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Muggle Jammies by LovlyRita
Chapter 1 : Shopping
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A/N:I was inspired to write this story after working in the children's department at LS Ayres department store. I saw the pair of pajamas that is described at the end of the story, they are made by Carters and they are sooooo cute! I hope you enjoy this story, it's a feel good, and my first attempt at a "Happy" story of sorts! Enjoy!

“Honestly, Lily, is this really necessary? We have children’s clothing shops too, why must we go to muggle London?” whined James Potter, staring into his pregnant wife’s striking green eyes. Lily Potter was seven months pregnant with a baby boy, and she had chosen a lovely May day to go out shopping for baby clothes.

“Oh, James, you know I have a soft spot for muggle baby clothes! Please come with me, I need you to help me pick things out!” Lily brightly replied, completely unfazed by her husband’s reluctance to comply. She smiled and patted her raven-haired husband on his hand.

“Don’t worry, baby, it’ll be fun! And we’ll even get ice cream while we’re out, won’t that be good?” James rolled his eyes at his wife’s enthusiasm.

“Should I bring the pickle jar, then?” he sarcastically remarked under his breath. Lily had been having weird cravings throughout her otherwise smooth pregnancy, and many times she spread pickles on anything she could get her hands on.

“What was that, dear?” Lily asked, turning to leave.

“Oh, nothing,” he replied lethargically. He smiled at her and grabbed her hand as they walked down the cobbled steps of their quaint home in Godric’s Hollow. Right before they apparated, Lily turned to James, kissed him lightly on the lips, and whispered seductively into his ear, “No, my love. You needn’t worry about the pickle jar.”


The two apparated to Diagon Alley, where they left and entered muggle London. It was a beautiful spring day, and James couldn’t help but admire his wife and thank God his life had turned out so wonderful.

“Okay, let’s go here first!” Lily exclaimed, stepping into an air conditioned boutique. The store was decorated in blues and pinks. Cribs and strollers dotted the walls, and the clothing selection was situated in the center. Lily’s eyes lit up as she scanned the selection, while James’ eyes dimmed with boredom.

“Oh! Oh, James! Look! Look at the little neckties! Oh, and the vests, James, look!” She rushed over to a rack labeled, “Dress Clothes for Baby.”

“And the wee little socks!” He stared as his wife rushed to each rack and practically drooled over all the clothes. His eyes caught a knitted navy blue vest with white trim that Lily was ogling.

“Lily! I have a vest that looks exactly like that! Can’t we just put a shrinking charm on it whenever he wants to wear it?” Lily looked over at her husband, and the glint in her eye told him he might have gone too far.

“James Potter, I have never heard the like! I suppose you would support a shrinking charm on that ridiculous shirt you and Sirius both bought…what did it say….. I’m with stupid? James, our son is going to have the best of everything- including his own clothes!”

“Well, Miss Attitude, Sirius and I only got those shirts because we were bored as hell and we needed SOMETHING to entertain us while you were shopping. Come on, Lils, shopping is boring for boys!” Lilly looked at him, amusement dancing across her face.

“Yes, it is, for boys! But you, James Potter, you are not a boy, you are a man, a man who is married to a fat, ugly, blimp of a woman, so you better listen to what I say when I say it, James, and I say you are shopping with me and helping me pick out clothes for our child, who is to be born in two months, unless you are above that too!” She began to get emotional, and James recognized the pattern. She would soon be crying, apologizing for blowing up, then getting mad again when he tried to console her. “Damn hormones,” James thought to himself. He grew serious, and his expression lightened as he tenderly stared at his wife.

“Lily, love, you’ve never been more beautiful than you are right now, carrying our child inside you. He’s going to grow up into a Potter, and he’ll make us proud!”

“That’s what I’m afraid of- the part where he’ll grow up to be a Potter!” She smiled at him as James pretended to pout, but both of their expressions were light, and Lily was eternally grateful to have her loving husband, even if he was a little juvenile from time to time. Suddenly, James rushed to a rack full of pink frilly clothes.

“Look at this! Oh, this is nice!” He pointed to a small pink bonnet. Lily smiled at him.

“That is for a girl...that is, unless you want our son to be a cross dresser before he can even hold his head up on his own!”

“Well, obviously I have no taste in clothes. Show me what you think is adorable!” He knew he had just pledged himself for the long haul, but he at least owed it to his wife, who could only stand to be on her feet for about an hour and a half. He knew how much this shopping trip meant to her- she’d been planning it for a while. It wasn’t too often that she got to go out anymore, because she maintained that she should stay home and away from the elements of the world to protect her baby.

“Well, I like this,” she pointed over to a little pair of plaid shorts. James wrinkled his nose in disgust.

“Really? Are you sure?” He asked, trying to sound encouraging even though he thought the shorts were quite ugly, and he was sure that he would have made fun of someone else’s kid if they’d had the shorts on.

“No! See, I told you, you do have a taste in clothing! These really are hideous, I think I might make fun of a child who had these on!” Lily laughed to herself, not realizing that she had said the exact thing James had been thinking. “Of course, not outwardly, you know, because, just imagine an adult making fun of a child, it’s not like they chose it, but, you know, in my head.” James laughed out loud. That was his Lily, never offending anyone, especially children. “But,” she said, grabbing a pair of shorts behind the plaid ones, “these are very adorable. And look, they are red, they match that top over there! Aww, my little Harry is going to be so adorable!” James eyed his wife.

“Harry? When did we decide on Harry? I never said yes to Harry!” Lily laughed at him. James wasn’t entirely fond of the name Harry, but Lily had loved it her whole life. When she was a little girl, and she had played house with her sister Petunia, her son’s name was always Harry.

