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Troubled by Fredslover
Chapter 11 : Worried Mind
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Mornings were a lot easier when you knew that there was someone waiting for you. You'd never been a morning person, and considered people that were to be idiots. Why in the world would someone get themselves up before the sun had even fully risen? If the worlds main source of light wasn't ready to get up, then you sure as hell weren't.

But these days, you found yourself awake shortly after the sun even decided to raise above the mountains that stood in the distance.

The room was dimly lit, with the faintest of light shining in from the window to your right. You'd been lying in your bed for what could have been hours, but were too lost in a dreamy haze to bother looking at the clock. Things seemed far too peaceful to ruin by realizing how lame you were for letting someone get so far under your skin, that you were waking up at ridiculous hours of the morning.

It wasn't just the thought of Ron that was making you anxious. It was his friends, the ones that would be arriving late this morning. The ones that would no doubt be summing you up by your first impression, that you could only hope was a good one. With your luck however, you'd make a complete fool of yourself, doing something stupid, like developing a stutter, or over active sweat glands.

Of course, dwelling on it wasn't getting you anywhere, you knew that. Ron didn't think you were horrid, why should his friends? He'd already assured you that they were descent people, worthy of a fair chance. And you were willing to give them that, you just hoped that they were. It wasn't Harry that you were particularly worried about, although his status may be the slightest bit intimidating. Hermione Granger was your problem. Though she really wasn't a problem yet, and there was a very good possibility that she wouldn't be. Ron had told you that there wasn't anything to worry about, and there was no reason not to trust him.

Sighing, you threw the covers off of your bare legs, and pulled yourself out of bed, and out of the self-induced faze of worry.

It was time to stop worrying so much, and to start being a little more confident in yourself. Or at least act like you were.


" Aren't you going to eat something? " Ron asked, pushing your bowl of cereal a little closer to your chest. He had just finished his second bowl, and was now chomping down fitfully on an apple.

" I told you, I'm not hungry. " You stated, not even looking at the food. Your stomach was in knots, but you were trying very hard not to have Ron catch on. It wasn't working very well to say the least, as you'd never been an excellent liar.

" Okay then. " He muttered, seeming to give up on getting any food in your system. He smirked once, then went about taking another large bite of his apple.

" What? " You asked, noticing the grin that seemed to linger on his mouth. He finished swallowing, and turned to you again.

" Nothing... it's just you look really nervous. " He laughed once, then thought better of it. You groaned, realizing that you'd failed your impossible mission.

" I do? "

" Yes... and I told you that there's no reason to be. " He mentioned, placing the remaining core of his fruit into his empty cereal bowl, which instantly cleared itself. He positioned himself so that he was better accommodated to your own place at the table.

" I have a right to be nervous, I'm not exactly known for my fabulous first impressions. " You argued, taking a reluctant sip from your mug of coffee.

" Can't argue with that, I'll never forget the first time I saw you. " He mused, smiling at the memory. You looked at him quizzically, not being able to remember the first time he'd seemed to realize you existed. The truth was that you'd noticed him long before he'd ever set eyes on you, and it was impossible for you to know when it was he was talking about, but you wouldn't doubt that you'd looked like a complete idiot, as always.

" Fourth year, potions class. We had been making some sort of sleeping droughts, and were split up in groups. You were with some blond girl, who had apparently gone a bit overboard with the ingredients... " He'd stopped explaining at the sight of your face, which was probably looking beet red at the moment.

You remembered the time he was talking about. You'd been partnered with Felicia Juggard, a fellow Ravenclaw, who had just about the same potion skills as youself... which wasn't all that great. She'd went a little ingredient happy, and added too much of something. All you could really remember of that class period was waking up towards the end with dozens of amused looking faces staring at you, all of them huddled around your table.

" I passed out... " You said quietly, feeling the embarrassment of that afternoon coming back to haunt you. He nodded sympathetically.

" Right into the armadillos bile and the crushed bezoar. Who ever knew that skin reacted to it in that way? " He asked unnecessarily, bringing back the memory of running to the hospital wing, your face covered in horribly discolored blotches.

" No wonder you never bothered to speak to me, I looked like the idiot I am. " You groaned again, this time out of disbelief, of your bad luck.

" Says you, " He said not moving until you'd dropped your face into your hands. " Personally, I though it was adorable. If I remember correctly, my own potion knocked Harry out for an hour before Snape finally found the pity to revive him, and that was only because Harry'd developed a rather disgusting fungus on his eyelids... " Ron admitted, running his hand on your arm. You laughed, liking the fact that there didn't seem to be anything you could do to discourage this boy.

" Hey. " His voice had softened noticeably, and you couldn't help but to remove your face from your palms. He was smiling down at you reassuringly, his eyes searching your own.

" Quit worrying about it, everything will fine. " He told you for perhaps the thousandth time. You felt the edge of your mouth twitch slightly, almost smiling back at him.

Someone walked past the two of you briskly, dull clicking sounds of a woman's shoe fading to your right. You looked to see Professor McGonagall striding out of the Great Hall doors. The rest of the staff were rising from their table as well, looking as though their intentions were the same as the older woman's.

" I'll bet they're here already. " Ron said, looking excited about the fact. He had obviously missed his friends, of course he had. You didn't think you'd ever seen the three of them a part since you'd know them. This only made you all the more ill feeling. You had accept and be accepted... your relationship with Ron depended on it.

You stood up along side him, and held on tightly as he laced his fingers through yours.

The front doors of the castle stood ajar, and into the short distance stood dozens apon dozens of horseless carriages, each holding a group of returning students. One holding the two people that could very well make or break the first real thing you'd ever had with a guy, especially one as great as Ronald Weasley.

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