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Scarlet Rhapsody by CallingMidnight
Chapter 14 : Whatever It Takes
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When Henna had run up the steps to the girl’s dormitory, late that night of the sorting, she had went up to screams of delight. Lily was more ecstatic than either of the two other girls, but Colleen had seemed a little down, though she had obviously tried to hide it. Later that night, Henna was also sure that she had heard Colleen get up and go downstairs in the middle of the night. Her curiosity had begged her to follow, but her respect for Colleen’s privacy had won out in the end.

The next morning, classes were as she had expected. Difficult. That didn’t dissuade her much, however, as she still had tutoring sessions with Remus to look forward to everyday. They went well enough, and she still managed to keep her secret about being a vampire. Though she found it more and more difficult, as she was growing fonder and fonder of him. Guilt laid heavily on her, as she became more aware of the fact that he had confided in her, yet she had kept him in the dark.

Something else to distract her, was the fact that Colleen and Sirius had obviously gotten over their differences. The two never left the other’s side, and Lily had even walked in on a snogging session as she went to retrieve something out of a closet on the fourth floor. She had claimed she was getting cleaning supplies, being Head Girl, but Henna felt sure Lily was making sure that the rumors about Colleen and Sirius were true.

Slowly passed the week, and Henna found herself slowly being drained of energy. She hadn’t eaten in weeks, and now, on Friday of the first week of school, she was having great difficulties thinking of anything other than food.

“Now, you need to hold your wand a little higher,” Remus was currently saying, though his voice seemed blurry to Henna’s ears. She was sweating profusely, and her teeth ached. She was so hungry. She raised her wand a little higher, just to keep Remus from stopping the lesson and noticing her great fatigue, to put it lightly. Her eyes began to lose their abilities, and she couldn’t see color anymore. All in all, she thought, things were going just as she had expected; Classes were fun but difficult, the people were friendly but irritating, and meal-times were nothing short of torture. The only thing that kept Henna from going completely insane and jumping from a tower window was Remus....

“Henna?” the subject of her thoughts asked, putting a hand on her shoulder. His eyes dripped with concern, and she yearned to tell him.

“I’m not feeling too well,” she admitted, slouched over and panting. Remus frowned, his eyes ablaze.

“You’re so pale,” he observed. He really hadn’t noticed how dreadful she was looking until just now. She looked ready to faint. Chills went up and down his spine. “I’m taking you to the hospital wing,” he said firmly. She began to tremble. You’re such an idiot! she said to herself. How could you let yourself get this way? You knew it was dangerous.

“No...” she said, firmly. She began to push his arms weakly off her. Coherent thoughts were the last thing on her mind. “Just leave me alone...”

“No way!” Remus said. “There is obviously something wrong with you.” His eyes showed the first signs of fear...would she be alright? She muttered something, but he could barely understand her. Her eyes lolled around in her head. Remus finally gave up on trying to get her cooperation and swung her into his arms. It was a mark of just how sick she was, because she didn’t even object.

Henna was completely focused on the fact that a man was so near her. Holding her in fact. He was human.... All she had to do was sink her teeth into him, drink...drink... Her teeth elongated once again. She clenched them back in, screwing up her face. “Stop it...” she said to herself. “It’s Remus...”

“That’s right,” Remus said, looking terrified now. He had no idea what was going on in her mind. But he was halfway to the hospital wing now. “And everything...”

“Take me to the grounds!” Henna yelled then, interrupting his soft whisper.

“Are you...”

“TAKE ME TO THE GROUNDS!” she screamed in his face, and he thought for sure she had fangs. It must have been his imagination. Remus shook his head again.

“I don’t know what you think is on the grounds, but I know it won’t help you,” Remus said. She wasn’t in her right mind. Henna knew this too. She chewed on the side of her cheek, trying so desperately to control herself. Then her black eyes spotted something scuttling along the floor. She flew out of Remus’ arms immediately. It was a rat! Remus was so surprised he didn’t try and stop her. Instead she watched as she pounced on the ground and scrambled across the floor in a wild frenzy. Her prey seemed to be a rodent that was scurrying away rapidly.

