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Harry Potter and the Potion of Life by Jake Hartman
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: Why
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Harry Potter and the Potion of Life

Chapter 1: Why

Harry Potter


Harry awoke with a fright. He had a dream that he was in the Forbidden Forest with Draco, kissing. Thats when he figured out it was a dream. But then Voldemort came up with like 12 dementors and he got Draco and started torturing him. Usually this would entertain Harry but, it was sad even to see it happen to Malfoy.

Harry got out of bed and got dressed to go to the feast. It was held back because the train had a little problem last night and we got back at 1:00 at night so we all had to go to bed.

Students had a choice, to go to the feast, or they may roam the school seeing all the stuff again. All the first years had to go though to get sorted.

Harry took a seat by his best friends Ron Weasly anf Hermione Granger.

"Hi guys whats up?" Harry asked.

"We are fine Harry, you?" Hermione replied.

"I'm fine too." Harry replied back.

"Good" Ron said.

The only thing was Harry was still wondering what that dream ment, it wasn't making sense. Maybe that was like last year in his 5th year when he had dreams about the future when Mr. Weasly got bit by Voldemorts snake.

The only person he could go to was Dumbledore but to bad he was to scared to bother him. It would be stupid saying, Professor Dumbledore, yeah, I had a dream that I was kissing Draco in the Forbbiden Forest and then Voldemort came with 12 dementors and totured Draco. That would be a nice conversation.

Harry decided not to go to Dumbledore, the only time he would is if he saw someone die in his dream, or when he wasn't kissing his worst enemy.

Harry caught a glance of Malfoy staring at him, with a little smile on his face. No it wasn't a grin but a smile. It was all weird. All Harry knew is that he didn't want anything to do with Malfoy.

"Hey look at Malfoy, isn't he weird" Harry said laughing.

Ron and Hermione turned and looked and saw Malfoy looking at Harry this time with googly eyes. It was scary. Then Malfoy noticed that he was being watched and turened away, quick.

Draco Malfoy


Draco saw them look and then he just sat there until he noticed them looking weird at him, then he turned away so hard his neck cracked, which hurt really bad.

Then his Girlfriend Pansy walked in and took a seat right next to him.

"Draky you okay, what happened?" She asked.

"Oh nothing, just sleept with me head weird." Draco replied.

Pansky took her hands and put the on Dracos neck and started to move them in an up and down movement which made Dracos neck feel better.

"Meet me back in the common room, I have something for you Draky." She said.

"Okay be there in a second." He replied.

Thats when Pansky gave Draco a kiss and then left the Great Hall.

There was a scream that made everyone stand up. It was Pansky. Draco lept out of his seat and ran out of the Great Hall. Then came back with a fear on his face.

The room was filled with sadness, all the happy was sucked out. Then a dementor came in with Pansky in it's arms. Draco was terrifyed. He lost his girlfriend.

Harry Potter


Harry jumped up with his wand out and yelled,

"Expecto Patronus"

It didn't work. They where imuned to the Patronus charm. Thats when it hit him. His dream came true, only differrent. He wasn't in the Forbidden Forest. and he wasn't kissing Malfoy, thank god too.

"Bloody Hell." Ron Yelled.

"Dito." Hermione said.

Thats when 2 Dementors looked at Hermione and Ron and came toward them.

"Expect Patronus" Hermione yelled and her otter flew oyt of her wand.

"Expecto Patronus" Harry yelled and his Prongs came out.

Its like the otter and the Prongs fused together and became one go toward to 2 dementors. Thats when the whent right trough them, like ghosts. He didn't understand it.

The 2 dementors whent for Hermione and Ron. Harry herd his mother like last time in his 3rd year, only this time she was talking. Harry dear, go out of the Great Hall. There you will see Snape leaving with Draco. Go with them and Hurry. Don't worry Ron and Hermione will be fine.

Harry listened to his mon. He saw Snape and Draco leaving. He had a glance of Hermiones sould get sucked out her body. Harry hurryed when the dementor on her came toward him.

The school had a lot of kids in 1 pile infront of the points. Harry saw what they looked like. They were paralized with fear, just sitting there not moving.

It was horrable.

Draco Malfoy


I saw Potter run out of the school chasing them. What the hell was Potter doing. Draco decided that it would be best to just leave him when he herd someone talking. I guess Snale herd it too,

"Stop and let my son get in with you all. He needs to go with you! STOP!"

Thats when Snape gave the signal to stop the carage. Harry jumped in.

"Mr. Potter why are you here?" Snape questioned.

"My mother told me too." Harry said back.

"Your mother is dead Potter, how can see tell you to do something?" Draco demanded.

"You herd it the same way I herd it, you herd a voice in your head, that was my mother." Harry told them.

As Snape told the carage to go Draco saw students being chased by dementors, getting trown into a pile. Thats when he saw Dumbledore getting draged out. The dementors got him. And they trew him on the top of the pile, and then the rest of the staff followed him.

A/N: Well thats wraps up the first chapter of the Potion of Life. Now please leave me some replies and don't worry I have a setup of how my story is going to go. So please don;t leave replies like,
Why did Hermione and Ron have to get kissed and why the heck is Harrys mom talking to him in his head? I will let you all know that later in the story.
Happy Reading
and also tune in next time for the nexr chapter.

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