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Potter and Evans by ivoryangel
Chapter 4 : Everything About You
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disclaimer:i own nothing but the box and am very sad about it. i live on the streets with nothing but my dreams of hogwarts to keep me alive. *sob*

Everything about You

Dear Lily,

Ok, so now to prove that I know everything about a girl that I am in love with, and, oh yes, hates my guts. Well, let me break this to you gently, Evans-I mean Lily-but I do.

Your full name is Lily Marie Evans.

I know that you get cold and hot easily and hate being cold, despite the fact that you love winter. Winter and fall are your favorites, and you also love it when it’s rainy or foggy or misty-or in anyway wet, even though it makes your hair go into adorable little ringlets that everybody but you loves.

I know that you tell everything to your best friend, Amy, and you are close to your parents, and have a sister, Petunia. I personally think the flower thing is cool and all, but you got a better name.

I know that your owls name is Venus, and mine is Jupiter; I’ve always thought that was cool…

I know that the only thing that scares you is when other people are in danger, or, surprisingly, rats. I have no idea what sparked this fear in such a sensible girl, but I find it highly interesting.

I know that you believe in living life to its fullest, laughing whenever possible, and never holding back anything, especially emotions.

I know that your smile brightens a room, makes people stop and stare, and that you radiate life when you are happy.

I know that you feel trapped when you are afraid, like you can’t breathe, and like the world is closing in.

I know that you are the scariest thing most people have ever seen when you are angry, but it never makes you any less beautiful.

I know that when you are sad, everyone is sad with you. People will rush to give you hugs, and try to do anything to make you feel better. Your emotions are contagious.

I know that you never cry unless everything is going wrong, and I have never seen this, only heard, that it is the most heart-wrenching experience some people have ever had. You are completely silent, stare straight ahead, and let the tears roll down your face.

I know that you can make anyone feel better, especially lost first years. You will comfort or defend anyone and everyone-even Slytherins.

I know that you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.

I know that many guys in Hogwarts would love to have you.

I know that your favorite color changes daily, depending on your mood, thank you very much.

I know that you favorite food is pasta, and your favorite treat is a simple and “glorious” (according to you) piece of chocolate.

I know that you speak semi-fluent French and hope to learn more.

I know that you are completely original, hate copying anybody else, and hate anybody copying you.

I know that you, Lily, are the one girl who can make my heart go double pace by just walking into a room.

There you have it Lily, I know everything about you.


Dear James,



a/n: what did you think? Post your reply and favorite quote! pleez, i only got one for chap. 3!!!

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