Before he knew what was happening, Remus watched in horror as Henna, his fellow student, sank her teeth into the creature and began to drink its blood. The entire world seemed to freeze upon him. Henna...the girl he had come to love...was drinking the blood from that animal....

“Vampire...” Remus whispered in astonishment. “The whole time...that’s your secret...”

“GET OFF ME!” came a new yell, and Remus’ eyes widened even further as the rat Henna had been killing turned into Peter. He shoved Henna away roughly, and she slammed back into the rock wall. She was breathing hard, and had Peter’s blood dribbling down her chin. It was difficult to see who looked more terrified, Peter or Henna.

“Peter...” Henna gasped, her eyes wide. He scuttled away furiously.

“You! You! Disgusting! What are you doing?! STAY AWAY!” he yelled, crying now. Henna looked up at Remus, some of the life restored to her. Peter was looking very pale now, and Remus wondered how much blood Henna had managed to get from his friend.

“I’m sorry...” she was stuttering. “I didn’t know...” Henna stood up, and, not knowing what else to do, tried to make a run for it. Remus was quicker. He grabbed her around the middle and hauled her up against him.

“Let me go!” she screamed.

“I’m not going to let you run away from this!” Remus said, sounding more furious than he ever had in his life. “I need answers.”

“I will scream as loud as I can,” Henna said. “I’ll wake the entire school!” Remus donned an expression she had never seen him wear before. He was more upset than she’d ever seen.

“You’ve been keeping this secret from me! I told you my secret, and yet you STILL didn’t tell me! You’ve just been using me! You’ve been toying with my feelings! Well I’m sick of it! Go ahead and scream! Scream your damn lungs out for all I care!” Remus said, shaking her shoulders. “I thought you cared for me, but now I see it’s all been a lie.”

“ hasn’t,” Henna said, her lifeless heart breaking. She saw Remus’ eyes grow red with tears.

“I thought you loved me,” he whispered.

“I knew this would happen if you found out. You think I’m some horrible monster, and see how upset you are?! I knew you’d hate me after you found out! Don’t you see that’s why I hid it from you?” Henna said, trying to make him understand.

“No. You’ve got everything wrong. You were wrong about me, you were wrong about who I am. If you think that the reason I’m angry is because you’re a vampire, then you’ve got a lot to learn about me still.” He wiped the tears from his face. “All I wanted was your trust...”

“Vampire?” Peter gasped, clutching at his throat, where two little bite marks remained.

“Shut up, Peter!” Remus yelled, causing the boy to cower. Then he turned back to Henna. “I spilled my heart to you! I gave you all I had to offer, and you threw it in my face. You kept secrets from me when I told you every little aspect of my life.”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. He closed his heart from her...something he’d never done.

“Me too,” he muttered, and turned his back on her.

“Don’t leave me,” she whispered, her face showing signs of insane misery. Remus turned back, the picture of melancholy. His eyes looked toward the ground in agony. He seemed to be considering something, forcing himself to say something. It was then that henna realized the true meaning of this encounter. She’d lost him. She saw it in his eyes, and felt it reverberating in her chest. “Don’t leave me...” she whispered again, this time so softly she barely heard it. He looked up then, showing that he’d heard.

“How can I leave what was never there?” he asked, and he turned around, walking away. Leaving her standing there. Alone. Forever.

Henna walked calmly into an empty classroom and focused on closing the door. Once inside and alone, she did something she hadn’t done in years. She began to cry. Not simple tears, but huge, body-wracking sobs. She dropped to the floor and buried her head, letting out wails of such misery, one might have thought Remus had died. But he had, she thought. He was dead to her now, and he would never return. She had blown it. He had given her everything; freedom, confidence, and most of all, the ability to love. Not love like she’d shared with Derek, but the kind of love that only she and Remus had.

She didn’t know how long she sat in the classroom, laying on the floor, crying her eyes out. And it didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered to her now was that she had lost the only person she had ever really cared about.

“Now now, kitten,” said a slick, pitying voice. “What’s wrong?” Henna’s head snapped up and fear like she hadn’t felt in years consumed her. No...she was just having a couldn’t really be....