“Well, baby, I know we haven’t talked about it a whole lot yet, but…it’s a nice name for a young lad, don’t you think? Harry…Harry Raleigh, what do you think?” James wrinkled his nose.

“Raleigh? Are you kidding. Whoa whoa, how about we call him James James Potter? Then we can nickname him James squared, and everyone will know who’s son he is!” Lily rolled her eyes.

“Oh James, the things that come out of your mouth! Well, I suppose we could call him Harry James! Aw, how sweet, look at that little outfit over there!” She made to move across the aisle, but James stopped her.

“Now wait just a minute, why can’t he by James Harry? Or….James Robert, or James Marshal, or James Theodore?” Lily broke out in a warm laugh as her husband stared on incredulously. “Seriously, I want to have some input, James Harry….how about that?”

“Oh, honey, Think about it, Harry James. He’s carrying your name, and if you really want to, when he is growing up, you can call him James, but I will always call him Harry. Oh James, he’s going to be messed up before he can even talk!” She lightly hit his shoulder, and tried to move on with her shopping.

“Look at the baby blue jeans. Aw, he’s going to be so sweet, my little Harry!” She proceeded to pick out a few outfits, some socks, some little t-shirts, a bib, a high chair, and a crib. James had planned to build Lily a rocking chair next week as a gift so that she could rock their son to sleep. The nursery was decorated with animals, and his baby blankets and everything had pastel animals printed on them. It had been Lily’s project to get her through the bitterly cold winter months. Now all they had to do was furnish the room and fill the closets and drawers with clothes.

“Seriously, Lils, this is going to cost us a bundle, and aren’t we getting him any little baby robes? I mean, they do sell them, and all..”

“Of course we are! Oh and I have some picked out for him too, with the Gryffindor crest on them. Aww, I just know he’ll be a Gryffindor, and he’ll study and be at the top of his class, and be head boy just like his daddy and-“

“Are you kidding? He’s going to be a troublemaker! He’s going to break school rules, wander the corridors at night, he’ll make his daddy proud! Oh, and he’ll be on the quidditch team, team captain when he’s a 3rd year because he’s so good, and he’ll make the team as a first year, too! He’ll bring some honor to the family name, and he’ll be seeker, or maybe a chaser like his dad! And we'll be there the whole time, in the front row, screaming for him, and cursing those stupid Slytherins for knocking him off his broom, 'cause you know they'll do it, Lils, that's what they do, they are vicious! But then Harry, he'll get back up on his broom, weave his way in and out, real quiet like-like he's a mouse or something. He'll trip 'em up, throw those ol' Slytherins for a loop he will, and then he'll catch the snitch, or...catch the quaffle...and win the game! And the crowd goes wild!” Lily rolled her eyes at her husband’s enthusiasm for Quidditch.

“James, honey, you're off your rocker! You know as well as I do that there hasn’t been a first year on the team in more than a century. Oh James, come on now, we’ve been standing around talking most of the time, we need some more clothes! Poor Harry, he’s not going to have any clothes, and his daddy is going to try to shrink all his own clothes. I swear, James, I still can’t get over that, you wanted to shrink your own clothes, seriously!” But James did not respond, because his eyes were locked on a small blue pair of pajamas. They were made of a soft terry cloth material, and the fabric was baby blue. In the left corner, across the chest, a lion was embroidered. Underneath the lion, simply put, was the word, “Brave.”

“Lily, look at that, that is a sign! We have to get that, one of every size, just for my son Harry! What do we have here, Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, one year, eighteen months, 24 months, is that all? Okay, they have one in every size! It’s proof, out little Harry is going to be a Gryffindor, don’t you see? And on the quidditch team, and look, it says it here, he’s going to be brave! Oh Lily, please please, can we get these for him?” Lily was staring at her husband, not believing her ears. Suddenly tears began to fall down her cheeks, and she smiled sweetly at her husband.

“Oh-Oh James, I knew you’d warm up! Yes, one of every size, they’ll be his-his muggle jammies,” she sniffed, hugging her husband. She absolutely adored the outfit, imagining her son sleeping soundly with his little footie pajamas.

“He’s going to be a strapping lad, eh, Lily? Brave in baby blue! I hope it’s not going to clash with his green eyes, because I know he’s going to have your beautiful eyes, Lily. They are going to hold as much wonder and love as yours do right now. I know it, I just do, don’t ask me why. Green eyes, clear as the emerald sea, and every time I look into them, I’m going to see my beautiful wife, Lily Potter.” She blushed, her body tingling with love.

“I love you, James. You’ve made me the happiest woman on Earth, and when this child is born, our lives are going to be happier than we’ve ever known. Now let’s go and pay for this stuff…and move on to the next shop!” James smiled at her. As they walked up to the counter to pay for their things, James spun around.

“Move on? You mean..we’re not done yet? There’s more shopping to do? How is that possible, how are we going to carry all this? You’re not actually suggesting that…there is more??!!”

“Well, of course, honey, he’s got to have lots of things. Oh, and I thought you’d just apparate home to drop things off, and then we’d keep going! I’m feeling an unbelievable surge of energy…you don’t mind, do you?” She asked, batting her eyelashes at him.

“Oh, alright,” he grumbled. “But I better get some kind of payment for this!”

“Don’t worry, baby, you’ll get your reward later!” And as the two left the store, he couldn’t help but smile, not because of the nice time he would have later that night, but because he had his son’s belongings in tow, his little Gryffindor, his little Harry.

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Muggle Jammies: Shopping


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