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Changes by Lupins_cub
Chapter 1 : A Vampire?
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A/N: Hi everyone, you may remember me as Lone_Wolf on this story, sorry but I have moved and have a new account hope you all will still read and enjoy the story! This story has been rewritten as of March 2014.


Eleven-year-old Kira Wong silently slept in her bed on a Saturday morning in her room she shared with her adopted sister, Heather Smith. The sun rose slowly peeking through the light blue curtains creeping into the room taking the darkness away and giving life to the flowers around the small room. The door quietly creaked open as their mother stepped into the room.


“Kira, Heather… time to wake up. ,” Mrs. Wong prodded them quietly.


“But mum it’s Saturday,” Kira whined pulling her pillow over her head.


“Can’t we sleep in?” Heather asked.


“No, no early bird gets the worm and we have much to do today,” she told them opening the curtains. The teenagers groaned at the light and pulled themselves out of bed.


“Who gets the shower first?” Heather asked.


“Me!” Kira yelped.


“But you had it yesterday” Heather protested.


“Rock paper scissors?” Kira asked and Heather agreed.


“Yes! Paper covers rock!” Heather cheered and ran to the bathroom.


The rest of the morning went as usual: Showers, a morning walk, making breakfast whilst Mr. Wong would go to work.


“Bye Dad!” Kira and Heather said in unison giving him a hug.


“Have a good day you two and no more sliding on the wood floor; we don’t want a broken leg,” he said pointedly to Heather who shrugged.

Ping Wong worked at an office in the Ministry of Magic setting up searches for criminals of the Wizarding World. Ami Wong had once worked in the same department but quit to take care of Kira and Heather. She stayed home as a housewife but she would work once again when they went to school. Heather and Kira sat at the kitchen table eating their breakfast of cereal, toast and bacon while their mother packed some snacks for the day. She couldn’t believe how soon this year had come.


“Mum are we leaving yet?” asked Heather.

 “Yes, yes. Go get your shoes on, the both of you.” She advised.

Today was exciting – a trip into town and to the Godric Hospital. Heather was going to find out who her birth parents were. She clamored into the car behind Kira, putting on a seat belt. It was about an hour’s drive. So Kira and Heather would read, tell jokes to each other or just sit and stare out the window until the small town came into view.


Ami parked the car near a curb of the hospital. Walking to the hospital brought so many memories to her. To Heather she decided she didn’t like the place immediately.  The walls were white and the air cold. It held no color and therefore no happiness only a sense of foreboding. They walked past many sick patients. She and Kira followed their mother to a tall desk where she began talking to the person behind it. After a few moments they were lead into a small room. The room was like the rest of the building: white, even the furniture. A woman with black hair wearing a lime green suit and a sour expression walked in.


“Mrs. Wong, I am Miss Pataki, Manager of our adoption agency. You are here about Heather’s file correct?” she inquired.


“Yes, we are.” their mother told Miss Pataki.

“Well this must be Heather!” Miss Pataki gasped and glanced down at her. “What a sweetie. Please, come into my office. ”

Heather felt irriated at the slight pat on her head from the women but didn’t get time to dwell on it as they were lead into another blank room.  “The Hospital doesn’t have much information on Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  The circumstances of her birth, as you know were strained.  After extensive research we have made a few conclusive findings. The first to be discovered was the reason for Heather’s adoption. She was given up due to her guardian not being able to care for her. As you know she had been through many fosters homes then.”

 “Yes, I was told three or four by the adoption agency. Right now we are just hoping to have somewhat of a solid background or medical history on them at least.”  Her mother said.

 “Well that shall lead me to my next paragraph. We did find both of Heather’s parents.” Miss Pataki said solemnly. “Her mother has passed on, shortly after Heather was born. Her father is…is…still alive.”

 A stunned silence fell over the room before her mother responded. “Does he know about Heather?”

“Yes and no. Due to uncertain circumstances the Ministry has informed us that Nicolas Smith is and has remained a Death Eater through Heather’s life. He is barred from coming anywhere near her but since his lack of presence has been noted is it thought he isn’t much interested in Heather. That isn’t to say he isn’t aware of her.. “ the case women sighed shuffling the folder before turning another page. “Furthermore since Nicolas is alive we have a more extensive background on him than her mother, Madeline. “

“Please, proceed.” Her mother urged on peering over the file as well.

“Well, Nicolas is in good health as far as we know. No terminal illness or diseases, however he is of vampiric decent.  This means Heather has a very good chance of being half witch and half vampire. We aren’t sure what Nicholas is involved in but we are sure Heather can live a perfectly normal life in your care. Lastly was the examination of her mother. She has left a house to Heather but the key has not been found. Her mother was murdered by Nicholas bringing me back as to how he is aware of her existence.”

