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Harry Potter and the Potion of Life by Jake Hartman
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2: A Diffrent View
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Harry Potter and the Potion of LIfe

Chapter 2: A Different Veiw

Harry Potter


As Harry arrived at Professor Snapes house he saw something really odd. Snape had atlest 10 flower beds in his year, filled with flowers. It was all confusing.

Snape also had some nice neighbors who waved and him as he passed and then looked weird as they saw some new people with him, but then smiled.

'Professor Snape?" Harry asked.

"Yes Harry?" Snape replied.

Harry getting over the shock of be treated nice to from Snape made him frezze for a while. Then he asked his question.

"Is this your house, I was just wondeing because you don't seam like a flower person in school?"

"Well Harry, I love flowers, only I have a reputation at school for being the ,meanist teacher, and if andone found out that I like flowers then they wouldn't listen to me, ya know?" Snape said.

"Yeah I do know." Harry replied to the question he got in his answer.

Harry looked around and saw a girl who was just staring at him, he looked and then she noticed she was staring and whent back to playing with the other children.

Harry looked up on the street sign and read,

Godric's Hollow

Then it hit him, it was wheree his parent's lived when the where alive. He was back at his normal neighborhood. He looked around the corner and saw something, a board that said,

This home belonged to James and Lily Potter, with ther young son Harry Potter. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named visited this house long long ago and killed James and Lily, but when he came to Harry, Harry survived. Then there was 1 pictures with harry as a little boy and his mom and dad.

"Professor Snape, can I go and look at something?" Harry asked.

"Sure Harry you may go look at your old house, Draco will you go with him?" Snape asked.

"Sure Professor," Draco replied.

"oh and by the way, guys you can call me Snape since the school isn't really in need of teachers anymore, im not one." Snape said.

"Yes Prof_ Snape." Harry and Draco said together.

Harry and Draco went down to the house.

Draco Malfoy


As Harry and I got to the house he saw Harry smile as he looked at the picture. That was the first time Draco saw Harry's Parents, they where so pieceful. Draco looked at Harry's mom, she looked really nice, red hair that went down to her spine. His dad that looked just like him.

A girl walked up and looked at Harry and she said to Harry,

"They have never smiled before, thats the first time I have seen them smile. Wait, Your Harry Potter, the boy who lived!" The girl said excitenly.

"Yes I am and please don't say it like that, you make it look like a survived a tornado." Harry Replied

Harry noticed that it was the girl who was staring at him.

"Who are you?" Draco asked.

"Im Amelia, Amelia White. And you two?"

"Im Draco." Draco said.

"And I'm Harry, as you know."

"They look really good when they smile." Amelis said.

Draco asked Harry if He wanted to go inside. And Harry did. When they got inside Draco asked a weird question.

"Do you like her?"

"Who my mom?"

"No, Amelia?"

"Why do you ask."

"Because you two are always staring at each other its weird."


Harry acually like her, Draco knew it.

A/N: Sorry that this chapter is so short but I can't find my plans for what happenes next, well I will add on to this chapter or even add a new one. Please everyone review.
Harry Reading,
Jake Hartman

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