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how to get 10 guys to dump u in 10 days by hothits
Chapter 1 : day one
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well this will only be at least 11 chapters long
its going to be funny depends what you think
Hermione was nervous, she was planted with a assigment. One she couldnt stand. It was more horrible than death. Mrs Mugonagal had asked her to get a... a... BOYFRIEND. Hermione was crying, crying because she was ugly and she had to dump this certain guy in 10 days.

Let's start at the Begining

"Hermione Granger" Proffeser Mugonagal yelled as they left the classroom. "i have a assigment for you" "what is it Proffeser?" Hermione asked sugestfuly. Proffeser Mugonagal screamed and fell off her chair. She hopped and smiled slightly. "you will get a boyfriend Miss granger" She said. Hermione screamed. "NO Proffeser, ill do anything, please anything just dont make me do that" Hermione cried while gripping Mrs Mugonagals dress. Mrs Mugonagal pushed Hermione away with her toe. "please Miss Granger contain your self" she said her face red. "you will do this wheter you want to or not" Hermione wipped her eyes and sighed. "now you will get a new boyfriend every day and in that day you will have to get him to dump you by acting really strangly" Hermione nodded. "ok your first bf will be SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS" Mrs mugangal yelled. A yellow sponge came out and hugged Hermione. Hermione shock her head. "are you serious" Hermione said laughing. "Hermione im Spongebob hahahahha" he said laughing high pitched. "and were going to go out hahahahaha" Mrs Mugonagal sighed "fine feed him to the lions" she said. "and im going to get feed to the lions hahahahaha" Spongebob said as he was dragged out. "ok your first date is Draco Malfoy" Mrs Mugonagal said as a tall blonde came out. Hermione gsped and ran to hug Malfoy. "ok go and plan your dumping, hurry up" Mrs Muagonagal yelled.

Hermione skipped to her common room (yes skipped) and said the password "Karma Sutra" then headed into her common room. "Hermione are you ok" Harry said. "im fine Harry" "well i though you were going to die" he said "i had planned a cellebration party, i mean funeral" Hermione rolled her eyes and ran upstairs to plan her dumping.

"hey Hermione what are we going to do today" Draco asked causally outside Potions. "um were going to watch birds peck out peoples eyes" Hermione said. Draco grinned "my kind of date" Hermione ran off to be sick. "whats been up your butt" Moaning Myrtle asked laughing as Hermione was sick in the toilet. "only Harry and a ruler" she said. Moaning myrtle flew off sobbing.

"i have to get him to dump me, but how" "Hey Malfoy, i thught we could have a foursome with Ron and Harry" she yelled. "really? about time you asked ive been getting horny waiting" he yelled and ran off to get ready. Hermione screamed in frustration.

Hermione knew it was no use, draco would never dump her. She decided to get help from the queen of being dumped. Pansy Parkinson.

"well its simple" Pansy said "draco hates me, be me" "youre right" Hermione said "ill turn myslef into you and hell dump me for sure" Hermione ran to her common room and performed the spell.

Draco saw Pansy heading towards him. "so Draco how are we, do you want me more" Hermione said as Parkinson. "oh hell no youre so dumped" Draco roared then he strutted of carying a purse and mummmbling to himself.

"i did it Muganagal who is my new date" hermione said. "wait until tomorow my firend until tomorow"
What do ya think, i thought youcould sugest guys for the next chapter in your reveiws
the next chapter will be better (i hope)

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how to get 10 guys to dump u in 10 days: day one


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