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Harry Potter and the Meaning Of Love by darthvengeful
Chapter 11 : Attack At Hogwarts
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Chapter 11: Attack at Hogwarts

The next morning Harry woke up really early and gently got out of bed carefully so as not to wake Ginny up. Once again Ginny had snuck into his room in the middle of the night and clambered into bed with him. Harry loved this as he felt safe and secure with Ginny laying next to him cuddled up. She also looked so beautiful, as her deep red hair draped down on her face as she slept. Harry though was a bit anxious about these late night meetings as although he knew his parents were aware of their relationship he was unsure about how they would feel about them sharing a bed together most nights. As he stood up he glanced quickly at his alarm clock and realised much to his horror that it was still only 5.30 in the morning. Harry had the urge to just get back into bed but decided otherwise. He crept out of his room after throwing on a black t-shirt and jeans and a worn pair of trainers and headed downstairs.

He thought about the events of yesterday and the fact that the fifth horcrux was here in this very house. He just couldn’t believe it. Part of him doubted the reality of the situation except for the fact that the book had proven it to be correct. He then thought about how to destroy the cup. He remembered back to the cave and how he had to create one of the hottest fires in order to completely eradicate Rowena Ravenclaw’s necklace. Obviously this was not an option with the cup as it would completely destroy Godric’s Hollow as well and that was something that Harry wasn’t prepared to do.

After grabbing a bit of toast Harry headed out of Godric’s Hollow for a run. Harry was amazed at how ordinary the neighbourhood looked. It had the unmistakable look of an English town, decaying with old age as if nobody could be bothered to look after it. The houses were all rundown with cracks in the walls, doors and windows in a desperate need of a good painting and weeds and rubbish overtaking the gardens. Harry was shocked by the sight as he remembered stories of how this place was a vibrant, happy and friendly neighbourhood, where everyone knew everyone and the place was almost the perfect town. Then it Harry, Voldemort did this, or at least caused this when he came and killed his parents 16 years ago. At this he turned round and ran straight home to deal with the cup. He raced home as fast as his legs could take him and arrived. He entered and headed straight to where his dad had put the cup last night and bought it to the kitchen. When he entered he was stopped in his tracks by the sight of his mum and dad sitting down at the table eating their breakfast.

“Er hi mum, dad how comes your up so early?”
“Ah good morning son, enjoy your run?” replied James.
“Yeah it was er good I guess just trying to forget about this cup for a bit.”
“I see, it didn’t work though did it”
“No afraid not”
“Oh well go get Ginny and we will start to work on it then” said Lily “oh and don’t forget to lock our guests in their rooms, we don’t want them to disturb us”.

With that Harry got up and went upstairs. He made sure that all the others were asleep before performing three spells on the doors. The locking, silence and a handy spell, which confounded the victims as soon as the touched the door. Harry did feel kinda of bad doing this but he did agree it was better that they stayed out of the way whilst they went about working out a way of destroying the cup without bringing the house down.

Harry went to his room and entered quietly as he didn’t want to wake Ginny suddenly. He walked over to her and sat next to her and started to gently stroke her face. as Harry did this feelings washed over him again as he was hit by her beauty and her love for him and again felt so alive. He kissed her on the lips and as he did the beauty that was Ginny Weasley began to stir. As she awoke she felt this incredible warmness sweep over her as if a very light breeze was blowing deep inside her. She rubbed her eyes to try and focus and was completely surprised to see the raven haired boy, with round glasses and bright emerald green eyes sitting next to her staring whilst gently stroking her hair. She smiled as she lifted her head up and kissed him back.

“Well good morning beautiful, sleep well?”
“Yes very well thanks, how comes you waking me up though babe?”
“We need you downstairs now, mum, dad and I want to destroy the horcrux before the others wake up.”
“Ok I’ll meet you downstairs ok honey, I’ll just a quick shower”
“Ok Gin” Harry responded as Ginny quickly got up and raced to the bathroom for a quick shower. For a moment Harry just stood there admiring how completely wonderful Ginny was before he went back downstairs and sat with his parents. After about 20 minutes Ginny came down and joined them in sitting around the table, with the cup of Hufflepuff standing in the middle of the table.