Their mother sat reading the file with Miss Pataki for a few more moments. That was the last of the discoveries. Heather sat confused as they talked and Miss Pataki gave her mother a copy of the file. A vampire? What are Death Eaters?

“Thank you, Miss Pataki. This has been very informative.” Ami said shaking her head before becoming Kira and Heather to follow her.  In the car Heather began asking questions.

“Mum, what are Death Eaters?” she asked.


Their mother wrung the steering wheel before sighing and answering. “They are very bad people who follow a bad wizard named You Know Who.”


“Who is You Know Who?” Kira inquired.


“His name is never spoken but his real name is...V-Voldemort.” She gave a shudder.


“Why don’t they just call him that?” Heather asked.


“He is very evil, Heather. You and Kira both are too young to understand,” she explained.


“Am I vampire?” Heather nervously asked.


“Yes, Heather, you are but only part. The phases vary, whether you drink blood or have fangs.” Heather gulped. What if she was a full vampire? What if she hurt someone? These thoughts stuck with her all day.

Then the question came up at dinner. It had been silent since her father found out about Heathers file.


“Mum, what if I don’t get into Hogwarts because I’m a vampire?” There was a long silence at the table. Heather, for the first time since she was adopted, felt so out of place.


“I will teach you dear,” her adoptive mother told her. She nodded and went back to her plate.


The next few days were spent looking over the file. Her mother even let her read about her mother. Her mother was Madeline Emma Smith. She went to Hogwarts and excelled in Defence Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration. It was in school her mother found she was a born Animagus giving Heather a chance to excel in the field as well.  There was only one picture of her from when she graduated from Hogwarts. She was very pretty but Heather didn’t look much like her. Madeline had long wavy black hair and blue eyes. She had been a Hufflepuff and had achieved some of the highest results in her house.


As for her father, Nick Colin Smith, he was full vampire. Heather looked more like him: light brown hair, but she wondered if her eyes would turn ruby red or her smile would be fanged like his. He had gone to Hogwarts too. This oddly made her feel happy, if he had gone so should she. He had been in Slytherin. Their father told her and Kira both that Slytherins weren’t the crowd they wanted to be a part of. Her father excelled in Potions but graduated last in is the class, failing most of his classes. He was still alive today but hadn’t been seen since the death of Madeline.  

Heather took the moving picture of her mother and put it on her bulletin board. The next day proceeded as normally as it could have. The house was oddly silent and Heather escaped the quiet living room when she heard the post arrive. Shuffling through the papers she found two envelops addressed to her and Kira.

“KIRA!” she yelled running through the house.


“What?” Kira barked as Heather bounded through the living room.


“Look!” Heather gasped shoving her letter into her hands.


“It’s from Hogwarts!” they cheered together and hugged each other. “We’re in!”


“What is going on?” their mother asked coming from the kitchen and wiping her hands on her apron. The two eleven year olds told her in a flurry of words that they had been accepted.

From there it was decided next day would be spent in Diagon Alley. Kira and Heather couldn’t stop running around and viewing everything occasionally buying what they needed. Heather ran into a book shop.


“Not another book shop!” Kira groaned standing in the door way. “I am going to the Quidditch shop. Meet us at the Leaky Cauldron for lunch.”

“Okay!” Heather called already a few rows into the shop as her sister rolled her eyes and walked away.

She loved books. The smell and the feel, a good shop always calmed her in such a way she couldn’t describe.  She picked a row and began to walk down it.  She grabbed all the books she needed and browsed amongst others. She grabbed a book on wolves and she began reading it as she walked down the aisle. But then she walked straight into someone! Very embarrassed she picked up her books that had scattered from her arms.


“Sorry, so sorry!” she said picking up her books and standing again. She looked up to see a tall man with very unkempt robes. He had a warm smile and hazel eyes with brown greying hair.


“Not to worry. Here you go,” he handed her the book on wolves.


“Sorry, bye,” she said walking past him. She soon forgot about him. After paying for her books, she met up with Kira and her mum at The Leaky Cauldron.


To Heather it didn’t feel like a month long until she was sitting on the Hogwarts Express after saying good bye to their parents. She sat next to Kira trying not to show that she was nervous by fidgeting. Over that last month of summer she had gone through many changes causing her to feel this way. Her smile was now fanged and just as she had seen in her father’s picture her eyes was a ruby red.


