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Revelations by Bellamybabe
Chapter 12 : Crash Course and Boggarts
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Chapter Twelve: The Crash Course and the Boggart

“What do you mean Harry?” Sirius asked. Dumbledore looked curiously at Harry. Harry avoided his eyes, looking at the ground.

“Voldemort… he was whispering in my head.” Harry said softly. Dumbledore stood up and ordered everyone but members of the Order out of the Hall. Sirius remained kneeling on the floor with his hands clasping Harry’s upper arms affectionately. Sirius saw how thin Harry still was. He guided him to the table and pulled his plate over and placed it before Harry, urging him to eat.

“What did he say Harry?” Dumbledore asked sitting in a chair opposite the pale boy. He studied him, mostly his eyes, as did Severus behind him, and noticed the youthfulness that was glowing faintly in. ‘Too young, much too young.’ Albus thought as he saw the cuts and looked at the bags Sirius banished.

“He was saying stuff like how you can’t protect someone who doesn’t even exist; someone who wasn’t even born. Is he hinting at something, at someone in limbo, or something like that?”

“His exact words Harry?”

“He said how you can protect me if I don’t exist. He also said how can I battle him if I am not even born… what does he mean? I was born… hence, my current presence…”

Albus went into deep thought as Sirius sat beside Harry and placed a hand upon his shoulder. He watched thankfully, as Harry ate eagerly. He smiled at his godson, happy he came to him for help. “Hungry there, Harry?”

“I didn’t have much money what with bill’s before… food was rare. The drugs took away the hunger.” Harry said with a simple shrug. Minerva looked pained at that. Harry apologised before taking a good gulp from his goblet.

“Have you figured the cryptic threat, Albus?” Remus asked noticing that Albus was looking at Harry interestingly.

“I need you and Sirius to teach him as many defensive spells and charms, anything to help him survive. I will explain later, Severus I need to ask something off you.” With that, the aging man left with Severus in toe. They left the great hall, the door closing with a boom behind him.

“Well come on Harry. Let’s train you up.” Sirius said as Harry finished with a slice of chocolate fudge cake.

The teachers that were present marvelled at how quickly Harry picked up the spells from Alohamora to Impedimedia (a sixth year freezing spell). Minerva smiled as he achieved and pass man transfiguration spells within the first two tries. Albus returned silently. He watched as Harry transfigured a few rocks into a weapon.

“Now if you ever face a Slytherin, and knowing you’ll get into Gryffindor, you will face many, they will try the typical serpent calling spell. Let’s see what spell you’ll use against it. Serpensorsia”

A serpent erupted from Sirius’ wand with a soft bang. Harry took a step back. He looked at the serpent, thinking which spell to use but keeping his eyes upon the slithering snake.

What is this, fresh meat?” Harry blinked at the snake, believing it was in his head.

“What did you say?” Harry asked not noticing the paling godfather or the shocked look on Minerva.

Ah, a snake-talker, haven’t meet one in ages. What’s your name boy?”

The snake vanished in a burst of flame. Harry blinked again and looked at his down cast wand. He frowned and looked up at Sirius’ face. He looked questionably at him then looked around.

“How…” Sirius said.

“Now, Sirius; Voldemort is a parselmouth, this is probably a cast off of his. He undoubtedly passed some of his powers to Harry.” Albus said patting Sirius.

“Now how far along is Harry with his spelling?” Albus asked.

“Up to sixth year, I was going to get a Boggart for him to try against.” Remus said smiling at Harry. Sirius was gulping down a drink and smiled at Harry though still a little shook up.

“Ah, there is one in the wardrobe of the staff room.” Sprout said simply smiling. Remus thanked her before going off to fetch it.

“Now a Boggart is well, dark.” Remus said after he levitated the wardrobe before a curious Harry. “No one knows what it looks like because the second it senses a wizard or witch it turns immediately to its worst fear. Now, are you comfortable with this?”

Harry shook his head and took a step back.