“So any ideas on how to destroy this without taking us and the house with us this time?” asked Harry after Ginny had sat down,
“Well we definitely have to use the same spell as we did on the necklace, I mean nothing else worked on that?” responded Ginny.
“I agree but we need a spell that will just burn the cup and nothing else. Lily surely you must know a charm that will do the trick? After all you are the great charms student of Hogwarts.”
“Actually I think I might have something that will do the trick for this.” As she said that Lily conjured a small metal box with a hole a little larger than the diameter of a wand in its side. After it was conjured she charmed the cup so it was now trapped in the steel box.
“Ok mum how does this help?” asked Harry who was very confused at his mums actions.
“Son I think what your mum has conjured is a fire resistant steel box with a wand hole in it” James said as he looked at Lily for confirmation who just nodded in agreement. “So all you now have to do is to place your wand in the hole and say the incantation and hey presto we have an inferno in a box” continued James.
“So if you please son do it so we can start the breakfast and release our poor trapped guests.”
“Ok well here it goes” Harry put his wand in the hole and said the incantation “INCENDIO” and a burst of flames shot out into the box after a few minutes of fire Lily doused the inside of the box with water and opened it up to see that nothing remained other than a bit of water that was seeping onto the table.

“Well done Harry job done” Ginny said giving him a hug.
“Yeah well I couldn’t do it without you guys” Harry cheekily responded giving her a wink and a smile before kissing her.
“Excuse me young man but seeing it twice is enough for me” James said breaking them apart and starting to wrestle one another on the floor. Lily walked up to Ginny and whispered “I think our plan needs to be put into action now”
“I totally agree, lets get to work” and with that they left the guys to it.

They headed upstairs and undid all of the charms that Harry put all the guests before making their way to James and Lily’s room. Lily performed the locking and privacy spells before inviting Ginny to sit on the bed.
“So what will we need in order to teach the boys a lesson Lily?”
“Well I think we only need to use a simple spell actually Gin”
“Huh are you sure I don’t know about you but I really want to make Harry look stupid”
“And I feel the same way but you don’t always have to complicated things to achieve your goals”
“Ok so what is this spell and what will it do?”
“Well it is the Switching Spell. It basically will switch Harry and James into what ever we want them to be. They will still be themselves only with certain new characteristics of our choosing. A the good part is they will be completely aware of what they are doing without realising what is really happening.”
“Sounds good when can we do this. And what about the others?”
“Whenever, we will however explain what we have done to the others I know Remus will have some fun with it.”
“Lets do it now, what’s the spell and will I be able to do it?”
“Yes you are an exceptional young witch Ginny and you won’t have any problems. All you have to do is say the incantation switcho as you point your wand at the targets forehead.”
“So I take it we’re waiting til there asleep then”
“Yes it will be much easier that way.”
“Ok” Ginny agreed as they headed out and back downstairs to find that Harry and James were still fighting on the floor laughing and joking as one got the better of one another every few minutes. After another couple of minutes Lily had enough and took out her wand and performed the body bind curse on father and son and left them there as her and Ginny went into the kitchen to start breakfast as Remus, Tonks, Neville, Luna and Hermione came down and sat at the table.

