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Recall by Helluin
Chapter 1 : Recall
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Chapter 1: Saturday Morning


A lazy hand stumbled over the bedside table, trying to find the snooze button. Finding the button, Sirius Black turned the alarm clock to him and moaned as he watched the time click to 6:01 A.M. He struggled to pull his long built frame out of bed and cursed as his feet touched the freezing floor.

He pushed himself out of bed and rubbed his eyes with the back of his fists. He cursed again as he lost his balance and slammed his hip into the corner of his dresser. He stopped in the hallway and listened. No sound of running water, no sound of the morning news drifting from the living room, and no bad singing from the kitchen. Sirius grumbled to himself as he turned left down the hallway and knocked on the door at the very end. Hearing no answer, Sirius opened the door and made his way to the bed in the corner.

"Harry," said Sirius as he shoved the still sleeping figure on the shoulder. Some sleepy mumblings emitted themselves from Harry's mouth but he stayed asleep. Sirius bent down closer to Harry's ear.


Harry jumped a foot of the bed and sat up suddenly. He eyes were wide and he was breathing heavily. He turned and got a good look at his Godfather's amused face. He sent Sirius a dark scowl.

"Was that necessary?" asked Harry as he rubbed his eyes. He grabbed his glasses off the side table and adjusted them on his face.

"Necessary: no. Funny: quite," said Sirius as he crossed his arms over his bare chest. "You should probably get up and get ready. Don't you have morning classes today?"

Harry hit himself on the forehead.

"Yes, I totally forgot!"

"Late night again?" asked Sirius as he raised an eyebrow at his Godson.

"I got home before you," said Harry, raising his own eyebrow.

"Yeah, but I don't have to work today. You're lucky I forgot to unset my alarm or you'd be late . . . again."

"I know, I know. Why do they insist on morning classes though?"

Sirius snorted.

"You're the one who wanted to be an auror, not me."

"But still," whined Harry as he flopped back down on his pillow.

"Get up," said Sirius as he grabbed Harry's forearm and dragged him out of bed.

"I want my own flat!" Harry was whining again.

"How can you have your own flat if you don't get a job. You can't get a job unless you take your training. Even if you did have a job, you'd get fired because you'd be late everyday. I'm going to charm that clock of yours into doing something violent to you when it goes off. Merlin Harry, stop acting like a child," Sirius pushed Harry into the bathroom and shut the door. He could hear Harry mumbling something like, "calling me a child . . . look who's talking."

Sirius laughed as he walked back to his room. He dug around on the floor for a bit and found a pile of clean clothes . . . at least he thought they were clean. Selecting a black sweater, he pulled it over his head and continued to dig around for a pair of blue jeans in the corner and put them on. Walking back down the hallway, he knocked on the bathroom door.

"Harry, what do you want for breakfast?"

"Um . . . some toast will be fine," said Harry, right before he turned on the shower. Sirius made his way into the small kitchen and popped a few pieces of bread into the muggle toaster. He grabbed an apple from the fridge. It's not that he was a health nut or anything but it seemed a shopping trip was in order for the day.

Sirius suddenly turned at the tapping on the kitchen window. He walked over and let the brown barn owl in. The owl dropped an issue of the Daily Prophet on the table along with two other letters. Sirius dropped a few knuts into the owls bag. The owl took its pay and left. Sirius moved the paper out of the way and picked up the two letters. One was addressed to Harry. The other was addressed to him. He set Harry's letter on the table and opened his own. It was from Remus.

Dear Padfoot,

Sorry I haven't written in a while, but I have been busily preparing for the start of the new term. Yes, that's right, I am still the DADA teacher. Surprised me too. Dumbledore seems to think of me as indispensable and refused my resignation. I was convinced my actions last year would have gotten me sacked, but it seems Dumbledore has other plans. So how's Harry? I heard he was accepted into the auror's program. Give him my best wishes. And what about you Sirius? You are staying out of trouble, I hope. Yeah, probably not. I hope you and Harry are getting along fine, but you two have always gotten along really well so I probably have nothing to worry about. I hope I see you two sometime soon.


Sirius smiled at the letter as he took a bite of his apple. He stood up as he heard Harry's toast pop. He buttered and jammed both pieces and placed them on the table. Taking up the paper, Sirius happily munched his apple as he read over the morning news.

Harry made an appearance in the kitchen about ten minutes later. He sat across from Sirius and began to eat his toast.

"You know," said Harry through a mouthful of bread. "I changed my mind. I don't want my own flat."

"Why is that?" asked Sirius, looking over the edge of the paper.

"Because then I'd have to cook for myself." He shot a grin at Sirius before returning to his toast.

"Oh yes, I'm a master chef. I can make toast," said Sirius as he rolled his eyes. "I thought you could cook?"

"I can. I used to cook for the Dursleys all the time. The point is I don't want to cook."

"You're just too lazy."

Harry stuck his tongue out at Sirius. Sirius returned the gesture.

"So how's Ron doing? Is he sticking in there? I heard the training is pretty tough."

Harry nodded.

"Yeah, he's doing really well."

"You two are going to make great aurors."

"Yeah, if we can both get there on time."

"Ron's having trouble, too?"

Harry nodded as he shoved the last bit of toast in his mouth.

"What time is class over today?"

"Um . . . one, I think. We are still on for the match today, right?"

"Yeah, the Leaky Cauldron at two. Bring Ron if he's free."

"He's going to be there. The Cannons are playing."

"Why does he follow that team? They're horrible!"

Harry laughed.

"That's Ron. He's liked them since I've know him."

Sirius smiled and glanced down at the tabletop. Harry's letter caught his eye.

"You got a letter today," said Sirius as he tossed it over at Harry. Harry unrolled it and read:

Dear Harry,

How are you? I hope I find you well. You'll be happy to know that I finally found a job. I am officially the new Arithmancy teacher at Hogwarts. When Dumbledore told me, I couldn't believe it! He says that I am the youngest teacher in about sixty years, but since my N.E.W.T.s were so good, he felt confident in my abilities. Did you hear that Lupin is staying also? He was convinced he would get sacked but Dumbledore wouldn't allow him to quit. How's Ron doing? Would you tell him to owl me sometime? I haven't heard from him in a month. Owl me back as soon as possible. I want to hear how you two are doing in your training. I do hope to see you soon.

Love always, Hermione

Harry smiled as he set down the letter.

"Hermione's teaching at Hogwarts," said Harry as he leaned back in his chair.

"Really? I figured she'd end up there somehow. Good for her," Sirius set down the paper.

"Why did Remus think he'd be sacked?" asked Harry as he stood up. He walked into the kitchen and opened up the fridge.

"He had this notion stuck in his head that he put too many people in danger last year," said Sirius as he shook his head. "He really needs to put more faith in himself. Always thinks everything's his fault."

"If anyone was to blame last year, it would be the people who didn't believe him."

"I know," said Sirius.

"Well, I really have to get going. By the way, there's nothing in the fridge. You will go shopping today, right?" Harry began to nod his head as he spoke. He knew how much Sirius hated grocery shopping.

"Yeah, if I get around to it," he said in an exasperated tone.

"What else are you going to do today? It's Saturday. You never do anything on Saturdays. Will you make yourself useful for once?"

Sirius snorted.

"Don't take that tone with me Potter. Remember who makes you breakfast."

"Ha! That's right. Sirius Black- master toaster," said Harry as he turned to grab his coat and wand. "Remember, Leaky Cauldron - 2 o'clock."

"I will."

Harry waved and appearated from the kitchen.

Sirius sighed as he leaned back in his chair. Another weekend with his Godson.


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