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Love before Death. by _Harry_Potter_
Chapter 24 : Awards and Honours.
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Harry lay in the Hospital Wing of Hogwarts, for months. He got fed potions through a tube. Hermione stayed at his side all the way through. Madame Pomfrey had kindly drew up a bed for Hermione to sleep next to Harry.

Everyone sat around the Hospital Wing, waiting for Harry to awaken. Once they entered July, Harry stirred slowly and looked at Hermione.

She screamed and kissed him deeply. Harry was so happy to see her there. He hugged her and stroked her face, before hugging and shaking hands with everyone else.

The crowd contained Dumbledore, the Weasley's, Hogwarts friends and staff, and the remaining Order of the Phoenix members.

"Oh it's so good to see you fit and healthy. Everyone has been worried, as it's been months. How are you feeling?" asked Remus hurriedly.

"I'm fine Remus, how about you?" replied Harry happily.

"Well, me and Tonks are now married. When I asked her to marry me, we promised each other to get married after the war. As that time is now, we got married." replied Remus excitedly, pointing at a gold ring.

"Congratulations, I'm so happy for you. You may have to attend a few more marriages." said Harry pleasantly, giving Hermione a glance.

Dumbledore stepped forward. His eyes were twinkling and a huge grin was spread across his face.

"We have two days remaining of school. Tomorrow, we shall be holding a ceremony. You shall be awarded awards and honours and those who were killed will have a proper send off. Then afterwards the leaving feast shall take place, then we all go home." explained Dumbledore happily, placing a sherbet lemon in his mouth.

Harry smiled but felt guilty for those who had died. He remembered his promise to all his own followers.

"Those who have died shall be remembered forever and any who have young children, shall have their children placed in a decent Wizarding school. I promised this to all my followers, I want to keep to it. If a book is written about me or anything made in my name, I want everyone of their names with it." said Harry seriously.

Dumbledore nodded in agreement. He smiled and then took a seat at the bottom of Harry's bed. He looked around the crowd, checking if anyone wanted to say anything.

"Potter, you have no need to attend Hogwarts the following year. You have mastered a lot and will be given things, which that will get you your desired career." explained McGonagall, with a rare smile.

"I wish to attend Hogwarts the next year. I will master anything else I feel. I will be around my friends and I can set things up for the future. So if it is alright, I would like to stay. I want to start my adult life, with my friends." said Harry calmly.

"You are allowed. I will look over some things and then when you get your letter, in the summer, I shall send along things for you to do. You are also Head boy, as you know." said McGonagall pleasantly.

Harry climbed out of bed and wrapped his arms around Hermione. He kissed her neck, to her enjoyment.

"You don't know how long I have been waiting for that." whispered Hermione seductively.

After Dumbledore had explained what was to happen the next day, Harry and his friends went back to their common room.

When they were outside the entrance, they found Draco standing with Pansy Parkinson. They were holding hands and waiting for something.

"Harry, it's so good to see you. I'm so happy to see you well. I have a few things I want to discuss with you, alone." said Draco happily, shaking Harry's hand.

"Sure Draco, come round this corner." said Harry leading Draco around a corner.

"Harry, I want to thank you for revenging my mothers death for me. By you doing that, I can start a life away from evil. I will have a happy life. Me and Pansy got married whilst you were unconscious and I found out she is pregnant." explained Draco excitedly.

"That's great. I'm so happy to hear that and don't worry about what I did to your father. I made sure he knew that he was going to die for you. How far along is Pansy?" asked Harry eagerly.

"Six months. She hasn't got a bump yet. I think if they are slim, they don't really get bumps. I have one thing to ask of you, will you be ... my child's Godfather?" replied Draco proudly.

Harry was shocked by this, he had only been friends with Draco for a short while. He was being asked to be a Godfather of someone he use to be enemies with.

"Draco, we have only just become friends. Maybe I am not the right person." said Harry seriously.