“I take it Harry and James are binded for a reason” asked Tonks with a knowing smile as she looked at Lily and Ginny.
“Yes there are they had been wrestling for about 30 minutes and we had had enough” answered Ginny.
“Speaking of which myself and Ginny will be forcing some changes on those two tonight in a punishment worthy of the marauders” continued Lily.
“Oh really and may I ask which of our many pranks you will be recreating”
“The switching spell Moony with a twist”
“Ooh interesting how you going to manage with a twist?”
“Well we will use the switcho spell as opposed to the switche spell. It means they will still be Harry and James but with certain added characteristics chosen by us two”
“Although we will welcome suggestions from you guys and would also appreciate your help in playing along in order to keep the masquerade up.” Finished Ginny.
“No problem, and May I propose the characteristic of humility to both of them” said Remus “they both could sure use some”
“Knowing Harry as I do I would really like him to have a bit more er of a feminine side? I think it would be absolutely hilarious to see.” Hermione said with a grin.
“Yes that is brilliant I think both of them could use that” agreed Lily who started laughing at the thought.
“Ok Neville you lived with Harry anything you’d like to add?” asked Ginny
“Well it would be funny to see Harry doing some housework for a change. I mean the state he used to live in at the dorms was ridiculous even by boy standards.”
“Ha-ha brilliant how about a vanity thread on James. It would sure be funny seeing him spend hours in front of the mirror in the morning and asking does my bum look big in this?” was another suggestion.
“erm I don’t know how you will react but I would like Harry to become really sensitive. I noticed he hasn’t really grieved for Ron and I think he is holding it in so something which would release that probably do in some good” voiced Hermione.
“I don’t know don’t want to hurt them” replied Lily.
“I agree with Hermione actually. Harry is being a prat at the moment. He seems to have forgotten who has supported him the last six years and I feel if he does breakdown properly then it would do him some good” argued Ginny.
“Ok settled although Gin you can deal with him ok”

This went on all through breakfast as the group thought of some funny things to put Harry and James through during their little switch. It was only about an hour later when the clock chimed at eleven that Ginny realised that they had left them bound all that time that the seven went into the room sat down and released the two.

What was even more hilarious was the fact that once they were released Harry and James just continued on without realising that they had been bound and that now they were being watched by all the others as the wrestled, tickled and rolled around on the ground like a couple of care free five year olds. It was only when James stood up and grabbed Harry’s legs that he realised they were being watched that he stopped.

“Er hello how long have you been sitting there?” he asked cautiously looking in particular at Lily.
“What are you talking bout dad…..oh I see morning everyone.” Harry gasped as he saw who his dad was talking to.
“Long enough to know that you two are very immature and a disgrace to the name Potter” came the snide remark from Lily.
“Hey my dad used to do this all the time”
“Yes dear but you weren’t bloody 17!” Hissed Lily
“Sorry mum we just got caught up in the moment. We didn’t mean to piss you of”
“Sorry” was the meek reply from Harry. “Sorry everyone”
“Yeah Sorry guys we should have realised its just that I’ve waited so long to do things like this with my son that we got carried away.”
“James don’t you play that card with me. It still doesn’t excuse you wrestling with your son for an hour not paying any attention to your guests”
“Yeah your right my darling. I’m sorry again”
“Anyway manage to destroy the cup yet? Asked Remus moving the conversation away, knowing that Harry and James didn’t stand a chance against Lily in this mood.
“Yeah this morning, mum conjured this wicked little steel box which was fire resistant so I burnt the cup in there” replied Harry feeling a bit more cheerful as he silently thanked Remus for saving him from his mother’s fury.
“Oh good that’s great news” chimed Luna “Now we can focus on the real battle”
“Whoa Luna where the hell did that come from?” asked Ginny shocked at the sudden focus and intensity in her friend.
“I guess I’ve hung around you guys too long” answered Luna.
“Well I agree but I think we all need some time to relax enjoy ourselves, but like Luna I do agree fun is important but we will need to focus on the upcoming battle with some preparation” voiced Hermione.
“Are you sure Herm? I mean I thought you’d want to get out there ASAP after everything?” Neville asked.
“Well I do but I know we all need a break. We have all suffered and besides I have a feeling the next month or so will be a right old laugh” she said giving a quick wink to Lily and Ginny.

