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Imperia Maura by HollyH
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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She sat alone in the dark room, studying. Which was required for her given life. She was honored above all but her father. Her life was seeing, Following Orders, Giving orders and Learning. She loved to learn. It made her father happy. And when her father was happy, she would be happy. She was always spoiled by everybody. Including her father. Her name was Imperia Maura. As far as she knew, she had no last name. Imperia had long, strait pitch black hair that went to her knees if it was not tied up. Never once in the 15 years of her life, did a curl form on her head. Her eyes were emerald green, which always seemed to glow. Today, Imperia was to go to the most important Death Eater Banquet of her life. Today was the day Imperia Got the mark of a deatheater. She was excited! Today her father would be so proud of her! It was the happiest day of her life! And it was the first time she would meet other people her age. She was going to expect pain but she never worried about pain. if it was anything like crucio, she would be fine. After all, she was immune to crucio's lack of pain. She had it on her every day. Imperia put it on herself so she would be ready if anyone turned against her father and threatened her with Crucio. It had happened before. She hated it then. Now she loved it. It made her feel relaxed, like people pricked themselves with pins to relieve stress. Crucio did the same for her. There is another thing she would show father! It would make him even prouder of her! She could scream of happiness! Not wanting to wait any longer, she dressed in a beautiful dark Green dress that was tight around her waist and went loose the rest of the way to the ground. The sleeves, if you could call them that, were cut on the outside and hung down at her sides. That way it wouldnt be a hassle to pull up her sleeves to have the dark mark sealed in her skin. She put a tiara-like thing on her head. It went around her head. Emeralds hung on her forehead. She quickly put green eye shadow on and excitedly walked to the Dining hall where her father was waiting for her. Over 200 Deatheaters bowing to him. He smirked when he saw her and she gracefully walked to his side, smirking back.

"Today is a glorius day! The day my daughter, as well as a few of your own children..." Voldemort said. Imperia's smirk dropped. He had pretty much put her in the 'Meer Child' Catagory. No matter! Nothing could spoil this day!

"...Will be earning the privilage to join our circle permanantly as an equal. Today, they earn the mark." He continued. "So, would the new deatheaters to be, come forth."
Imperia struggled to see them, but cloaks with hoods covered their faces. She noticed a few girls. The hoods covered their faces, but their hair hung visably.

"Take of the hoods please, I believe Imperia Maura would like to see you..." He smirked at her and she blushed. She looked at the other teens, one standing out far more then the others. She stared at him and smirked. He didnt see her because he was still bowing.

"Imperia Maura, to the stool please, daughter." He announced. Imperia smiled and eagerly sat on the stool. Voldemort took out his wand and held her arm softly. She heard him mutter something but didn't listen. She felt her arm tingle and blood issued from her upper arm. She smirked at her father who had a proud look on his face she smiled. He was proud of her!

"Vincent Crabbe." Wormtail announced. A fat teen stumbled up. He looked discusting compared to Wormtail. That was compleatly horrible looking in Imperia's opinion. He sat on the stool and Voldemort muttered the spell again. Vincent screamed. Imperia raised an eyebrow, which Vincent saw. He tried to close his mouth but lost the battle. He clutched his arm and stumbled back to the line.

"Gregory Goyle." Wormtail said. The teen had a face that shown pure terror. Apparently, Vincent had presented them with the worry of pain. He didn't look much better then Vincent, but still better Gregory clamped his eyes and teeth shut. He too screamed.

"Draco Malfoy." Wormtail said. It was him! The one that had caugh her attention before! She actually saw his face, full view. She smiled at him and he bit his lip. She couldn't blame him. If she hadn't trained herself for pain, she would have done more than bite her lip. She was quite proud of Draco. She watched as he sat on the stool. Her father held onto his arm and mutter the spell. He bit his lip harder but no sound came from his mouth. Blood ran down his chin from biting his lip too hard. She felt sorry for him and only him. He walked back in line, and his father patted him on the back.

"Pansy Parkinson." Wormtail announced. The girl walked up. She wore way too much make-up in her opinion. Too-red lipstick, Green eyeshadow that went all the way to her eyebrows. Not to mention the amount of blush that covered her pug face. She screamed like no tomarrow, 2 seconds before he said the spell. She wasn't worthy at all! She cried all the way back.

"Lastly, Blaise Zabini." She heard Wormtail say. She seemed more confident than Pansy. And she didnt wear make-up. She would have looked more pretty if her hair was longer. She cried out when she felt the spell. Then she went back to their line.

"Help yourself to food at the table." Voldemort said. He nodded his head at her. She grazefull walked to the table filled with food and picked up a few graped and sat down on a Chair. She looked up to see Draco looking at her. She smirked and he looked down, but she could tell he was smirking. She smiled and plopped a grape in her mouth.

Later on in the party, She noticed the group of teens eating in a circle. She walked over and they dropped down, bowing. Goyle was clumsy enough to have spilt punch on the bottom of her dress. Imperia Yelled and kicked his arm. He moaned.

"Im Sorry, Imperia." He muttered.

"Who said YOU could address me like that?" Imperia said.
"What should I call you then?" He said. For an oaf like that she was suprised at his question. She had no clue herself what he should have called her.

"Miss... Or just drop the name permanently!" Imperia Hissed.

"Sorry, Miss." He said. She rolled her eyes and sneered.

"You all can get up now." Imperia said, cooly. "Except you." She hissed at Goyle. He remained on the ground as the others stood.

"We are honored you have joined us, Miss." Draco nodded his head. She smirked.

"You dont need to call me that. Only him." Imperia said.

"Well then I am honored you have joined us, Imperia." He said. She smiled.