“Derek?” she whispered in terror. Her eyes flitted upwards, and she saw his tall figure towering over her. His long black hair swayed about his shoulders, and she felt even more tears welling up within her. He got down on his knees and pulled her forcefully onto his lap. “Get off...”

“Shhhh...” he said softly, while putting a hand firmly over her mouth. “I’ve missed you,” he murmured sweetly. Henna struggled madly, but he held her easily in place.

“Let go,” she tried to scream. All she wanted now was Remus. She imagined him bursting in to her rescue, but that didn’t happen. Instead Derek cradled her, nuzzling his lips against her neck. He ran his sharpened teeth across her ivory skin, though he made no cuts.

“I need your help, kitten,” he said, now licking his way up to her ear. “You’re going to make me...human. And then...we can be together like we used to be. What say you to that, my love?”

Henna’s answer involved no words, though it couldn’t have been plainer. She sank her teeth into his hand. He let out an expletive and jerked his hand away, cursing up a storm. He raised up his uninjured hand and slapped her as hard as he could across the face. Henna’s head snapped to the side, and she saw small little white spots for quite some time. Now her mouth was free, however.

“REMUS! SOMEBODY! HELP!” she wailed, jumping to her feet, and running to the door.

“You little bitch!” Derek yelled, and he tackled her to the ground before she could grasp the doorhandle. She kicked and punched and scratched, but in the end, she ended up the battered one. “You’re nothing! How can you think to defy me!?”

“I’m not your play-thing anymore! I’ve learned better!” Henna yelled furiously. “Somebody has taught me that I’m worth more than a hundred of you!” Derek, who had her pinned to the ground, bared his teeth. His eyes grew from dark-green to acid-black.

“You’ve been unfaithful to me. I can smell it on you! You’re in love with another... I’ll kill whoever it is!” he said, and let out a narrow sigh. “Tell me who!!”

For once Henna was silent. She glared up at him. Derek hit her hard again.

“WHO!” he screamed. Her face throbbed, yet she stayed quiet. Derek leapt off her with a roar and grabbed a chair. He slammed it furiously onto the ground, and Henna winced. Now he had a broken chair-leg in his hand as he came back to her. Ripping her from the ground he held the sharp wood to her chest. Backing into the wall, she still refused to speak. “Either you tell me or I send you straight to hell. Who is he...”

“He’s ME!” roared a voice from behind Derek. He didn’t have time to turn around, however, as Remus had already slammed his fist into the side of his face. Henna stared in shock, and saw Peter huddling in the corner. Her heart skidded to a relieved halt. Peter...she had forgotten all about him! He must have heard the whole thing from outside....

Remus’ heart beat a furious tattoo onto the inside of his throat as he stared at the man he’d learned to hate so much. This had to be Derek. The long-haired, sallow-skinned brute was a horrid sight, but Remus was transfixed. He’d always seen James and Sirius get into fights such as these, but he’d always watched. Often he had wondered if he had it in him to act so brutally. But now, as his eyes darted to the terrified face of Henna, he knew he did. He would have no problem whatsoever with killing this bastard. He moved for his wand.

“Remus, no!” Henna screamed. “He’s a vampire too!” Remus didn’t even blink. He had suspected as much. He assumed this was the man that had turned Henna, and that made him even more furious. He slowly stopped going for his wand, realizing that it would be no use to him, unless he planned to stick that through the man’s heart.

“So...” Derek said smoothly. “You’re the one that’s been lying to my little kitten.” He gave a sharp laugh. “Telling her she’s...worthy...” Remus wasn’t in the mood for talking, and instead focused on the wooden steak in the creature’s hand. If only he could get his own hands on it... “When really she’s just a weak little nothing.”

Remus’ eyes snapped from soft brown to hard black in an instant. So this was why Henna thought so little of herself. This was why she trusted nobody. He forgot about keeping himself safe, and everything in the room, other than Henna. She was all that mattered, and right now Derek was in his way. He would have to die. He lunged at the vampire, and they collided, falling to the floor. Henna’s eyes widened. She had never seen Remus fight somebody before, and now that she had, she was thoroughly impressed. He threw well-aimed punches, and his strength was incredible.