In the old Riddle House, Lord Voldemort sat in his high throne contemplating tonight’s upcoming attack. He for the first time was feeling an overwhelming happiness as he sat waiting for his death eaters to arrive. In fact he was actually so happy at the prospect of causing severe damage, destruction and hurt that it actually was causing him a great deal of pain as these “light” emotions swept through his body. He looked down and saw Nagini laying next to him and smiled as the death eaters slowly arrived one at a time. He could feel the eagerness, the anticipation, the desire, the need and of course the evil that emanated from his servants. He looked at each and everyone and using his Legilmency skills he peered into his servants mind and was very pleased to see that nobody resisted. He saw a great determination to destroy the school which supported mudbloods, half bloods and half breeds especially from Draco, Snape, Weasley, Wormtail and young Thomas. The others such as the Lestranges, the older Malfoy’s, Nott, Crabbe and Goyle all wanted to cause as much damage as possible and hoped to get to kill at least some body.

After everyone was ready and Voldemort had accessed their thoughts on the upcoming attack he stood up before his amassed audience and spoke

“This is the moment I have been waiting to achieve ever since I realised what a fool Dumbledore was. The destruction of Hogwarts will long be remembered. I have worked and worked and worked; waited and waited for the day I would be able to walk into Hogwarts with no one there to stop me. Now that day as come. Thanks to my Hogwarts spies Draco and Serverus Dumbledore is gone, the school is empty and the wards have been broken. It is time to send a message to Potter, the order and the entire wizarding world that they won’t forget. I would however warn you all do not interfere with my business in Dumbledore’s office you will stay well a way from there. Understood! Good now lets go and have some fun”. Voldemort finished as apparated away to Hogwarts, Where he waited for the others to join him.

Once the death eaters had arrived he waved them away to start the destruction. He called over Snape and they walked towards the great oak front door that had stood since time had begun. Voldemort withdrew his wand and sent a powerful reducto spell into the heart of the door and blew it into a thousand pieces with ease. He laughed and muttered to Snape “Never liked that damn door” as the walked in to Hogwarts. He sent Snape away to do what was needed as he headed towards the gargoyles which protected Dumbledore’s office. Amazingly as Voldemort approached the gargoyles sprang open revealing the stairs which led to the office. He walked up and entered and stood at the entrance taking in the view. He was shocked as the office hadn’t changed one bit from the last time he was here. The Portraits were still hanging on the wall showing all the past headmasters that had gone from the foul muggle loving Gryffindor to the idiot Dippet who failed to see what was right in front of him, and of course the fool Dumbledore whose portrait was the newest and even Voldemort couldn’t deny that his was by far the most impressive looking of all.

He took in all the little magical objects which were littered from the put outer to foe glasses and remembralls. Voldemort moved across to the large desk and notice a solitary piece of parchment lying on the top of the other wise clear desk. With a great deal of curiosity he picked it up and read it. to say he was shocked was an understatement.


If you are indeed reading this then I have succeeded in my plan. Although I must say I am rather surprised that you actually fell for it so easily. I know that you feel as though half the battle is one now that I am dead. You maybe asking yourself how I would know that well it was quite early on that I found out that young Mr Malfoy was planning on trying to kill me and I also knew he would fail as did you.

Unlike you however I knew I would definitely die and it was really no surprise that it was my spy Snape who would cast the killing curse as I was able to break into his mind and see the unbreakable vow he took with Narcissa to fulfil Draco’s plan. I must admit to being shocked as despite your amazing power you were never able to break into his mind were you Tom?

Now onto the real reason I left this here. I have no doubt that you are here to destroy this great school and also the fact you are in my office suggests you want information. I have left my pensieve for you to look at but there is only one memory in there. It is what you want though. I do however have to inform you that this memory will not help you in achieving what you want and I would also like to tell you that Hogwarts School of Wizarding and Witchcraft will be left untouched and unharmed even with your best efforts, although the oak door you so hated I will allow you to destroy that.