“Harry, everyone has their fears. Guess what Padfoot is afraid off?” Remus said with a smile as Severus entered looking a little dishevelled in the back.

“Moony!” Sirius ground out warningly.

“What?” Harry asked.

“Birds.” Remus said.

“As in girls or the wing kind?”

“Not muggle kind, the wizarding kind; can be quite scary.” Remus said obviously exaggerating. Severus was laughing to himself.

“They are scary…” Sirius tried to explain but only exceeded in making Severus laugh harder, he was crouched over a chair laughing. Several other teachers were laughing silently. But their shaking shoulders were enough.

“Ready to give it ago. Remember, think of something funny and say Ridickulus. Clear?”

Harry nodded worriedly. He grasped his wand with his sweating palm. He knew the second Remus said ‘worst fear’ what his was. He gulped and took a step back. He wanted the snake back. He read about Basilisks, he wished he could face one instead of what was coming. Remus began counting down from three.

“I'm sorry, I can’t do this.” Harry said before turning and leaving the hall. He ran from the castle and out onto the grounds. He saw a hut and smoke rising from it. He smiled before heading towards it before a chilling breeze picked up.

“I wonder what his Boggart is if he can’t even think of standing against it.” Remus said thoughtfully as the door closed behind him.

“Well, maybe death eaters?” Sirius suggested. “After everything he has experience with them.”

“No… I don’t think so. A worst fear is something personal… almost… something only they fear…” Remus supplied before following out. A fearful cold swept over them. “Dementors? Harry…” He called running with Sirius close behind them.

They stopped. Harry was curled up on the floor… hugging himself. His eyes blank and distant; he was muttering silently also.

Remus called the Patronus Charm before rushing after Sirius towards Harry. He pulled Harry close and held him tightly. He was still absent of emotion but was gripping his shirt fearing what might happen if he let go.

“Harry?” Sirius asked, whispering so he wouldn’t scare his young charge. He kissed the top of his forehead. Albus smiled on and guilt rose again. He was so wrong to separate them.

“Yes?” Harry replied after several calls of his names. He looked at him questionably.

“Are you ready to face your Boggart?”

Harry immediately began to furiously shake his head. He pulled away from Sirius, trying to run off again but Sirius held onto him tightly.

“I do not want to force you to do something you do not want to… but if you face this… there is nothing, and I mean, nothing that will scare you again.”

Harry looked doubtfully at Sirius at that remark but allowed him to stir him to the Great Hall. Albus sat down as did the other teachers. They sat off to the side. Remus was standing on one side and Sirius on the other.

“Remember, Ridickulus… we will stop it if you can’t go on. I promise.” Remus said seriously. He opened the door and stood back. Nothing happened until Pop… a large beefy man with no neck stepped out looking purple faced and furious. His fists were clutched tightly; nails digging into his palms. He was glaring at Harry. Remus and Sirius stood still in shock. ‘Who was this man and why was Harry so scared off him?’ They both thought simultaneously. Minerva stood up as did Albus.

The large man was advancing upon the young teenager. He growled slightly. Harry took a step back his eyes fearfully looking at the large man. He took another step back. His wand slipped from his sweating finger tips and fell to the floor in a clatter. That shook Remus from his froze nature.

“You little Freak… worthless… we cloth you, feed you and this is how you repay us…” the large man snapped at him. Harry turned to leave, as he did a faint pop sounded and Sirius turned him around pulling him into a strong hug. Harry gripped him tightly crying openly. Sirius muttered apologies and rubbed his back, silently cursing himself for making Harry have such a frightful past.

“You are safe and never have to see him ever again. I promise that.” Sirius whispered to Harry as he kept him protectively close. “Never again!”


A/N: I know, a little short... well the next chapter is really the beginning of the story... i hope so anyways... enjoy, review and i'll hopefully ahve the next chapter up for you by monday. (as in posted not validated) Bellamybabe

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Revelations: Crash Course and Boggarts


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