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An Alternate Yule Ball by Hermione_Crookshanks
Chapter 3 : Researching
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This is another short chapter. I figured, again, it was better to give you this then nothing. I'm working really hard at juggling everything. Hopefully, I'll be able to get my next chapter up soon!

I changed the setting...just a note...they research for the second task in the common room, not the library. Creative liscence. In addition, I skipped over the Hagrid chapter, etc., as I wanted to get to the plots that had to do with my story. Please forgive me, all who loved that chapter!

I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters or the Goblet of Fire storyline.


The next day, most of the school slept in. Harry awoke and went down to the cozy common room to find Hermione sitting on a couch, her feet tucked under her, reading Hogwarts, a History. Harry couldn’t help but smile at her love for this book. He figured she must have read it at least seven times by now, and it was a rather thick book.

He sat down next to her, but Hermione didn’t notice, too absorbed with her reading.

“Hi,” Harry said softly. Hermione looked up with a start, and smiled as she caught Harry’s eyes.

“Hi, Harry,” she replied brightly. “Didn’t see you there.”

“It’s all right,” Harry replied. “So,” he said, “you decided to go back to your normal hair, huh?” He realized that he had absentmindedly been playing with a strand of Hermione’s hair, and he quickly let go and put his hand to his side, reddening. He had never had a girlfriend before, and wasn’t sure if this was appropriate behavior after only the second day as a couple. Hermione however just smiled. It was clear she thought what Harry had done was cute.

“No,” she responded. “I actually used a ton of Sleezeaky’s Hair Potion on it,” she laughed. “I don’t think I could do that every day. Think of the time…and the money!”

“I like your hair the way it is,” Harry informed her.

“Thanks,” Hermione said, with a playful grin. She grabbed her book, scooted over towards Harry, and leaned in to him, beginning to read. Harry sighed happily and placed his arm around her shoulder.

Half an hour later, Ron came down to find the two in the same position. Harry could see a quick flash of jealousy in his eyes, and it looked as if he was going to say something insulting, but he took a deep breath, put on a semi-fake smile, and told them good morning chirpily.

“Hello, Ron,” Hermione said cautiously, looking up from her book. Ron gave her a forced smile, and Hermione accepted this as the best she was going to get from him. Still, she looked up at Harry, with a questioning look on her face. It was clear she wanted to know what was going on, and it was even clearer that she knew Harry had the answer to her questions. But Harry remained quiet, for Ron’s sake, but more for the sake of their relationship. He didn’t want anything interfering in it at the moment, not when they had just started.


Two months had gone by, and Harry found himself in the common room with tons of books from the library on the eve of the second task. Hermione and Ron were helping him search through the books as he ran his fingers through his hair, his heart racing. Why hadn’t he listened to Hermione? To Hagrid? Why had he left it to the last minute? He had just discovered the night before, after finally taking Cedric’s advice, that the merpeople were going to steal the thing he cared for most. Only problem was, he didn’t know how to swim, so they were now looking for anything that might help him.

“This is impossible!” Harry cried out angrily, slamming a book shut. All he had found so far that had to do with water were ingredients.

“Nothing is impossible,” Hermione said, but her eyes were drooping, and Harry was certain that if it wasn’t for the fact that they were going out, she was extremely loyal, and she had too much pride to give up, she would have fallen asleep hours ago.

Ron seemed to be doing that, as he gave out a small snore. Hermione grimaced, took out her wand, and prodded him.

“Whuzgoinon?” he asked dazedly. “Have ya won Harry?”

Hermione gave out a little giggle, which brought Ron back to Earth.

“Er, sorry ‘bout that,” he apologized, and began flipping through the books. However, footsteps interrupted him. The trio looked up quickly to find Fred and George, looking as if they wanted a word.

“What is it?” Hermione asked impatiently. “Because now is really not the time.”

“It’s not us,” said Fred.

“Yeah,” said George. “McGonagall wants you two. Ron, Hermione.”

“McGonagall…what?” Hermione looked at them in shock, and then quickly at Harry. He knew she was thinking along the same lines as him. Had McGonagall somehow figured out that Ron and Hermione were helping him? But how? Hermione closed her book gingerly, bent over, pecked Harry on the cheek, whispered, “Look through all those books while we’re gone. We’ll be back soon,” and then followed the three Weasleys out the door. Harry was left alone, with no idea what he was doing.

Harry realized he must have fallen asleep after waiting four hours for Ron and Hermione to return (which they did not). Hours later, he felt something prodding at him. He was happy to wake up, as he had a horrible nightmare where the merpeople had taken Hermione. He was in the middle of a desperate struggle to free her when he was awoken, and he was thankful for it.

He opened his eyes to find Dobby staring at him, holding out an odd substance.

“D-Dobby?” he asked croakily.

“Harry Potter must go now, sir!” Dobby squeaked. “Harry Potter will be late for the second task!”

“What?” Harry exclaimed. He looked at this watch. He had ten minutes to get there. He just sighed, as he knew he had nothing to help him.

“Why bother, Dobby? I’m just going to drown.”

“Harry Potter, won’t, sir!” Dobby said fiercely. “Dobby overheard talking, and Dobby knows that your Wheezy had been taken.”

“My what?” Harry asked.

“Your Wheezy. Wheezy who gives Dobby sweater.”

“Oh, Ron!” Harry exclaimed. Then he did a backtrack. “Wait, Ron? What about Hermi…”

But Dobby interrupted him before he could finish his thought. “Take this, Harry Potter sir. It’s gillyweed! It will make Harry Potter breathe underwater! I heard Professor Moody talking to Professor McGonagall about it.”

Harry immediately took the gillyweed. If McGonagall and Moody had suggested it, he was all for it. Yelling a thanks behind him, Harry raced to the lake. He was clutching a stitch that had formed on his side. The judges were glaring at him.

“Where have you been?” a voice said from where Crouch should have been sitting. Only, there was no Crouch.

Percy Weasley was looking at Harry expectantly.

“Sorry,” Harry gasped. “I…overslept.”


Preview for next chapter (since I took so long with this one):


Hermione was glaring angrily at Viktor Krum, who was sitting next to her rather awkwardly. As Krum tried to speak to her, she wrapped the blanket Madam Pomfrey had given more tightly around her body, and turned away from him. Harry rushed over to Hermione, who looked relieved to see him.

"You're all right!" she exclaimed. "You did it! Oh Harry, I was so worried!"

"You're worried?" Harry asked, rather harshly. "I just found out that you're the thing VIKTOR KRUM will miss the most."

Hermione blushed. "It's not as if I asked for it," she said indignantly. "Apparently I was the thing both you and Krum would miss the most. Since you also had Ron, they decided to let me be Krum's damsel in distress." Hermione's eyes flared at these words. "What's more," she whispered, "the self-absorbed git just told me that he loved me."

"What?" Harry asked quickly. "Krum...what?"

"Yes, loves me," said Hermione, obviously upset by this...


There's your preview.

Hope to update soon!

Thanks for reading, and please review.


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