"I have no other friends, that are any good. Hermione has agreed to be Godmother. Me and her have made peace and Pansy gets on with her very well." said Draco hopefully.

"I'll think about it. When we start school, Pansy won't be far off and then I will give you an answer." said Harry simply.

Draco smiled and gave Harry a friendly hug. They both went back to the entrance to their common room. They found Pansy and Hermione chatting and laughing.

"Come on Pansy, we have to choose some baby stuff." said Draco softly.

Pansy looked up and smiled at Harry. She said goodbye to Hermione and walked over to Draco. She grabbed his hand and they began to walk away.

"You two don't want to come in?" asked Harry friendly.

"No it's alright. We have a lot of things to sort out. I'll see you on the train." replied Draco with a wave of his hand.

Harry and Hermione went into the common room and took a seat together. Hermione sat sideways on Harry and kissed him constantly.

"So Ginny, Luna, how did you do on your exams?" asked Harry curiously.

"Oh well, we did well we think. I did really well in Charms and Transfiguration. I didn't do well in Herbology or Divination. I think I did average in Defence Against the Dark Arts." replied Ginny happily.

"I did good in Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology and Ancient Runes. I didn't do too well in Transfiguration, I transfigured my examiner's arm into a carrot." said Luna with a weak smile.

That night Harry and Hermione spent a night of pleasure. They hadn't done it in a while and wanted each others love to be shown.


The next day, Harry woke at noon. He opened his eyes and found Hermione had got one of his dress sets out and had packed everything away for him.

He looked around the room and found Hermione in a towel, with wet hair. She was sat at her make-up desk and was doing some make-up.

"Morning babe, we have an hour before the ceremony. I know it doesn't take you long to get ready, so I didn't wake you up earlier." said Hermione happily.

Harry went over to her and kissed her softly. He grabbed a towel and went for a quick shower. When he had finished he went out and found Hermione dressed and sorting her hair out.

Harry dried off and got dressed in his dress sets. He placed on his black and gold trimmed cloak and then attempted to flatten his hair.

Once he was ready he looked really smart and handsome. Hermione was happy to see him like it and kissed him happily. She was wearing a cream and white dress with was dragging behind.

"You look gorgeous." said Harry happily, pulling her closer.

Harry transported them both down to the Entrance Hall. When they appeared, they were greeted by Professor McGonagall.

"Oh Harry you look handsome. Hermione you look beautiful. If you walk out of the doors and into the grounds, everyone is waiting for you." explained McGonagall happily, indicating to the double oak doors to her left.

Harry and Hermione linked arms and slowly walked towards the doors. They opened on there own and revealed the bright grounds.

They both entered the warm outdoors and got deafened by cheers. Harry laughed at the thousands of people, who were stood bunched together.

Harry saw Dumbledore and the Minister stood patiently. Harry walked over to the stand and stood next to them. The Minister began to speak.

"We are all here, to witness the awards to Mister Harry Potter. I am honoured to give these awards to Mister Harry Potter and shall never forget this day. After the awarding, we shall have silence as we respect the brave people who fought alongside Mister Potter." said the Minister importantly.

Harry stood next to them just listening. Hermione hugged him and smiled. Then the Minister began to speak once again.

"My first award is to place Mister Harry Potter on the Wizengomet as deputy. He shall be able to judge people and will have a lot of power over what happens to them. He shall also have the power to make changes to the Wizarding world, just like a Minister. The other deputy is Albus Dumbledore, these to shall share the role." said the Minister clearly.

People muttered at Harry becoming a member of the Wizengomet at such a young age. Even Harry was shocked, Hermione kissed him happily.

"My next rewards to Mister Harry Potter. He shall be placed as a Grand Sorcerer, Co-Chief Warlock and a deputy of the International Confederation of Wizards. This will place Mister Harry Potter with a lot of power on how things are done. He will decide who gets high-jobs at the Ministry and will have the power to remove power off of people in the Wizarding world." explained the Minister happily.