She read the book on wolves she had gotten that day in Diagon Alley as Kira watched the scenery outside the train whizz by. Suddenly the compartment door opened and Heather looked up to see a girl with bushy brown haired girl in Hogwarts robes like hers. She looked around the compartment and then asked.


“Have you seen a toad?”


“No why?” Kira asked.


“Neville Longbottom who owns him lost the toad on the train.” she stared at Heather. “Wow you’re a vampire!” she gasped and Heather nodded.


“I’ve read about them. What is your clan?” she inquired.


“I don’t know…” Heather wondered, a clan?


“Well surely your parents have told you,” the girl stated.

“My birth parents aren’t here anymore. I mean my dad is but he’s a Death Eater. I’m adopted: my dad is a vampire so I am only half.” Heather hated when she was nervous. Because when she was nervous she talked… too much.


“Oh I’m sorry…oh I am being rude, I’m Hermione Granger,” she said stick out her hand to Heather.


“Heather Smith and this is my sister, Kira.” she shook Hermione’s hand


“Would you like help finding this toad?” asked Kira.


“Yes, I could use it.” For the rest of the train ride they searched for Trevor the toad belonging to a timid boy named Neville. They went to another compartment with two boys surrounded by candy.


“Have you seen a toad?” asked Kira.


“No,” said a red headed boy.


“Not here, why?” a small boy with raven black hair asked.


“A boy, Neville, has lost it on the train. It’s his pet,” Heather said.


“Holy cricket I say, you’re Harry Potter!” Hermione said sitting down and the boy with black hair nodded. Heather began to wonder if Hermione did this with everyone.


“How do you know?” asked the red haired boy.


“He’s the boy who lived, note the scar,” Hermione told him.


“I know that,” he spat.


“I’m Hermione Granger, my friends Kira Wong and Heather Smith,” Hermione introduced.


“Ron Weasley,” said the boy with now a mouth full of gummy worms.


Kira chuckled, “What?”


“You have something black on your nose, right there,” she pointed to a spot just below her left eye. The three girls giggled and walked down to another compartment.


As the train screeched to a stop Heather became more nervous. It wasn’t that Trevor wasn’t found. It was the sorting. She would soon be sitting in front of all the kids and teachers with a hat reading her thoughts. It made her stomach turn as she sidled up next to Kira on the marble stairs they were being lead up.  The castle was huge and twinkled under the rain storm majestically.  Heather was in love with it. As they stopped at the top of the stairs a stern looking women, obviously a teacher, instructed them on what would happen next.

“First years, you shall walk through these doors and join your classmates after you are sorted into your houses. The feast shall begin after you shall follow your head boy or girl prefects to your common room. Follow me,” she explained quickly. There was no time for questions, Heather assumed and soon regretted being the front two with Kira.


Professor Dumbledore, the headmaster, went over a few rules. The Whomping Willow was forbidden as well as the forest to all 1st years and so was the third floor corridor, although no one knew why that was about it. Professor McGonagall stood again and had a role of parchment.


“When your name is called, sit on the stool and you shall be sorted into your houses.” She unrolled the parchment. “Abbot, Hannah.” Heather relaxed; thank god she wasn’t first.


Heather was gratefully for her last name being so common as it wasn’t first on that alphabetical list. Harry was called to the stool and placed into Gryffindor after much deliberating on the hats part. Ron as well as Hermione was placed in Gryffindor. Kira was in Ravenclaw….Heather felt humiliated to be last and her last name wasn‘t even Z! Everyone she could hear behind her was hungry and wanted to get the sorting over with, they were also whispering asking each other why was last. She sat on the stool and the hat was placed on her.


“Smart… very smart… clever your father was a Slytherin... Mmm unsuccessful though… we don’t want that…. RAVENCLAW!” it shouted. The table under the blue flags cheered. She smiled and went to sit next to Kira. Heather felt so relived as she literally dropped onto the bench.


The feast was wonderful as well as the common rooms. She had friends on the first day. Her first class the next day was Transfiguration then Potions, History, Quidditch flying lessons and last Charms. Hermione was really fascinated by Heather being vampire and wanted to help her find her clan. They tried but the truth was that Heather’s dad wasn’t part of a clan. His great grandfather, the first vampire in the family of Smiths, never started one. They never found out why. Heather didn’t crave blood to her relief. But garlic was a deadly allergen to her so she had to watch out for that. That was all she had and the standard appearance of a vampire. She was normal at least to herself until she met a boy named Draco Malfoy with Ron Weasley as they headed to the dungeons for Potions.


