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Erin by HPsmartone32
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3: Outings
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TND (The New DragonGirl) DREW THAT! WEll she drew something even awesomer but i had to edit it down to that.

Chapter 3: Outings

“Erin,” Hermione called from Ginny’s kitchen.

“Yeah?” a skinny blonde girl walked into the room followed by a giggling redhead. Erin was smiling, and Hermione couldn’t help but do the same.

“Come on, we are going to buy you some clothes,” Hermione said.

“Me?” Erin asked astonished.

“Yeah, you can’t go around wearing pillowcases and old t-shirts if I have anything to say about it.”

“Do we have to do that thing again?” Erin asked and Hermione knew that she was referring to apparating.

“No, we’ll go by floo powder. If it’s okay with you, Gin?” Hermione looked at Ginny.

“Yeah, go right ahead,” Ginny said, “Oh and Hermione?”

“Yeah?” Ginny walked over and handed Hermione five golden coins.

“Buy her something nice.” Hermione smiled, she had every intention of doing so.

“Okay, Erin, come here,” Hermione picked up the little girl and noticed that she wasn’t 10 pounds more that Jami. Erin winced.

“Oh, sorry,” Hermione moved her hands so that Erin was in a position that didn’t interfere with any of her bruises. Erin looked up at Hermione with her blue eyes and smiled a crooked smile.

“WE are gonna spin really fast, ok?” Hermione warned.

“Ok,” Erin replied and tightened her grip around Hermione’s neck. Hermione threw the powder into the fire and when it turned green, Erin gasped as they walked in.

“Weasley Wizard Wheezes!” She said loud and clear and they began to spin. A few seconds later Hermione walked out of the fireplace and looked down to see if Erin was okay.

“Whoa,” was all the little girl said. Hermione laughed and walked out of the store, she didn’t want to answer the questions that Fred and George would ask if they saw Erin.

“Are you hungry? I sure am,” Hermione said and looked down Diagon Alley to see which restaurant that she wanted to go to, for some reason she realized that she had been especially hungry lately.

“Yeah,” Erin answered as Hermione set her down gently.

“Let’s go to the new restaurant down the road a little they have great food,” Hermione said and they started to the left. They had been walking for a few seconds when Hermione felt Erin slip her hand into hers. She looked down and saw that Erin was looking around in wonder and smiled, she was really starting to love Erin.

“Hi, my name is Deanna and I will be serving you today.” Announced a short plump waitress.

“Er.. I’ll have the Bangers and Mash with some Pumpkin juice.” Hermione told her.

“And what for—oh! How old is you daughter?” the waitress asked when she noticed little Erin.

“Oh, she’s not my-"

“I’m four,” Erin cut in. ‘FOUR! She barely looked three!’ Hermione thought shocked.

“Oh you sure are a cutie!” the waitress exclaimed, “What do you want?”

“I don’t know,” Erin said shyly looking down at the table.

“She’ll have the Macaroni,” Hermione answered and Erin looked up at her and smiled that adorable smile.

When the food arrived Erin took a bite of the Macaroni and upon deciding that she loved it ate it in huge spoonfuls. Hermione chuckled to herself and began eating her lunch. When they had finished, Hermione paid the bill and they walked back out to Diagon Alley hand-in-hand.

“Okay, are you ready to get some new clothes?” Hermione asked her.

“Uh-huh,” Erin nodded. They entered the nearest clothes store, Teeny-Weeny Witch and Wizard Wear, and Erin’s eyes lit up. They walked over to the toddler section; Erin wasn’t about two or three sizes bigger than Jami.

“What about these?” Hermione held up a pair of blue jeans. Erin tried them on with a rose-colored turtleneck.

“Wow!” Erin exclaimed, “These feel good and warm!”

Hermione bought her two pairs of jeans, two pairs of sweatpants, five long-sleeve shirts, crystal blue dress robes, and a pair of trainers. Erin walked out wearing her jeans, the rose shirt and her new trainers. Erin kept looking down at her feet and smiling then smoothing out her shirt with the hand that Hermione wasn’t holding. Suddenly Erin started her coughing fit again.

“Are you okay?” Hermione asked worriedly when she stopped.

“Yes,” Erin said and tried unsuccessfully to smile.

“We are going to see a Healer.” Hermione stated and they hurried back to Fred and Georges shop to floo.