Harry felt weak, he was becoming a second Minister. He was becoming a person like Dumbledore, though slightly more powerful. Hermione kissed him again, as everyone cheered loudly.

"My final rewards to Mister Harry Potter are, to have a place on Chocolate Frog cards and two Order of Merlin's. The first for bravery in the face of evil and for notifying the world of the rise of evil. The second is for bringing peace to the world, permanently." explained the Minister.

Everyone cheered. Harry was so shocked, he had gotten two Order of Merlin's, it was rare for someone to get one. Harry stood up and shook the Minister's hand. He held up a bunch of papers and medals.

Silence was achieved. Then everyone knew what was next. They drooped their heads in thought, as the Minister spoke once again.

"We shall have one minute of silence, whilst we respect the people who died in the battle of evil and good." said the Minister softly.

Everyone stayed silent for a minute. They all stayed silent for a bit longer as they respected the brave people. Harry and the rest of the Hogwarts left and went to the leaving feast.

Over the time of the feast, Harry and Hermione just kissed as usual. Dumbledore gave a speech and then everyone left for their last sleep of this year of Hogwarts.


The next morning was hectic. People were rushing around, trying to get onto the Hogwarts Express. Harry had managed to get him and his friends an empty compartment.

They all sat inside whilst the train slowly pulled out of Hogsmeade platform. The boys began talking about their jobs, whilst the girls whispered and giggled to each other.

"So Draco, what do you want to do, when you leave school?" asked Harry curiously.

"I want to go into the Department of Mysteries, so does Pansy. I hear you want to be head of that Department, one day you could be my boss." joked Draco happily.

"Yeah, I am getting Auror done first though. I cant wait for it." said Harry excitedly.

"Your taking part in the National Duelling Tournament, aren't you?" asked Draco interestedly.

"Yeah, I'll not get far, but it will be fun." replied Harry honestly.

"You will get quite far, I think you will win it. You have a lot of skill and can use your mind when you need to." said Draco loyally.

Over the journey to Kings Cross, they all talked about Quiddich, homes, next school year and what they are doing over the summer.

Hermione had finally gone over to Harry to snuggle. Harry allowed her to lay her head in his lap, whilst the boys played Exploding Snap.

When they finally pulled into Kings Cross station, they all hurried around gathering their trunks and pets. Harry felt guilty that he hadn't spent any time with his owl, Hedwig.

When they got onto the platform, they were allowed to go through the barrier in threes or fours. When Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny appeared on the station of Kings Cross, they were hugged tightly by Mrs Weasley.

"Oh your back, thatís wonderful. Harry dear, your Aunt and Uncle are actually happy to be seeing you. They had a nice chat with us, shockingly it was them that made the conversation." said Mrs Weasley shocked.

Harry scanned the crowd and found the Dursley's waving at him. He smiled, happy that they still accepted him. He put up a finger to signal he'll be there in a minute.

Dudley came over and grabbed Harry's trunk for him and took it to the car. Harry turned to Hermione and Ron.

"I will see you soon, I think. I can move out for good, when I turn seventeen. I'll get you all good tickets to the Duelling Tournament. I'll owl you regularly. And you." he said pulling Hermione to him.

"What about me Mister Potter?" she asked with a polite tone.

"I shall visit you if I can. I want to meet your parents." replied Harry earnestly.

"You can come and stay over if you want. My parents wouldn't mind. I'll owl you. When you turn seventeen you can come over and we will be together for your birthday." said Hermione happily.

"Yeah sure. I'll owl you. I got to go anyway. I love you." said Harry happily and then kissing Hermione.

"I love you too." said Hermione softly.

Harry said goodbye before running out of the station and climbing into the Dursleyís car.
Well I have finished at last. I got to say, I am quite quick at updating. I will start on the seventh as soon as possible. Look out for it. I hope I did a good story for you readers. Please review and read my next story. Thank you all. :-)
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I realised that this story is very bad with typing errors, punctuation, grammar etc. Sometime this year I plan on rewriting it, so it is more like my newest stories. Thanks.

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