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Two Brothers and A Girl by mum_weasley
Chapter 7 : A Case of Mistaken Identity
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The morning of the dance arrived and all 3 boys headed to the Great Hall for breakfast. Even though they were dreading the evening to come, a Weasley appetite cannot be ignored. As they were approached the bottom of the stairwell, a group of Slytherins stood in there way. Margie, Regina and Charlotte stood front and center, arms folded tightly around their chests, a look of fury was painted on their faces.

“Girls!!” George gulped “You’re all looking………errrrrrr……….uhhhhhhhh…….excited about the dance tonight.”

“Shove it Weasel!” Regina spatted. “We finally got over that potion you 3 fools slipped in our drinks.”

“Slipped in your drinks?” Lee stared dumbly at the group. “You think WE wanted YOU to drink it? How desperate do you think we are?”

A thick and not very smart looking 3rd year Slytherin stepped in front of the girls. His gorilla type fist pounding into his other hand “The girls already have dates for tonight so I suggest you get out of here before me and my friends add some real pain to that funny looking head of yours.”

“Add? You couldn’t add up to 20 if you took your shoes off!!” Fred sniggered and before anyone could figure that out, Lee, George and Fred made a slip into the Great Hall.

“Wow, can you believe our luck!! Well, we’re dateless, but at least we don’t have to go with those girls.” George said.

Breakfast was much more cheerful now, the sun came shining through the windows and the owl posts came in, dropping their parcels. As breakfast was coming to an end, Lee jumped up said he was going to go visit Hagrid for awhile. George said he would go with him, he wanted to get a better feel about ways of entering the Forbidden Forest. Fred sat alone finishing his bacon. He looked over at the Ravenclaw table and noticed Alicia sitting there with a handsome Ravenclaw. He was talking quietly to her, but she didn’t look very happy, in fact, it looked like she had tears coming down her cheeks. The boy leaned over and gave her a hug and stood up and left the Great Hall. Alicia sat there staring at her hands, still silently crying. Fred walked over to her and sat down.

“Alicia, why are you crying?” He asked gently.

Alicia looked up and wiped away her tears and slowly smiled “Oh that Andrew, he just informed me that his 1st choice Candice Beck, had come around and told him she was going to go with him to the dance! Now I don’t have anyone to go with.” She started crying again.

“Well, aren’t you just in luck! I’m without a date as well, you could go with me you know.” Fred smiling and wiping away more tears.

“Oh Fred, would you really be my date? I’d hate to show up alone, being stood up the day of the dance.” She flung her arms around him. Grinning ear to ear, Alicia stood up ran out of the hall. Feeling like he was on cloud 9, Fred floated up to the Gryffindor Common room.

A couple hours later George and Lee were returning from Hagrid’s cabin when Alicia came sprinting out to them. She flew into George’s arms, smiling “I’m so excited about you taking me to the dance, we’ll show Andrew he made a big mistake breaking off our date!” She kissed George on the cheek and ran back into the castle singing merrily to herself.

“Congrats mate!” Said Lee “Looks like Fred and I will be going to the dance alone.”

“Well, just you Lee” Fred was coming from the lake and overheard the conversation. “I got myself a date as well.” George high fived his brother. “Who did you find to go with you?” Fred asked.

“Oh, you’ll see, it’s not a big deal.” George said. He didn’t want to hurt his brother’s feelings.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to go tonight either. You guys are going to be surprised when you see who’s with me.” Fred said. They all walked in discussing possibilities for Lee.

“Don’t worry about me boys, I’m sure Angelina will be staring at me the whole night!” Lee heartily said.

A few hours later, after getting ready, the boys made their way to the common room. Lee waited with Fred and George, he wanted to get a look at Angelina before she made her way down. Half hour later, Angelina, Alicia and Katie came down the steps. Lee’s jaw dropped as Angelina was stunning in her blue dress. She walked by Lee and shyly smiled at him and continued on her way out with Katie. Both George and Fred stood transfixed staring at Alicia. She wore a maroon dress and her hair was pulled up in a beautiful tight knot. Alicia smiled at Fred and walked over to him “We’re going to have fun tonight Fred.”

“WHAT!!??!!” George boomed. “I’m taking you to the dance!”

“George, she’s going with me you twit. I asked her this morning after breakfast.” Fred stepped in front of Alicia.

“She threw herself at me outside saying how excited she was that I was taking her.” George spat back.

They both turned around and looked at Alicia. She stood there back and forth at the twin brothers. “I never really realized how much you two look alike.” She said “George, your brother did ask me this morning after breakfast after Andrew had dumped me. I’m so sorry, I should have stopped and realized what I had done!” She said looking and feeling awfully guilty.

She took Fred’s hand and started walking out the common room, Fred looking back at his brother with a sad look on his face. Alicia noticed Fred’s mood and stopped. She whispered in Fred’s ear and he smiled, shaking his head “yes” enthusiastically. She walked over to George and grabbed his hand. “How can I go out with just ½ a team. I need both Weasley brothers to take me.”

George looked at his brother and Fred grinned ear to ear. “Come on mate!! We’ve always shared, why stop now!” And with that all 3 headed down to the dance, Alicia for certain Andrew would just die when he sees her with 2 dates!

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