“Hi, welcome to St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries what is you problem or injury or deformation, or malfunction or disease?” asked a witch that had blue hair and sounded a little to happy to be working at a hospital.

“Er.. I’m Hermione Weasley and this is Erin Malfoy and we need to see a Healer,” Hermione told her.

“Okie dokie then, just fill out this form and you will be seen as soon as possible, “the witch handed Hermione a clipboard with about three different forms and a quill attached. She led Erin over to the area with other kids and a few toys and she sat down.

Please circle the reason for your visit: species change / object up/in a place where it shouldn’t be / uncontrollable noise making / oozing liquid from odd places / spouting new body parts / other As soon as Hermione read the first question, she knew that the form was going to take a while.

Finally, Hermione finished the long form and gave it back to the blue haired lady. She walked back over to where Erin was playing with a few other kids.

“Hi, I’m Hallie Trandal, and my daughter is the one over there with yours,” introduced a lady as she sat down next to Hermione.

“I’m Hermione Weasley, nice to meet you. And she’s not my—well that’s Erin,” Hermione said and shook Hallie’s hand.

“We really need to arrange a play date or something, Tori really seems to like Erin,” Hallie observed. Hermione was somewhat thrown off, she was new to this world of—well she wasn’t technically her mom, but she wouldn’t mind being so.

“Er… yeah, that would be great, we are, well we don’t know very many people Erin’s age,” Hermione explained.

“Great, here’s my home fireplace number, Floo anytime,” Hallie handed Hermione a small slip of paper with a number scrawled across it.

“Thanks, I will,” Hermione smiled.

“Erin and Hermione Weasley!” called a medi-witch from a door to the left.

“Nice to meet you, Hallie, I’ll defiantly have to get in touch, Come on Erin.” Hermione took Erin’s hand and they followed the medi-witch into a room that was painted green and had pictures of Quidditch stuff all over the walls.

“Healer Thomas will be in to see you shortly,” she said and shut the door.

“What are they going to do?” Erin asked Hermione nervously.

“Well, they are going to look you over and make you feel better,” Hermione explained then quickly changed the subject, “How many Brooms do you see?”

“One, two, three,” Erin counted all of the brooms that covered the walls. Knock, knock, knock.

“Come in,” Hermione said.

“Twenty-four!!” Erin exclaimed as Healer Thomas opened the door.

“Hello I’m Healer – Hermione?”

“Parvati!?” Hermione gasped.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Parvati Thomas and Hermione stood up and hugged her.

“Thomas?” Hermione laughed when they pulled apart.

“Yeah I married Dean! I haven’t seen you since your wedding! Dean and I only had a small one about a year ago.”

“Hey, guess what!” Erin asked excitedly.

“What?” Parvati asked.

“You have twenty-four brooms on the wall!”

“Really!? I didn’t know that, you are so smart, but then again your mom is the great Hermione,” Parvati laughed.

“Well, actually, that’s one reason we’re here,” Hermione said.

“What?” The Healer asked confused. Hermione began the depressing tale of how she and Erin met and when she finished both she and Parvati had to wipe away tears.

“Well, now she’s safe, right? Let’s look you over, Erin.” Parvati spent the next ten minutes checking Erin and asking about her age, birthday and everything that Erin might know.

“My birfday is the free of Dune,” Erin tried to tell her into the mattress as Parvati examined Erin’s back.

“Well, that completes my check up,” Parvati said and sat down in a chair next to the bed.

“Well?” Hermione pressed.

“She’s not the healthiest girl. Her breathing is labored, I think it my be a respiratory disease, her bruises look pretty bad and I think one of her ribs is cracked which doesn’t help her breathing.” A quill wrote this down as Parvati said it and Erin sat up.

“What can I do?” Hermione asked.

“I and going to give you two potions and an idea. One potion is for her to drink three times a day. That will help her breathing. The other to rub on her bruises at night to help them heal.” Explained Parvati.

“OK, and the idea?” Parvati stood up and covered Erin’s ears.

“Go and beat the hell out of Malfoy and that bitch Reilly!” She said in all seriousness.

“That’s a will do, but I have to wait until Ron gets home on Friday,” Hermione told her as Erin pried Parvati’s hands from her ears.

A/N: Hi ya’ll!!! I am so grateful to all of the nice people who reviewed! They made me feel special! . I really appreciate the reviews! You guys rock!

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Erin: Chapter 3: Outings


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