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Welcome to my Hell by Kitastrophy
Chapter 3 : The Letter From Home
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Oh my god. It is way too early! Why on earth would anyone get up at seven o’clock in the morning! Of corse I have for the past five years, but not in the holidays! I feel like crap.

After my shower I headed down into the common room. Oh great, there’s Cliff. Think happy thoughts!

“Hey Charlie,” she said, a bit too cautiously for my liking. “Um… You’re not angry at us are you?” she asked, looking behind her at Kelvin and Mullet-Man standing next to the portrait door.

I almost felt like laughing, I was this close too it as well *holds up fingers almost touching*. I looked at Cliff and smiled another of my award-winning smiles.

“Angry, why would I be angry?” Urgh, there goes the fake voice and smile again. Cliff just smiled warmly, said goodbye, and headed out of the portrait with Kelvin and Mullet-Man.

Why would I be angry? Stupid dumb bitch. Just then, Alex, Liam, Marc and Steve walked out from the boy’s staircase.

“Waiting for us Charlie?” Steve said nastily, who was there to witness the conversation with Cliff and the look on my face as she left. I snorted, god I’m tired.

“Oh yeah Steve, coz I just loooove waiting for four dorky guys!” I said, extending the looooove bit. The five of us walked down the halls and in no-time ended up in the Great Hall.

“Urgh, school’s gonna suck this year!” I said, plopping into my place between Liam and Alex. Marc looked at me puzzled.

“Why’s school going to suck this year?” he asked. God he’s such an intellect, and he loves school. I gaped at him.

“Because… It just is! And look who we have for DADA anyway, that is why it’s gonna suck!” I said. Another face looked puzzled, this time it was Steve.

“Why do you hate Potter?” he asked. Liam laughed. He knew me so well. Not only had he been my latest ex-boyfriend, but he had had the first blow of ‘I hate fricking Potter, I wish he would die. I wish everyone here was evil, why couldn’t I be in Slytherin, I want to die.”

Not only had he been the first (in a non-sexual way), but he had been the only one (also in a non-sexual way). For some reason I felt like I could trust him, and he never gave me any doubt to trust him.

In fact, out of the four guys around me that I had dated, Liam was the only one that I felt like I could trust. I mean, sure I could trust the others, but I could trust Liam with my life.

Liam’s just… Perfect. I don’t know why we ever split up, we just went our different ways at the end of last term. And since him I haven’t had any serious boyfriends.

Okay, anyway, back to the story, again.

“Charlie hates Potter because he’s the guy that saved the world from evil and destruction.” Liam continued, chuckling at the end. Alex, looked confused at Charlie.

“Why is that a bad thing?” he asked. Suddenly two shadows appeared on the table from two figures behind me.

“Yes, why is that a bad thing Charlie?” on of the boys asked. Bloody Troy. I turned around and was about to tell him why it was such a bad thing when Brent started speaking.

“Oh yeah, and I would be expecting a letter from Mum and Dad any minute now.” I stared at him in disgust.
“You wrote to the parents!” I said loudly. Troy looked at me like I was mad.

“Are you crazy! First you have a yelling-spree with you’re friends,” at this I snorted, “then that conversation on the train with us, and then that food-fight last night in which you totally disregarded the rules for everything!”

Honestly, Troy, Brent and Sam never break the rules, not even to have a little bit of fun. They considered fun studying and reading books. Not what I would consider fun.

What I consider fun is Quidditch. Along with Liam, Alex and Kelvin, I am on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Kelvin as Seeker (oh, shock horror, it’s probably rigged considering both her father and her grandfather were seekers), Alex as Keeper, and Liam, the team captain, and me as Chasers. There is also one seventh year as the other chaser, a fifth year as one of the beaters and a fourth as the other beater.

If there’s one thing that can keep me in a good mood, it’s Quidditch. We’re a pretty lucky team, we work together well, and we don’t have to do any try-outs this year because we had no people from our team leaving Hogwarts at the end of last term.

I must have gotten a look on my face while thinking about Quidditch, because my brothers just glared at me and stormed off. I looked at the guys.

“What did I do?” I said, innocently. They just laughed. I sighed.

“I can’t wait until we can start Quidditch.” I said dreamily. Liam got a look on his face.

“Oh, so that’s what you were thinking about. I was starting to think that you were thinking about my extremely good looks!” he said arrogantly. At this me and Alex we cacking ourselves with laughter.

“What!” Liam said, pouting. I just shook my head and started helping myself to scrambled eggs. Suddenly, an old, snowy owl landed in front of me and held out its leg.

“Well, at least it’s not a howler.” I said, taking the letter, opening it, and reading it out loud to Liam, Alex, Steve and Marc.

Dear Sweetie.
Hello, this is your mother. How are you? I hope you’re okay. I must admit that I am quite disappointed at you, but I suppose it’s a natural thing. It’s not that time of the month is it?

“OH MY GOD!” I all but shouted, “What the hell!”

Anyway, please be good from now on, and Kelly, Sully-Anne and Tiffany are you’re only friends, so please try to be nice to them.

The only reason that you think that I don’t have any other friends is because you’re the one who controls who I’m friends with, bitch!

Hold on, I’ll let you’re father write something. Love you heaps,
Charlotte Molly Weasley, what do you think you’re doing insulting my best friend and his family! You are showing no respect to your elders and it would be good of you to remember that if it wasn’t for Harry Potter-

*eye twitches* Bloody Harry Potter!

-you wouldn’t even be here and neither would any of us so you would do well to show him some respect! I don’t know what has gotten into you! I better not hear of any more of these episodes or I will bring you straight back home!
From, Dad.

“Oh, well it’s great to see that he cares,” I said sarcastically after finishing reading the letter to the guys, “I mean, come on, episodes! It’s like he thinks I’m some dangerous freak about to attack someone!”

The guys laughed, good one guys! *SARCASM* They never take anything seriously, but then, that’s what I love about them.

“So, Quidditch!” I said turning to Liam and throwing the letter aside, “When are we gonna get out there, Captain?”

*sigh* You gotta love Quidditch!

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Welcome to my Hell: The Letter From Home


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