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Hogwarts Wicca by Wildmage
Chapter 1 : Wicca Introduction
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I do not own any of the characters, plot, or places in the story. I only own the changes I made.
The Wicca series belongs to Cate Tiernan. She wrote it. I just copied her.
The characters belong to J K Rowling, except for Mary K, Selene Belltower, Sky Eventide, Maeve Riordan, Angus Bramson, Ciaran, Raven Meltzer and Hunter Niall. I also used the first names of Morgan's parents for Hermione's.
No money is being made. Wish I was making money. I am flat out broke.
All Wiccan terms are correct, I think. If they aren't, it's not my fault. I just copied from the books.

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Hogwarts Wicca: Wicca Introduction


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