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James's Sketch Book by Houlestar
Chapter 8 : In Search of a Spell
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chapter 8

A/N: Minor spoiler in this chapter.

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Lily was annoyed. Snape and her had agreed to meet now, but there she was, and he hadn’t shown up. Maybe I should change my views on him. After all people change. He proved that to me before.

Normally she would not do this, but she needed to do this. They both needed to get their work done.

She stared at the place of the wall that was supposed to lead down to the Slytherin common room and dorms. She had not expected this problem. She had tried very variant of the phrase 'pureblood' or something else that they would find appealing. But it didn't work.

Grunting laughs ran through the stagnant air. Lily spun around and saw two Slytherin fifth years walking around, stumbling and cracking up. Groaning she thought that her situation would only get worse with these two.

"Hey, Mud Blood," called the taller of the two. The smell of beer was strong in his breath. Clearly they had been drinking, somewhere, but Lily didn't know.

Lily rolled her eyes at the insult. She didn't care anymore. After it was the least she could expect to be called 'Mud Blood' from this lot, so it didn’t surprise her in the least.

"Why are you here?" asked the other slurring his words and staggering as he stood up right.

Then suddenly it hit her. These boy had not made the situation worse. They had only made it better. "What’s the password?" she asked.

"Mud Blood, you don't belong here," snapped the first.

Swearing under her breath, Lily thought, Well, it was worth a try.

"Hey, Smith," continued he, "do you even know the password?"

"Dunno," he muttered. “It’s probably with my boxers...”

The wall suddenly melted away and there stood Narcissa holding a stack of books and looking very peeved. "Crap, Greene, what did I tell you about drinking?"

"Er..." Greene racked his brains for the answer.

Narcissa flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder and stared haughtily at Lily. "What do you want, Mud Blood?"

Lily stared back at Narcissa, trying not to show any distress over what was going on. "I was looking for Snape. He’s my partner in the charms project, you know."

“I don’t take charms,” snapped Narcissa.

“Well... do you know where he is?” she pleaded.

A smirk crept across Narcissa's face. "Severus is in the library." She walked away in the direction of the entrance hall. "Oh, Evans, don't come here again. Trust me, with most they won’t bother telling you to get lost or ask questions. Just fair warning. For your own safety. Also, we don’t want the Head coming down and seeing bodies. ‘Specially not Mud-"

Lily walked off to the direction of the library, not sure whether or not Narcissa was telling the truth. Too busy pondering her troubles she didn't notice where she was going.

Just as she was about to enter the library, Lily crashed into someone coming out.

"Sorry, so sorry," said Lily hastily helping gather up the boy’s spilled books. When her hands came across the glasses that was on the ground, Lily looked at the boy. "Sorry, James," she said blushing crimson.

"No problem, Lily," he said evenly, turning as red as her. "What are you doing here?"

"I was searching for Snape, you see he hasn't met up with me and it’s been an hour... I wanted to finish our charms assignment," explained Lily rushed. "Is he in there?"

"Yes," said James uncertain. "Do you mind if I come with you."

"What, oh yeah." With James close behind her, Lily pushed open the doors to the library. She felt uneasy with James behind her, staring at her so closely, but it made her feel something that she couldn't explain, yet she liked it. But Lily didn't know why.

It took her awhile to find Snape, since he was at the very back and hidden by a pile of books. When she found him, Lily turned over her shoulder to say goodbye to James, but she found he was already gone. Puzzled and feeling oddly let down and somewhat betrayed she tapped Snape's shoulder.

"What, don't touch me," snapped Snape. He looked up quickly. "Oh, it's you, Evans." He glanced back down to the assignment he was working on.

"Thirty centimeters, Snape, not two hundred," Lily laughed looking at the title of his project realizing it was the potions homework Slugghorn had assigned them. "You are obsessive."

"What? Sorry, didn't hear you," he muttered, scratching something down.

“Stop being so rude, Snape," she said.

“Why are you here, Evans," said Snape sounding put out.

"I wanted to finish our homework assignment for charms," said Lily candidly.

"Oh, that well I've done it," he said simply. “I told Narcissa to tell you.”

"You did it without me?" asked Lily taken back.

"Yes," he said. He took out a piece of parchment with a lot of writing and calculations on it and handed it to her. "I came up with the title for it, 'muffliatio.' Here check my work if you don't believe me."

Lily looked over the paper. "Seems about right." She sat down next to him. "But why did you do it without me?"



"Never mind,” muttered Snape.

For several minutes the two of them were silent until Lily asked softly, "Do you think the spell works?"

"It does," said Snape. "I know because I just did it on Potter. He is spying, and doing a horrible job at it. Him and his sketch book, the sorry bastard. I’d love to-"

"Okay, lets not go down that path," said Lily quickly getting up. "I'll see you in class tomorrow, good bye." Quickly she left Snape and walked to where she saw James standing behind a book case looking at them. "Hi, James," she said looking at his sketch book.

"What?" He couldn't hear her.

Quickly she muttered the counter-jinx that she had seen at the bottom of the page. She asked. "What were you doing spying."

"I finished my drawing of you and him," James said and walked away.

A/N: Don't own harry potter or the picture.

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James's Sketch Book: In Search of a Spell


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