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Potter and Evans by ivoryangel
Chapter 5 : Summer is Nearly Over...
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disclaimer: it is my box! now i own something *cackles madly on side of road* i'm going to name it!!!
ha! i own something! it might be wet and smelly but its something!...ok as u can see, i am insane and deluded, and own pretty much squat, so DON'T SUE ME!

also, i would like to thank Mauraders_4_ever, who has reveiwed faithfully after each chappie, and my beta reader, Dobby 101. you guys rock!

Summer is Nearly Over…


Potter amazed me today. He sent this letter, and he was right, he does know everything about me. I was floored. The world has come to an end, pigs are flying, and next thing you know Petunia will be hugging me and passing out sweets to small children.

You know how I always thought I was just another conquest to him 'get the unreachable girl' so I would not let him get me?

Amy, I’m beginning to wonder—could his feelings be true? It’s impossible, right? I mean, it's Potter! Bloody Potter for heavens sake! Yet, I don’t know…something is different about the way he talks to me. It’s just talking, not gloating and laughing loudly with his mates…and throwing me sideways glances. Now, he just talks.

You know what is even more amazing, Amy?

I like to listen.

Yours in shock,


Dear Lily,

What is amazing is the fact that it almost seems possible; that you, Lily Evans, could very well fall for him, James Potter, this year. Yes, it is amazing. I never thought I would write those words.

I never thought you would write me an entire letter all about James Potter!

So, I’m assuming your *coughwretchedcough* sister is getting married some time while you are at Hogwarts? Good thing, too, you don’t need to put up with her sniveling and moaning…

Also, would you like to meet me sometime soon at Diagon Alley so we can school shop, talk about you and James, and whine about Petunia together?

Yours in mutual shock,



I’m guessing by a 'wow' that my letter was either very offensive or right on the money. Could you maybe reply with a bit more information?

I need to go now, Sirius is trying to seize my quill to write to you…



Well, it’s my second time calling you James and I can hardly believe it.

I can hardly believe you know that much about me.

Where do you get your information?

You, by the way, were right on the money.

I guess the thing I really want to ask is—why, James? Why? Why me of all people? You could have had some gorgeous blonde or busty brunette; and you chose me? Why? And why, why do you know or want to know so much? I always thought I was a game, James, just another thing for you to win. So please answer, and honestly—I need to know why.



PS-so let Sirius write! (There is something I know about you, he lives with you because his family is all into that pure-blooded madness.) It should be amusing, something I need living with my sister. (There is something you don’t know about me—Petunia is Satan’s spawn…interesting fact, that one…)

Dear Amy,

I would love to come have an outing with you!

I need to… Petty-unia is being unbearable—gloating over her wedding, dangling her ugly ring in front of my face—and thankfully, yes, she is getting married late September.

How about we meet on my birthday, so she cannot make it miserable? August 21st then?

Write back and tell me if that’s ok!



Dear Lily,

Sounds great! I’ll meet you right outside Florean Fortescue’s.

Lots of Love,


A/N: ok, thank you for the reviews last time, they were great! This time, could you review and tell me if there is anything you absolutely love/hate about my story? Or just say your favorite quote…I have only had one person actually do that so far…sob…

So, make me feel better, motivate me…REVIEW! also, if you read my disclaimer, i'm naming my box. tell me in your reveiw what you would like its name to be, and i'll pick my favorite!

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