My charms and protections may no longer stop intruders but the ones which protect the castle will stand the test of time even in a thousand years so I would suggest you give up. Now I know you are an evil man without a soul or heart but I assure you that your Horcruxes will be destroyed including Nagini and you will have to face death as a mortal man. That’s life as they say.

I hope you enjoy listening to the prophecy and I bid you goodbye and good luck and remember you have made a choice now you will suffer the consequences of them. You will be killed and you will meet me again but it won’t be pleasant.

Goodbye and please don’t get too angry.


Albus Dumbledore (now deceased I presume)
Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Wizarding and Witchcraft
Order of Merlin First Class
Voldemort just stood there with the parchment in his hands actually feeling a great deal of shock and even a little bit of fear as he thought of how Dumbledore some how knew what was going to happen. He quickly shook this of as he got himself together and headed towards the pensieve on the side table. He was finally gong to hear the prophecy that had been bugging him for so long. Although he was a little concerned that the note said it would not help him achieve what he wanted. He knew it had to do with Potter so he sank his head in and was confronted with the rising image of a woman in her late thirties with huge almost comic like glasses. It began to speak.

“The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches….Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…..and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ….and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives….the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies.

“WHAT IS THAT IT? I DON’T BLOODY BELIEVE THIS. DAMN YOU DUMBLEDORE YOU KNEW. DAMN! Well Potter so you are the chosen one. The one with the power to destroy me huh? Well you won’t succeed you filthy half blood for I will kill you first”

And with that Voldemort stormed out of the office firing curses and hexes at everything in his sight but only got angrier as he noticed that nothing was being destroyed. Yes suits of armour fell down but no walls crumpled any floors or ceiling collapsed nothing. He beckoned his death eaters to him instantly as he walked onto the grounds and was pleased that they all turned up straight away and that they all looked completely pissed of and angry as well.

“I take it none of you were able to destroy any part of the castle either” he spat.
“No Master it appears that everything is protected somehow. Spells hit but nothing happened. We have failed you my Lord.” Answered Snape.
“Yes but this time it isn’t your fault my servants. It seems that Dumbledore had foreseen everything, his death, me coming to Hogwarts and managed to make me the fool.”
“My Lord what do you mean.”
“Well he left a note for me. Telling me how he knew what Draco was up to, that Snape here made and unbreakable vow and that he would be the one to kill him. And to top it of he even gave me the damn prophecy and even that was a waste of time.”
“He knew?”
“Yes he knew now come on they will pay for this. But next time we will succeed!”
“But what of Potter?”
“He can wait I have plans that need to be done and not even that brat will distract me now.”
With that Voldemort apparated away leaving his death eaters alone standing on the green grass of Hogwarts with their thoughts about another attack foiled by that dam muggle loving fool Dumbledore.

Back at Godric’s Hollow the seven that were pranking the two Potter men were busy preparing for the upcoming fun. James and Harry were sitting in the front room talking about quidditch while the others were in the kitchen area getting ready. They had prepared two drinks for them which contained a nice strong sleeping potion which would knock out them both for a good twelve hours. They walked into the living room with two trays with drinks giving James and Harry the two tampered drinks and waited. As they drank Lily and Ginny had a hard time keeping a straight face as they stifled laughs as their loves sipped on the drinks without a thought at what was about to come. Within five minutes both the guys were completely knocked out and lounging almost comically on the chairs heads hanging to the side, their glasses both hanging by a tether on their noses with a bit of drool dripping from their mouths. Lily and Ginny went up to them and concentrated on the characteristics they wanted to plant on them and raised their wands and together they swished their hands as they whispered the incantation switcho and two very bright green flashes came out and hit the two guys square on the forehead. Lily turned to Ginny and the others and said “Now we wait til the morning, Goodnight all” and with that the seven made their way upstairs all with large grins of anticipation at the fireworks that were sure to go of tomorrow.

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