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Problems with Love by HermioneG
Chapter 4 : Hogwarts, the Circus
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Disclaimer: No, I don't own Harry Potter, but I own some of these characters, though, and you probably know who.

A/N: Well, the bold italic text is a part of Clara. The good part, perhaps? I don't really know, but maybe the more sensible part?

Clara ran as fast as she could. She did not care about the many protests that came out of mouths every time she made her way through the students. She ran, with tears all over her face. Finally! She could see the Fat Lady in front of her, smiling. The Lady’s smile faded when she saw Clara; she was a mess. Her long, black curls pointed in different directions (especially up), her face was darkly pink with tears covering her cheeks, the eyes were red and puffy with a little mascara around (not much, she did not wear that much makeup) and the nails, usually long and delicate, were bitten down to roots.

“Dear girl, what has happened to you?” the Fat Lady asked concerned.

“Oh, just shut up,” she snapped. At least she tried to snap, but it was more like a chocked whisper. “Let me in, Lobo nisista, Lobo nisista! Please let me in, please!”

“Don’t you think-”

Inside, Clara was screaming insults with rude words, but outside, she was different. Outside, she wanted to say what she thought, but she simply could not manage to be angry because she was sure that if she got angry, then she would not manage to breathe. She just said, “Oh, please! I’ve got to come in!”

The Lady opened up, so Clara could continue to run, run through the Common room, where people sent her strange looks, and up to the Girl Dormitories for fifth year. The room was empty. Thank goodness! she thought.

She slammed the door again behind her, and threw herself down at her four-poster bed. She grabbed the soft pillow and held it tight. Well, tears. You can just come now. It’s not dangerous any more. But the tears didn’t come. Then she realized that she already had cried, and this made her howl. Typical. When I shall absolutely NOT cry, then the tears come, but when I CAN cry, they don’t.

She let go of her pillow and looked over at Ginny’s bed. Ginny, I hate you! It’s you who started this!

Oh, is it? Clara, it was you who HAD to ask if you’d got any chance on him, wasn’t it? Ginny just told you the truth, and ADMIT it, you would’ve cursed her to hell if she lied and you gave Ron a kiss and he was just shocked and disgusted.

You’re probably right.


Clara groaned. Maybe Ginny shouldn’t apologize at all, maybe she, Clara, was the one who should give an apology, even if it was the hardest thing she would ever do...

“Oh, isn’t he cute?” Clara sighed.


“Do you think I’ve got any chance on him?” Clara said, watching him with a little smile.

Ginny seemed to be thinking hard now while she was looking at a girl who ‘studied’ with Peter Hanson. Clara frowned. “But you can’t let your dear Vincent alone! He’ll probably go and kill himself!” Ginny said after about ten seconds, with a fake laugh.

“Shut up!” Clara said, while she threw a book at her. “Honestly, do I have any chance on him?” She was very anxious now, although it didn’t look like that if you just saw her.

She could see Ginny bit her lip and Clara’s heart sank. “Clara, look at that book he’s holding!” Ginny said. “Do you think he knows what he’s ‘reading?’”

That was it. Ginny did that on purpose, Clara knew that. Ginny Weasley had never been a good liar and that must be obvious for everyone.
Honestly, Ginny is S-T-U-P-I-D sometimes. She didn’t think I would fall for THAT? Then I would be the stupid one… “Dunno,” Clara mumbled. This started to get too much. She always fell in love with the wrong boys. Couldn’t she fall in love with one who loved her back for once?

“Do you mind if I help my brother with his astronomy questions a bit?” Ginny sighed. “He looks completely lost.”

“Whatever,” Clara whispered. “I’ll go to my dorm.” She started to pack down her stuff. She watched Ron one more time; he was watching, small-eyed, the girl who sat with Peter.

Ginny hesitated, before she shrugged. “Okay.”

She doesn’t care! She doesn’t care! Clara thought, while leaving the library for the Common Room. She blinked. Oh no, not tears! Please, not tears… Why do my eyes want to cry, anyway? Well, I suppose this was just one time too much, with me who always fancy the wrong boys…

She was running now, and Peeves was obviously out on some mischief again, because Clara got shoes from him… Okay, she did not just get shoes from Peeves; she got them in
her head. And these shoes were hard. Very hard indeed. Oh, Merlin… she thought, while just walking in circles and resting her hand at the head; it was painful, and now the tears came automatically. Her other hand found its way to the shoes and now Peeves should watch out. Clara was really angry now, and Clara had much strength when she was mad, so her target should move as quickly as possible. Peeves (who, for your information, just chuckled at the time) noticed this and moved, exactly when two shoes came towards him, but one who didn’t move, was Draco Malfoy.

Poor Malfoy was hit right in his face and fell down to the floor, shrieking. He seemed to have it even more painful than Clara.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” Clara gasped to him. Then she realized she had just apologized to a Slytherin, which made her cry even more, and at the same time,

Malfoy looked at her as though she was mental. “Do you really think that’s funny? Stupid Mud-” Here he realized that he didn’t know if Clara
was a Muggle born, and he would make a complete fool of himself if he said something wrong. So instead he said, “Er- you stupid… GRYFFINDOR GIRL!” And then he raised his hand in the air (which looked ridiculous, since he had fallen down at the floor and still lay there) with triumph all written over his face, because he had found something to say.

Clara thought Malfoy was mental. “Um- are you okay?”

