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Love before Death. by _Harry_Potter_
Chapter 21 : Hogwarts In Trouble.
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Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville all sat in the library. Ginny and Luna had gone to Hogwarts to do their exams. The four sixth years sat reading through books that they were interested in.

"Harry, did you know that Aurors have the authority to kill if needed?" asked Hermione, looking up from a thick book.

"Yeah, but they need to fill out loads of forms afterwards." replied Harry.

Hermione rested her head in Harry's lap and he gently stroked her hair. They all read about fun things, like Quiddich or other magical entertainment.

Later on a meeting appeared with the followers and Harry. Harry entered the meeting room and took his normal seat. He looked around at his fellow followers.

"Is there anything I ought to know?" asked Harry curiously.

The followers looked around at each other curiously. None seemed to express any concerns, until a witch piped up.

"A war is coming awfully close, the creatures are to their best state and we are all trained in every area needed. I was just wondering what we do when you have defeated you-know-who?" asked the witch calmly.

"I have thought on this subject and have come up with an answer. You all can carry on with a normal life. If any need anything from me or need my help, I will be there in an instance, as you are one of the best things that has happened to me. Once Voldemort has gone, those who have no home or what an improved home, shall be given one. I personally can promise you that the Ministry shall listen to everyone of your requests and they will try to fulfil them." replied Harry truthfully.

The followers muttered in interest and then turned once again to Harry. A man spoke up.

"How will you have such power over the Ministry?" he asked curiously.

"I shall be achieving a lot, if I survive. One is to be head of Auror department or the department of mysteries, both if I can. To achieve that I must become a member of the Wizengomet, I shall help you get what you want." said Harry with a smile.

They all got excited about that and began to mutter again. A small witch asked a question concerning only few people.

"Some of us have children. If the parents were to die, what will happen to them?" she asked seriously.

"I believe that there are only few who have children. Those who have will be in the Hospital, helping cure the injured. I don't want any families split up. If that was to occur, which is unlikely, the children shall go to family or family friends and will have a guaranteed place at Hogwarts or another popular Wizarding school." replied Harry honestly.

The meeting went on for some time. Mostly of people asking questions about after the war. After an hour of chatting had past, a man burst into the room, covered in blood.

"HARRY?" he yelled anxiously.

"What? What is it?" asked Harry hurriedly.

"Hogwarts ... under ... attack!" said the man before passing out.

Harry was shocked to hear this. He looked at the man and realised he was covered in other peoples blood. He must of been at the battle. Harry spoke out loud.

"Dobby, Winky come here!" shouted Harry urgently.

Dobby and Winky appeared immediately, by his side. They looked at their master quizzically.

"What is master wanting?" asked Winky quietly.

"Tell all the Elves to meet me by the Giants area, immediately." ordered Harry.

All the followers looked at Harry for instructions. Harry waved his hand at the door, they all left and went to the Giants area.

Harry turned to his friends. He looked at the pale face of Ron, his eyes out of focus. Neville had sat down and almost past out. Hermione was curled in a corner crying silently.

Harry ran to her and held her in his arms. She grabbed Harry and clung on firmly.

"Don't go Harry ... p-please." begged Hermione urgently.

"I have to, I want you to either go to the Hospital Wing of Hogwarts and help Madame Pomfrey or stay here. Do not join me. I will be okay, I promise." said Harry softly.

Harry pulled himself out of Hermione's grip and kissed her deeply. A kiss that told her he will always be with her. Harry turned and the four of them eventually went to the Giants area.

Once Harry was there, Hermione clung onto his arm and dug her nails in slightly. Harry looked at all his followers and creatures. Then he began to order.

"The only people who shall not be in this war, shall be the Elves and the parents. Elves shall appear in the fighting area and collect the dead and injured. The injured shall be taken to Hogwarts Hospital Wing and the dead need to be placed some where out of the way. All parents shall be shown a safe passageway into Hogwarts and shall go directly to the Hospital Wing, where all shall help with the injured." ordered Harry loudly.

Harry turned to Hermione. She was still crying, she looked into Harry's eyes and saw love and hope.

"Hermione, take yourself and the parents to Grimmauld Place, take them through the secret passage into Hogwarts. I want you to promise me you will stay in the Hospital Wing." said Harry firmly.

Hermione cried and then flung herself on Harry. She cried openly and held on tightly.

"I p-promise. I ... love ... you." said Hermione seriously.

"I love you too, just remember that. I shall return for my heart." said Harry softly.

Hermione kissed Harry softly and then dragged herself out of the Forest, the parents following her. She looked back with tears in her face. Harry was glad to see a young witch comfort her.

Harry turned to all his followers and breathed heavily. They all looked either at Harry or at the sky.

"All need to apparate to the centre of the Forbidden Forest, now." said Harry quietly.

Immediately everyone disappeared into thin air and reappeared next to the entrance of one of the secret chambers. Harry remembered his and Hermione's first special moment.

"Friends of the Forest, all come to my aid. I have a request of you." shouted Harry loudly.

Instantly over one hundred Centaurs came galloping into view. They all stood with the other fifty and made the army larger.

"In a few moments we shall all be in a war. Some will die, some will be seriously injured. I just tell you all that none of you shall be forgotten. All shall have your names printed next to mine. You are my family and I will never forget any of you. I ask you to join me in this battle, any who don't want to, may leave. No one shall think less of you." said Harry importantly.

No one moved, they all stood straight backed and stone faced. They all looked at Harry and waited for their further instructions.

"I will say a certain formation, to which you shall enter the battle. Giants and Trolls shall go out first, making a direct path to the centre of the battle. Centaurs and Goblins will then follow and enter the battle directly. All people shall go in afterwards, going straight for the attack. Dragons shall be last, they will burn the Dementor's. I shall be on the back of a Dragon, it will place me with the defenders of Hogwarts. I shall perform strengthening spells and then enter the battle." explained Harry seriously.

Harry watched as his followers took their positions. Giants and Trolls stood at the front, Centaurs and Goblins behind them, people behind them and Dragons hovering slightly behind, Harry sat on the front one.

Harry breathed and then looked down at his followers. They all looked nervous, however determined. Harry sighed once more before saying.

"Charge now." he shouted.
Well we are at the stage now where the battle is at the end of our tongues. I might leave it for a month, so that you all get frustrated. (Joking) No I won't do that. It will be the battle next. Keep reading. Please Review. :-)

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