"How come you didn't scream when the curse was done on you?" Pansy said.

"How come YOU screamed when you weren't even hit with the spell, Parkinson?" Imperia hissed. She looked at the ground, shameful.

"Its beacuse I trained myself. I put crucio on myself, every night." Imperia said proudly. Everyone's jaws dropped.

"Why?" Vincent said.

"Why? So I am trained. So my father would be proud of me. So I will be well prepared. Not to mention, I get to practice the curse. Do you want me to practice for you?" Imperia said, confident. Draco and Blaise smirked on what she meant. Vincent, Pansy and Gregory didn't get it.

"Okay." He said, clueless.

"Are you SURE?" Imperia said.

"Sure, miss." He said. Draco and Blaise snorted.

"Alright, if you insist..." She said and pointed her want at him. His eyes widened. "Crucio."
He fell to the ground, yelling. Everyone stared.

"Pretty good, huh?" Imperia said as she released the curse. He nodded as he gasped for breath. "My goodness! Only 2 of you managed to not piss me off?"
Draco sneered at Crabbe and Goyle. She knew he was told to please her by his father. Good thing he did, too. Lucius always was one of the smarted deatheaters...
Music began to play and Imperia laughed. Wormtail being slapped by Narcissa Malfoy, was way too funny to hold in.

"Imperia, Want to dance?" Draco said.

"I have never been asked before... Of course!" Imperia said as she saw Pansy scowling. She couldn't help but smirk.

"Do you know how to dance?" Imperia said.

"Yes. Do you?" He said.

"There is one thing that I do not have the access to know. And thats the killing curse. I dont even know the blasted words!" Impearis sighed as they began to dance. "Do you?"

"Yes, but your father would use it on me if I do tell you." He said. Imperia laughed.

"Does Parkinson always wear that much make up?" Imperia said.

"Pretty much. I feel sorry for anybody she kisses..." Draco chuckled.

"Me too." Imperia Laughed. "My goodness! You have a talent in humoring people!"

"Thanks." Draco said proudly.

"This is honestly the best day of my life. First, it is the day I become a deatheater, second, I actually get to meet people my own age, third, I get to see Wormtail slapped..." Imperia said.

"You dont like Wormtail much, do you?" Draco said.

"No. He thinks Im not smart enough to study by myself. Plus he is a klutz." Imperia said.

"He stutters to much too..." Draco said. Imperia nodded. She closed her eyes and then opened them slowly. She went to search his mind.
'Father said I should respect Imperia as much as possible and not to anger her in any way. This is easy! Plus she is Hot! Shit, Draco. Dont think that! Voldemort is sitting right up there! Do Not think that! Do not think that! Oh well... I can still dream about her, right? He cant read minds, can he? Isn't he good at sensing stuff? Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, shit!' she heard him think. She smirked. 'Perfect.' She thought. He is hot too.

"Goodness... Im creeped out. All of the Deatheaters are looking at me." Imperia sighed.

"Im used to it. After all, I am me..." He stuck his head up proudly. Imperia laughed.

"I am going to the second ballroom. Want to come?" Imperia said.

"Sure." Draco said. "Do they have to come?"

"Sure, if they want to..." Imperia said as they walked over.

"Im having my own party in the other ballroom. Is anybody coming?" Imperia said.

"No, Thanks." Pansy said. "I'll stay here, thanks." She eyed Draco in discust.

"I can't." Blaise sighed. "My mother is so over-protective, So would never let me leave her sight. Expecially at a Deatheater Banquet."

"Why? Whats wrong with Deatheater Banquet?" Imperia said.

"She thinks I will get drunk on all the wine they have at these Banquets." She said. "And I only got drunk once! Not fair!" She folded her arms and stared at the floor, scowling.

"Crabbe? Goyle?" Draco said.

"Can I get up yet?" Goyle moaned.

"No." Imperia said. "Vincent?"

"Too much pain to move!" He hissed at her. She raised an eyebrow.

"You dare hiss at me?" She said.

"No." He cowered.

"Good." Imperia said. "Well I am going. Who ever changes their minds, the other ballroom is passed the bathroom."
She lead the way, Draco trying to catch up.

"Why are you walking so fast?" Draco said.

"We have this demon who roams our halls. Nasty thing. Likes to cause trouble..." Imperia said, eyes searching every inch of the hall way.

"Like Peeves?" Draco chuckled.

"What are peeves?" Imperia asked. "I dont remember them in any of the Creature Encyclopedia's I own..."

"Just a ghost who likes to prank kids at school. He always Targets Snape. Poor, poor fellow!" Draco smiled.

"Snape Dared to consider betrying my father." Imperia said. "He deserves it..."

"He is really hard on Potter, though..." Draco said.

"Excellent." Imperia grinned. "Here is the right door."
She unlatched the double doors and pushed them in, showing a smaller, yet more delightful ballroom. It was beautiful.

"Wow..." Draco said.

"Its mine." Imperia announced proudly. "I decorated it, of course."

"I love the snake borders! Wow!" Draco said.

"Touch anything but the Basilisk tooth over there..." She nodded toward a Self with a long, triangler tooth that was on a gold pillow. "It is spewing with poison. 60% more venom is in that tooth than the regular one. One touch of it will cause you blood to boil on the spot. Believe me, dont try. I saw a house elf rot within 30 seconds."
Draco gulped.

"Not to worry as much, Draco." Imperia assured. "It will give you a slight shock to warn you that you are within the 2 feet radius."

Draco ignored the tooth as much as possible and focused on a large snake, twice the length of Hagrid. It was as thick as a fairly large tree.

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Imperia Maura: Chapter One


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