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In the End . . . by Hermione_88
Chapter 1 : Saying Goodbye
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Authorís Note: Iíve taken a new way to writing the story. Sure, itís a little hard to follow at first but Iím asking you all in my nicest tone to please stick with it because it gets much better with quite a few twists and turns that Iím very proud of! Hope you like it.


In the End . . .

Saying Goodbye

**Hermioneís P.O.V.**

"Dominic, will you hurry up?" I yell up the staircase. I swear that boy spends more time in the bathroom ogling his reflection than I do! Heís so much like his father - absolutely full of himself! But I like to think that he inherited his beautiful heart and compassion from me. "Dominic - we are going to be late, everyone else has already left!" I can hear him coming. He comes stomping down the stairs with his trunk dragging behind him.

"Alright mum, keep your hair on!" he says as he reaches the bottom landing. I can see that his hair is in perfect position - the urge to mess it up is overwhelming. But I resist - heíd kill me otherwise.

"Donít get smart with me young man" I say sternly. I hate it when he talks back to me. He looks back up at me and smiles that most charming Malfoy smile and I melt inside. He knows I canít resist it.

"Sorry mum" he says and Iím done. I melt as his charming face lights up as he sucks up for forgiveness.

"Itís ok - now hurry up, youíre fatherís waiting" He drags his trunk into the living room where Dracoís waiting to Floo him and his trunk to platform 9 and ĺ. I look around my beautiful big house once again. Itís been home to me for the past six years. So much has happened in this house that I smile as I remember. I remember when Harrison blew up his room two years ago when he was trying to make his own fireworks - Draco was so angry that I had to stand between him and Harrison so he didnít throttle the boy. I remember when we had finally found out what Ryan had been doing all those months that he had spent out the back making his own cubby house - only it turned out to me more like a cubby mansion. Four rooms and a back yard - Draco and I were blown away. I also remember when Draco had surprised us all when he came home from the Ministry one night with the little German shepherd puppy for Reese that we named Bowser. She had talked more to that dog than she had ever talked to us for she was normally a very quiet girl.

This year all my babies would be calling Hogwarts home and that saddened me most of all. My fraternal twin boys, Harrison and Charlie had done so for the past six years and were now about to start their seventh year of Hogwarts. Harrison had been made prefect as he had always been for the past two years, but my Charlie had been promoted to Head Boy along with a very pretty Head Girl from Ravenclaw named Lauren Creevey - Dennis Creeveyís daughter. While both my boys were brilliant at all their subjects, it was the fact that they committed themselves more to the trade of mischief making than school work, but they both promised me that theyíd try harder this year.

Dominic would be starting fourth year this year with Ryan following very closely in third year. Then there was my little baby Reese who would be starting in first year. Draco and I had a bet going about which house sheíd be put in. I of course had picked Gryfinndor and he had his bet on Slytherin. I had tried to convince him that because she was so much like myself, that sheíd become a Gryfinndor. Of course I had lost the last bet with Ryan - he didnít take after in Draco much in looks with his wild brown hair and soft eyes, but in his manner heís a Malfoy through and through. I hadnít even placed a bet when it had come to the placing of Harrison, Charlie and Dominic - simply because I had figured them to all be in Slytherin. Charlie had surprised all of us at first by being placed in Gryfinndor but now it easy to see why he is. He has the same unruly brown hair and soft hazelnut colored eyes but compared to the rest of my boys - heís a completely different person. Heís kind, welcoming and careís to think about others before himself. Of course Harrison and Dominic were Slytherinís, simply because they were near complete replicas of Draco. They had the same blonde hair, steely blue eyes and infuriating attitude. So with three Slytherinís and only one Gryfinndor so far - it would be interesting to see where Reese would be placed.

Our house would be quiet and lonely this year because Draco and I were also going back to Hogwarts. Only a month ago we had been offered the positions of Potions master and Transfiguration teacher respectively. Draco welcomed the chance to get away from the ministry and finally go back to Hogwarts where he felt comfortable. Potions had always been one of his favorite subjects throughout school. I, however, felt a little sad for leaving the home that I felt I hadnít had long enough to get to know. Of course we would be back during holidays and I was overwhelmed with the fact that I could go back to Hogwarts - but it was all the memories of this house that I was scared of losing. I looked around the room once more and then made my way into the living room where Draco was waiting for me with Bowser.

"You ready love?" he asked gently, knowing all too well how upset I was about leaving the house. I sighed.

"Yeah, Iím ready" I replied. He silently takes my hand and we step into the large empty fireplace with Bowser. I grab the Floo powder and throw it to the ground and with the words "Platform 9 and ĺ" the living room spins out of control and I say my goodbyes.

**Dracoís P.O.V.**

I know how hard it was for her to leave the peace and quiet (sometimes) of our home and return to the hustle and bustle of the wizarding world for good. But deep inside we know itís better. Sheíd be lost at home if all the kids were at school and I was at the Ministry all day long. This way she can be with the kids and me while she gets a chance to get back to work. Her last job was at the primary school in Scotland more than six years ago as a student councilor - she loved that job to death. She got a little depressed when we all moved here and she had nothing to do all day but wait for everyone to get home. Of course she got the chance to catch up with all her old friends from school and that kept her busy for about a year, but when things calmed down a little; she got very bored very easily. She never really took well to becoming a full time mum and housewife so Iím happy to see her go back to work and get involved in life again.


Authorís Note: Just a little re-cap for you all. If this is the first of my stories youíve read and you like it - you might want to go check out itís predecessors titled **Respect Me** and **Two Wars to Fight** in that order. You really donít need to read them because this story will mainly be self-explanatory. I decided to adopt a new writing style just to see how it goes and I really like it at the moment. So, anyway, keep reading and let me know what you think.


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In the End . . .: Saying Goodbye


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