“Snape can’t be that bad,” Heather said to Ron.


“He is horrible, do you have him next?” Ron asked.


“Yeah I guess I’ll find out for myself,” Heather said


“He doesn’t tolerate mud-bloods and half-breeds,” a drawling voice came from behind. Heather and Ron turned to see a boy about their age and with ugly bleached blonde hair. Heather cringed on the inside as he was pale and just she just didn’t like him.


“We are not half breeds or mud-bloods,” she remarked.


“Tell me are you a vampire and a witch?” he asked. Heather nodded hating the sound of his voice.


“Half breed.”


“Not Ron, he is a pureblood.” She stood up for him.


“Weasley with his hand-me down robes and Potter,” he scoffed, “he might as well be one with that Granger around him.”


“Come on Ron let’s go,” Heather said walking away she was angry. She could see Ron wanted to pound his face in.


The rest of the day went normal; Snape was the worst though, as Ron told her. He seemed to be just like Malfoy. He was supposedly a pureblood. Despite that she even got to know Harry more who lived with his much despised aunt and uncle. Ron had a plentiful family including two twin brothers who loved playing jokes on unsuspecting victims.


“Heather, would you care for some gum?” Fred asked her one day as she passed them in the hall towards the Great Hall for dinner.


“We got it at Zonko’s – freshest gum around. Plus you won’t get to go there to your third year.” George said right after.


“The gum is supposed to make your breath smell good for two days.” He handed her some.

 It was round and green she shrugged and popped it in her mouth and began chewing. It was very fresh for the first few minutes then it became like a spice and didn’t taste good. She studied the smell and taste and gasped, spitting out the gum. It was garlic! She jumped from the spot she stood and took off down the hall shoving others out of her way as she began to fill sick.

The laughter of everyone faded as she ran into the bathroom and threw up. Only once, she thanked goodness for that. She went and brushed her teeth and decided not to go back for dinner but retire to bed still feeling sick.  

Her humiliation didn’t last long but the next day Fred and George apologized after Hermione shouted at them for about an hour of what garlic did to her. Heather forgave them and told them she enjoyed harmless jokes.

Hermione gave her a look that a mother could but she didn’t understand, she wanted to be normal like nothing had happened.  A few months later snow began to fall. The décor of Hogwarts changed and Christmas came. Kira and Heather went home. Heather on the other hand felt a bit out of place when she looked at the Wong’s. She felt just like at a friend’s house. But she didn’t show it. She didn’t want them to think she didn’t love them because she did with all her heart. They gave her a home, a life.


“Heather, Kira! Welcome home!” her mother cried as they entered the house and gave them yet another hug.


The house was decorated with holly up the stairs and a lovely Christmas tree surrounded by presents.


“We have a big surprise for the both of you,” their father said.


“What is it?” Heather asked as they were blind folded and led up stairs.


“Okay, take off the blind fold.” Heather did so to find herself standing in front of her own room!


“Awesome!” Heather exclaimed running inside. There was a bookcase to the right of the door, a four poster bed with a canopy over it sit next to a window overlooking the backyard. A desk in the other corner and a wardrobe next to that, everything was there and a few presents lay on her bed. She went for them.


“Ah ah! Those are for Christmas,” her mum said taking them down stairs. Heather rolled her eyes and hugged her dad.


“Thanks,” she told him.


“You’re welcome,” he said and walked down the hall after dinner. Heather sat in her room reading and doing a Transfiguration essay that is until she heard the muffled voices of her parents. She couldn’t resist and opened her door just a crack to listen to their conversation just down the hall.


“I hope she doesn’t find out,” her mother whispered. Heather stood always curious and wanting to know what is going on. She crept silently down the hall and stood next to her parents door and listened to their hushed voices.


“She won’t find out we are trying to protect Kira. They both think it’s just a gift,” her dad said.


“But she said she didn’t crave blood. I don’t think she is dangerous, we could take her to a healer to be sure.” she whispered to her husband.


“But should we take that chance? When we adopted Heather they never told us any of this about her father and this other man and her mother.” he hissed.


Heather listened. They thought she would kill Kira. They thought she was dangerous. And who was this other man? What more was there to her father? Tears ran down her face; she felt so bad for what she was. She felt bad that the people she loved feared her. She couldn’t hide what she is.


She walked back to her room and cried into her pillow. The next morning she woke to see her candle had burned down to the metal holder. Wax covered half her paper. It was around 5am; she took an early shower and dressed getting back to her paper. She couldn’t confront her parents but she did lock her door every night from that day on.


Authors note: Please read and review. Thank you!

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