“Of course I’m okay,” he snapped. And then, “Hey, you’re crying…”

“Oh, great observation, prat!” Clara cried. She hurried and was up in seventh floor before Malfoy could say one more word. She didn’t know why, but the fact that someone actually had seen her cry, was even worse than crying alone.

Clara frowned. Why had she been thinking so much at what had happened after she left Ginny? Well, no need to think more about why you were thinking so much, is there? No, no reason.

Ginny had told the truth. Or, she had not told her that Ron would never like Clara, but she had covered it and ignored the question. Because Ginny knew Ron fancied that bushy-haired girl, Clara could tell. Clara couldn’t help it; she just had to think about that girl…

What’s her name? Oh, it’s Hermione, I think... Honestly, who would give their child that name? And she’s not that good-looking either. Brown hair, and it's bushy, too; it’s not pretty at all! And those eyes..! Er- there’s nothing wrong with her eyes..? Well, watch the way she moves! Oh my gosh, that someone actually walks like she does! She’s got all those books in her bag, that’s the problem, if she hadn’t at least fifty books in her bag, then maybe she would move normal. Yeah, new problem. She reads too much, she’s too good in school. Who would date a know-it-all? Ron would. He’s one of her best friends, I hear. How gross! Thinking like that about your best friend! Ron, you should find a new love, you know.

Clara, you’ve given up on blaming Ginny, I see. But now you blame both Ron and the girl of his dreams? Shame on you! Have you heard yourself thinking? You have the most pathetic reasons sometimes. Is it really that gross to fancy your best friend? And is it really a bad thing to be smart and doing well at school? And why is it such a crime to name a child ‘Hermione’? Hermione is a pretty name, don’t you think? And WHY are looks suddenly so important? You didn’t care about that before. No, I think you’re jealous.

Oh. You again. I’m sooo happy you’re here to help me through this difficult time. Really happy. And I’m just wondering, why should I be jealous?

Because she seems to be more popular than you? The fact that Ron likes her? The fact that she was going to the Yule Ball with Viktor Krum, while YOU didn’t have a date at all, so you had to stay out of the whole thing? The fact that Peter Hanson, one of the most popular guys at Hogwarts seems to find an interest in her? The fact that the boys YOU like, never like you back?

Maybe you’ve got a point.

She heard a horrible sound. She jumped up from the bed, terrified, and looked around with wide-open eyes and wand out-stretched. Did I sleep? Clara thought. And what was that noise? It sounded like a hurt elephant!

She continued with watching her dorm. Ginny had kind of a kiss-mouth in her bed and muttered something like, “Mm. ‘rry… Oh! Mhm… Mhmmm!” Missy obviously dreamt about a Circus again, because she said, “Welcome to Hogwarts, the Circus! I hope you’ll enjoy this famous place. Here you can see Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore. Here you can find pupils who are actually studying, here you can find people who are definitely not studying and instead making life quite hilarious with hippos and everything...” She continued with muttering something about a trampoline, magical chairs and… cookies. “Magical cookies to magical people!” Clara was too anxious to continue listening at Missy’s bad sense of humour. Where was the elephant?

She heard the noise again. Clara turned and saw… Jane. Jane was snoring. Snoring like an elephant.

Clara snorted. Yes, this could indeed be a Circus. Missy would really like the idea. Jane could be an elephant and Ginny could snog Harry Potter for hours. That would be a show lots of students would enjoy. Of course, Harry had to agree and…

Clara! I think you’re still sleeping… Have you listened to yourself? Honestly, Hogwarts, the Circus? It’s just a dream Missy dreams all the time, it’s NOT gonna be reality.

Okay! Okay! I just thought about it, not serious of course, and it seemed hilarious, so… You can let me have
some humour in my life.

Ron. When Clara thought about him, she realized she had not got any feelings for him anymore. It was probably the best, anyway. And he looked sweet with Hermione, Clara had to admit that. She realized that Ron Weasley and Hermione would-soon-become Weasley were made for each other. The perfect couple. It was just the Peter-guy… Well, I can take him. He’s the most handsome boy at school and… Oh, imagine being his girlfriend…

Stop it! You have two different crushes at ONE SINGLE DAY. Give it up; take someone who wants you…

Well, no one
does want me.

That’s what YOU are thinking.

Clara was hungry. She was all the time, to be honest, but this time she almost starved. I have to get down to the kitchen. Well, I don’t have to. I can just stay here so the girls will find me dead when they wake up tomorrow. Hmmm. I think I’ll go for choice 1, for some mysterious reason…

So she went out of the dormitory and out of the Gryffindor Common Room. She was really careful, though. She did not want to be caught by Filch or Mrs Norris (Am I insane? You can’t be caught by a cat, Clara.).

When she reached the Prefect bathroom, she stopped. Alright, she was hungry, but now she felt she just had to take a bath. Clara was a Prefect, so she had got the password.

She walked to the door with small steps, looking nervously around, and said, “Prefects rule the world.” She rolled her eyes while she muttered it. Who could make such a stupid password?

She went in and discovered that she was not alone. Terrified, she saw that in the giant bath, there was someone. And that it was a boy.

A/N: I think this is the worst chapter second to ch. 1. Yes, I know Clara seems crazy. I'm half-done with chapter 5 and I didn't think that would be any good either, but actually, I like it. Well, please review!

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