the time, I'm a tomboy, I swim on a USS swim team, and I play soccer. I have short brown hair and hazel eyes.

Gabriella Ranger: My best friend, with dark blonde hair and blue or brown eyes. Is also obsessed with Harry Potter, is funny, and really nice.

Sherene Drache: A really hyper girl with dark skin (not black, but not white), long brown-black hair, is kind of tomboy, kind of not. Is Molly's best friend.

Molly Mozzy: A girl with frizzy red hair, very strange. Is obsessed with cows, Sponge Bob, and the word "mozzletoff", which she tells me is the "Jewish word for good luck."

Andria Shall: Dark blonde hair, quiet, loves animals

Rosemary Katzen: Dark brown hair, is really annoying, has anger problems, and acts like she owns me. I put up with her

Erin Parenthese: A friend? Maybe for Rosemary, but for the others and myself, I better think about it...

Eric Elmore: A hottie! Is my boyfriend, is soooooo funny, has skin like Sherene's, black hair, and spikes his bangs.

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What happens when Americans-- such as my friends and I-- wind up at Hogwarts?: Introduction


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