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Resolution by MadisonFelton
Chapter 1 : The Daughter of Power
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Chapter One: The daughter of Power
A/N: This is written in the perspective of an enemy of Harry's. In no way at all do I express the same feelings as the character, and trust me, her attitude just may change slightly, you'll see.
Disclaimer: Obviously, all I own is the plot and Danica.

Danica smiled sinisterly in the cool night air. For she knew a secret that only she, and one other person in the world knew. Of course, with a secret so unthinkable such as this, she wasn't about to reveal it to someone - just yet. It needed to be done in a shocking most destructive way. She took pleasure in that the decision was hers to make. The decision of how. It was a delicate plan. It would need to be. And the only way to create mass chaos (publicly as you may have guessed) was horrifically. It had to be big, to be ground-breaking. And most of all, it had to bring about devastation, around the world. That would be simple enough, for as the sound of the name Voldemort caused a shiver down most every spine, his daughter's would too. The wind blew her dark hair back as the moon's golden light shone upon her.

Voldemort was a brilliant mastermind. To create a girl carrying on his like-minded love of destruction of all things good. He was not feared as the most powerful wizard for nothing. Creating her just as powerful was a small part to pay, but to him it was worth it. What eased his conscience was that he was behind the whole thing. The girl's former person; cast under the world's first permanent Imperious Curse, so to say. Which in theory made her his daughter. He'd been careful to select a 16-year-old, pureblood girl who was a Ravenclaw in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She also was Metimorphmagus, as he foresaw she would tend to choose to look like him in appearance and aided his distaste to using someone not of his own direct bloodline. Being a Metimorphmagus, it would not be uncommon for her look to change ever so slightly, she was only a minor so her look could only change a certain amount. She was much more attractive than he, her skin tanned, hazel eyes, and dark, long black hair that changed from light brown.

Voldemort's permanent Imperious Curse was ingenious. It enabled the girl to believe that truly she was the daughter of Voldemort, and act on her so-called ‘free will', but her mind and personality were modeled in his likeness. She was able to retain her past friends' names, teachers, assignments, and things like that to minimize the occasional skeptical wizard. All he had to do was kill the young Ravenclaws parents and replace all her memories of them with faux ones of himself and her. So, if you asked her if Voldemort was her father, and she replied yes, it would be all in truth to her. She was Voldemort's daughter, and ready to bring forth Harry Potter's demise.

Staring past the Whomping Willow, to her school, Danica saw a flicker of light. Dull as it may have been, it was a threat to her illegal nightly stroll. She slowly skulked behind an immense tree and peered out from behind it's engulfing shadow. The light flickered out and then re-enkindled. Obviously no one of an authoritative position, for they would have performed the spell successfully and spotted her. This must be a struggling firstyear? No, they would be most likely to heed the warning of the forest after-hours. Who then? Her night walks had gone on for almost 2 weeks straight, since they'd returned to Hogwarts from summer vacation, and she had scarcely seen any forms of life, save the owls. Danica, inquisitive by nature, stepped soundlessly to investigate. She neared the tall, lanky figure, it seemed and lit her own wand. "Lumos" she whispered, her voice cutting through the night, as her wand lit up.

"Good Evening, Ron Weasley. Out for an evening stroll are we?"she asked amused that she ever thought him to be a threat. "Um...Yeah..." he replied absently. "Alone?" she persisted. "Um..OW! Yes- alone." he stumbled forward as if pushed. That was it, he'd been uncovered by the Invisibility Cloak! Harry was probably still under it. What a perfect opportunity. But-no. She firmly told herself. She realized that if she waited, more havoc could be made. "Tripping on air? It's thick tonight- but not that thick..." Danica said searching his eyes for any sign of weakness. "Er...No, I tripped on a twig." Ron insisted lying. "I know you, Harry, and Hermione have the cloak. It's quite obvious." Danica said with a small smirk.

During the weeks at school, she'd made it possible for them to know her. Deliberately dropping her books in front of them and introducing her self. It would be vital to the plan that they knew her. As much as it repulsed her to talk to these simple minded people, it would make her feel better to kill them all singlehandedly. "Promise you won't tell?" Ron sighed defeated. "How can I? I'm not supposed to be out here either." Danica glanced in the direction behind Ron where the 2 others where removing the Invisibility Cloak seeing her as no threat. "Hello Harry. Hermione." Danica said sweetly. "Hullo," Harry said smiling. "Hello, Danica, What are you doing out after-hours in the Forbidden Forrest, no less?" Hermione said giving her a look of detest. And her...she would be the very second to go. "You're really in not much of a position to ask that. You're out after-hours as well." Danica said cooly. Hermione huffed, "WE...are out to see Hagrid and help him with Fang. He's got sort of a problem and needs the help of some REAL wizards. An excuse probable enough, What are you hiding anyway? You looked nervous by that tree." "Hermione, no need to be rude. Anyone would be scared to be caught." Ron said. The freckled-face git had taken a liking to her. Repulsive. "Yes, Hermione, Let's not get our accusations all pointed at little old innocent me." Danica said smugly. "Hardly..." Hermione mumbled. "But- If you must know...I craved for a spot of fresh air. And I do so love to walk in the moonlight, the world's a whole new place at night. So spontaneous. Anything can happen. And it's all so mystical. Almost scary isn't it?" Danica said with a quick look of defiance at Hermione and a smile flickered upon her wand lit face as she saw the sulky frown emitted from her along with an arm cross. "It is quite nice." Harry agreed. "Well..." Danica said yawning, "I'd better get off to bed. I do want to do well on my Potions test tomorrow. Potions is quite tricky. ‘Night Harry, ‘Night all." she said giving Harry a flirty wink as she waved and strode away.

She could have kicked herself for winking at the enemy. Trust, I hafta gain his trust. So he won't suspect me. And he won't know until it's too late. He needs to think you have an interest in him, or he won't ask you out. The only true way to get his trust is that would be the only way, wouldn't it? She told herself going inside. She quietly crept along the barren, silent corridors, feeling her way around and nearly tripping over Mrs. Norris twice. She finally approached the snoring portrait. "Hey!" she whispered fiercely at the portrait who in turn snorted, and awoke with a start. "You should be in bed!" the portrait scolded angry with her for disturbing it's sleep. "Yeah, Yeah..." Danica muttered and gave it the password.

Nimbly, she climbed soundlessly through the entrance and quietly climbed the stairs to her dorm. The dark room was filled with soft snores and wrinkled beds containing people. All except Danica's. On her bed, sat an envelope marked with her name, she found by squinting fiercely. It was most likely delivered exclusively by her owl to her dorm from her ‘father' checking up on her progress. She threw it to the floor without a care, they came everyday and contained quite possibly the world's most repetitive and boring message about her plan. Danica changed into her night things quietly and slipped into bed drawing the curtains.
Soon, her eyelids grew heavy and before she knew it she was blinking away the pesky sunlight streaming through a crack in her curtains.

She sluggishly sat up and threw them open weakly. It was no surprise to her that no one else was in the dormitory. She was a late sleeper and always had the luck to wake in time for her first class, so her friends simply let her sleep. Which avoided all together the cranky figure of disgrace she was in the morning. She rubbed her eyes groggily. Today was to be a pretty eventful day.

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Resolution: The Daughter of Power


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