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The Seven Miles Home by Sam M
Chapter 1 : The Lost Days
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The Seven Miles Home
By: Sam Mohlin

Prologue ~ The Lost Days

I remember it as clearly as if it was yesterday I walked down the creaky old staircase to find you sitting among my family by the table, eating breakfast so innocently. You, only twelve years of age at that time, had already accomplished more than many great wizards had on a whole lifetime. And I donít think you quite understood it then, how special you were, but I did. You have always been special to me. I used to be nervous when I was around you. You were the great Harry Potter, famous already as a child. Why would you look twice at someone like me?

But as the years went past I learned to be more relaxed around you. I had been told that if I relaxed and was myself around you, you might notice me more. I dated others, but I never gave up on you. When I finally became more to you than your best friendís little sister, I was so happy. I donít think Iíve ever experienced that kind of happiness before. Then the forbidden happened. You had to deal with more death. I was at your side during this hard time. I knew, even if you never said so, that you were grateful. I was your source of comfort. Your source of pleasure. I stood by your side, even though I already knew what was coming.

The only place you ever considered a home was closing. The person you admired the most was gone. I could see in your sorrowful green eyes that you wanted revenge, and I knew you didnít want to risk my life. I also knew you wouldnít find peace before this was over. You told me we couldnít see each other anymore, and I understood. I didnít blame you. I didnít even cry when you told me, but I knew there would be tears. I knew that as soon as my mind had worked out what you had told me - that we werenít together anymore - sorrow would creep upon me.

You told me you were leaving. I heard the words, but a part of me wasnít listening. A part of me didnít want to hear it. I had you for the first time and I didnít want to lose you again. But still I was very understanding, even though my heart was bleeding.

I remember when you told me, after the funeral. My mind went blank, but I wasnít going to stop you. It was the most beautiful day of the summer. The weather was mocking me. I couldnít understand how the sun could shine when I was losing my lover.

But you came, later that summer, for my brotherís wedding. The ceremony was beautiful, and you were right beside me to join me in this happy occasion. I think it wasnít until then panic started filling me up. As I watched my brother say ĎI doí to his bride, watched him smile as he had never smiled before, I kept thinking ĎThat couldíve been us.í

I didnít want to lose you. I loved you, and I knew you loved me too; otherwise you wouldnít have broken up with me to protect me. Or maybe it was to protect yourself from the grief of losing me.

You stayed the night. The next day you were to be off with your two best friends. I asked you and you said that you didnít know for how long. You said it could be a question of months Ö maybe even years. I felt torn inside. The thought that I might never see you again was killing me slowly. Thatís why I did it.

We shared the most amazing night ever. I gave myself to you, body and soul, to find that the following day you were still leaving me. I cried. You hugged me hard before you left. I can still hear the words you whispered into my ear;

Iíll come back for you.

Those werenít the words I wished you to say. You promised youíd return to me. You promised to come back, alive and well.

But you never did.

Well Iím alone here now. Waiting for you, like Iíve always doneÖ

And so one month became two, and two became three. I waited patiently for your return, but every morning when I came running down the stairs, wishing that I would find you in the kitchen eating breakfast, I always found your chair empty. Half a year had passed when Hermione and Ron came home alone. I asked, but they didnít know where you were. You had asked them to return home and wait for you.

When they returned without you, after almost six months, I was devastated. I was slowly starting to lose hope. No one knew where you were, if you were dead or alive. For yet another month we lived in a state of uncertainty. I was almost sure I had lost you forever.

Love is patient. For seven years I had loved you. Seven, the most powerful magical number. You were not with me, but I could feel that you were not lost.

After seven months, on December the seventh, I made a decision.

I was going to find you, to bring you home.

A/N: This is only the prologue of what will be a romance fic with ca. ten chapters. At least I think so. It all depends on if you liked it or not. I know a prologue isn't much to judge on, but I've never written a true romance fic and I am very curious to see what you thought of it. The beginning is the most important part, after all. So please reveiw. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you.

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Don't forget to review! :) ~ Sam M

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