His muscles bulged through his shirt, which was now dripping with sweat. His hair flung about his rock-hard face, and he looked capable of anything. It wasn’t an easy fight, however, as Derek not only had more practice in fighting than Remus, but he was the one with a weapon. Twice Remus was nearly speared with the long wooden spike.

“You’re not bad. You have courage,” Derek panted, moving away from his opponent.

“It’s not so hard to risk everything when you have nothing,” Remus said icily.

“You have me!” Henna screamed furiously. Remus gave a wry grin.

“Yeah...I thought that for awhile too,” he said. Henna glared. Well, he certainly hadn’t forgiven her. But why then was he fighting on her behalf? She watched as Remus leapt across the floor, grabbing up his own piece of the broken chair. Now they were equally matched. Remus went to stand in front of Henna.

“I love you,” she said softly, and it was the only thing that could have baffled Remus. She had never said that before. Never! He felt the wind leave his lungs, and he wanted nothing more than to take her into his arms and kiss her senseless. Though he didn’t look at her, he instead kept his eyes completely focused on Derek.

For a moment, she thought he might completely ignore her confession, which nearly sent her to the ground in despair. She had never said that to anybody. Not even Derek. Then he did something completely unexpected, he turned in a split-second and looked faint with awe.

“I’ve always loved you,” he whispered, but it was quickly followed by a fiery yell as Derek’s face flamed with jealousy. His arm was raised high as he ran towards Remus, preparing to stick the wood through him. Remus headed off the attack by turning back around swiftly and knocking the wood to the side with his arm and slamming his elbow into Derek’s chin. Derek, surprised, stumbled backwards.

Remus felt relief, thinking that he’d won, but as Derek fell, he made a wise move. He kicked his leg around, and it collided with the back of Remus’ knee. Remus fell hard, slamming to the ground on his back. In seconds Derek took the opportunity and got to his feet. He smiled viciously, and pointed the wood at Remus’ throat. “What a pity...”

“NO!” Henna’s yell came from nowhere, as she slammed sideways into Derek. They both crashed to the ground, leaving Remus to realize that she had just saved his life. She really does care.... This thought was blown from his mind as she let out a mangled cry. He leapt to his feet, only to find Derek with the wooden steak pressed to Henna’s heart for the second time that night.

“Take one step and I will do away with her,” Derek said firmly. Henna’s face was wet with tears. This was such a powerful realization to Remus, he could only stand there. Henna was crying...for him? His heart broke into a thousand pieces, as he knew he was the cause. Derek gave a slow laugh. “Say goodbye forever, kitten.” And with a last, evil smile, the two vanished.

“HENNA!” Remus screamed, running to the spot where she had once stood. Vanished! How? You can’t apparate inside Hogwarts! But...they are vampires.... His heart crumbled.

“I’m sorry, Remus,” Peter said from a corner, but Remus didn’t hear him. He had completely forgotten his presence, and didn’t even have the emotion to realize that Peter had done nothing whatsoever to help during the fight. “What are you going to do now?”

“Find her. No matter what it takes, now matter what I have to do, I will get her back,” Remus hissed his promise, shaking from head to foot as he continued to stare at the spot where his everything had been standing. Henna. The look on her face as she watched him would be tattooed onto his memory for the rest of his life.

“What?” Peter asked, astonished. Remus turned to him, his emotions barely in check. He wanted to rage and rant, but he knew that wouldn’t help Henna. Instead he remained calm.

“I’m going to find her. Are you coming?” he said in a barely contained whisper. It was worse than yelling. Peter shuffled his feet.

“I...I dunno...” he muttered. Remus gave a curt nod, needing no further answer. Without saying anything, he brushed by his would-be-friend. “ could get killed! Why are you doing this?!”

Remus looked pityingly at the boy, shaking his head. He honestly didn’t understand.

A/N: And so ends the chapter! The story is nearly finished, yes you can start your crying now! lol, just kidding. What will happen? Will they be able to defeat Derek? Well, you're just going to have to wait until next chapter=) So drop me a review with your thoughts=)

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