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James's Sketch Book by Houlestar
Chapter 9 : Just a crush...
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chapter 9

A/N: There is a gap of time in-between the last chapter and this one. This takes place in mid december.

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Lily stood at the window of the girlsís dormitory. She sighed as she watched the snow fall to the ground. In just a few days term would end and she would be going home to her family. For some strange, unexplainable reason that she did not grasp, she did not want to go home. This was the first time in her life that she had not looked forward to spending time with her family. She actually wanted to stay and get to see James.

The thought of not being able to spend her time with James was almost devastating. It was odd how less than a year ago, she had thought that he was an arrogant bully. But now, well, she didn't know quite what she thought about him. She would often find herself laughing at his many jokes and pranks. She smiled more often when he was around, and found herself missing him when he wasn't.

Rae kept on saying that she was in love, but Lily herself didn't quite know what was going on. Sure she liked him, but as a friend. It had to be far from love.

No, wait, maybe a little bit more, she thought. But it is just a crush, a healthy, normal crush. Nothing more, nothing less. It is normal, okay. But I don't want to do anything about it, Iím not bold, like Rae.

She felt herself smiling at the thought of in a few hours she would be seeing James again at dinner, even though she could go see him now. After all, he was in the common room, but she felt as if that would be too obvious.

"Hey, Lil," said Rae as she came into the dorm, and put her textbooks on her bed. "Why are you staring off into space like that? Are you okay, or something eating you up. It isn't the Snorglewanger? They often do stuff like that to people."

Lily rolled her eyes at her friends ability to believe stupid things like that. "No... it is not that."

"Must be James," concluded Rae matter of factly, as if she knew everything about Lily and could do something like that, just spew the truth out into the open.

"Er... sort of," admitted Lily, not sure how this conversation was going. "I was just thinking about him, you know. I think that heís gotten pretty grown up and well, you know. I just, um-"

"I know you like him, itís obvious. So don't try to cover it up," Rae started to pull her hair back into a pony tail. "I bet that everyone knows it too. And we all know that he likes you."

"Rae-" groaned Lily rolling her eyes.

"So why don't you ask him to Slugghorn's Christmas party? Adam is taking me, even though Iím not special enough to be a member.Ē She sighed loudly. After awhile, she snapped back into what she had been talking about and suggested it again, ďSo why don't you ask James, it could be fun."

Lily's face turned crimson. "Er, no."

"Why not?"

"I don't want to go out in the open about how I feel for him. And anyway, I don't want to go out with him, I just have a sort of crush, thatís all." She shrugged her shoulders. ďAnd I donít want to ruin the friendship that we have now.Ē

"Sure..." said Rae, rolling her eyes. "Lily, we all know, Sirius, Remus and I that is. We all know that both you and him like each other. Youíre made for one another. And he gets all... mad around you, and you can't stop smiling. I know that you like him, and everyone knows that he likes you. Why don't you put our minds at ease and just go out with him?"

"Shut up, Rae!" shouted Lily. She didn't know why she was suddenly upset. She had no clue why she was suddenly running out of the dorms, and went out into the common room. Going out of the portrait hole, Lily sighed.

What was that? she thought. I need to do something about my moods.


James looked at Sirius. "Did you hear that?" They were walking along the halls after being bored nearly to tears from Remus going on about how they had to study more for the N.E.W.Ts that they would have to take later on in the year. 'not that it matters for him, he really won't be able to do much once people find out about his problem' James had said to Sirius once they left the common room.

"Hear what?" asked Sirius, looking at James, who had stopped suddenly.

It was the sweet, yet sad song again. It was so beautiful that it overwhelmed James just to hear it. He felt light as he explain to Sirius, "That music."

Sirius paused and listen for a second, trying to hear it. After about three seconds his fine-tuned ears picked up the soft melody. "Sounds like a violin," he deduced. "I have heard it before."

"Do you know who plays it?" James asked.

"No. I don't even know what the piece is, probably some Muggle composer, Buck or Mofart... I forget. Itís never the same."

"Must be a Gryffindor," said James thinking deeply.

ďWhy do you say that?"

"Why would anyone else come up here?" asked James.

"Good point. Hey, where are you going?"

"I am going to try to find out who it is," called James to Sirius over his shoulder as he ran to the next passageway. "It seems to be coming from here."

Sirius bounded after James. "No," interjected Sirius. "It is coming from over here." Sirius pointed to a hall way that no one really went down anymore, and James himself had never been, he really never noticed it before. And indeed the music was coming from there.

"How did you know about this place?" James asked.

"Stephanie and I came here to make out last year before she went off with Stebbins," explained Sirius.

"It stopped," said James mournfully as the last notes of the bittersweet melody ended.

"Oh," said Sirius. "Maybe he'll come this way."

For ten minutes they waited, but nobody came their way, and they gave up and went back to the dorms to meet Remus for dinner.

A/N; Don't own Harry Potter or the picture.

Sorry for the wait. I hope to have the next chapter out sooner. Please review. thanks.

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