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Love before Death. by _Harry_Potter_
Chapter 19 : Unexpected Death.
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The time for Harry's training came by. The six teenagers entered the library and began to read about Animagi.

"You have to concentrate really hard on transforming into he animal. You have to feel the animals instincts." explained Hermione cleverly, reading from a thick book.

"How can you feel the animals instincts?" asked Harry bitterly, he was angry at himself for not being able to do it.

It took hours before some sign of progress appeared. Ron walked behind Harry and pulled at a red and gold feather.

"OW!" snapped Harry, rubbing his back.

Ron waved the feather in front of Harry's face. Harry knew exactly what it was, it was a phoenix feather. Harry's face cracked into a broad smile, at least some improvement was made.


It took a week for Harry to finally transform completely, though couldn't hold it. By the second week, Harry had transformed into both his Animagi forms, lion and phoenix roared loudly or flew around the room, lifting up his friends with ease.

"I can finally do it." said Harry happily.

He kissed Hermione happily and changed into his phoenix form, he sang a soft tune, which made his friends happy.

Suddenly a man came barging into the library panting furiously. He looked around the room, and didn't see Harry.

"Where's Harry?" he asked hurriedly.

"I'm here." replied Harry whilst transforming into his normal self.

"A death has occurred, it was unexpected." panted the man seriously.

"Who was it?" asked Harry quickly.

"Snape." replied the man quietly.

Harry's throat clenched. He had only just made peace with Snape and now he was gone. He didn't know what to say, he just said four words.

"Get ... me ... my ... followers." said Harry, shocked at the news.

The man left the room and returned soon later with fifty men and women. Harry stared into the confused faces of his followers and then said two words slowly.

"Grab me." he instructed firmly.

The followers were slightly confused, though followed the order. They all grabbed a part of Harry and then waited. Soon Harry transported them out of the room and into another, slightly darker room.

Harry instantly heard muttering and arguments in another room. Harry's followers all thought that Harry had brought them to a base of Voldemort's.

However when Harry neither withdrew his wand or say anything, they calmed slightly. Harry walked to the room of the muttering people and swung open the door.

The muttering stopped immediately, the entire room stared in the direction of Harry. All eyes were on him and his followers, Dumbledore had a look of shock on his face.

"Harry?" he asked uncertainly.

Harry ignored him and looked around at the members of the Order of the Phoenix. He found the Weasley's and all the Aurors. He even noticed the Minister who piped up.

"Harry, I am so glad that you decided to rejoin us." said Secrolia pleasantly.

"I am not here to join you, I have a better organisation. You betrayed me and I shall never forget it. I am here on the situation of Severus. I understand he has been killed?" said Harry seriously, looking around the room at all the members.

"Harry we cannot tell you anything." said Remus calmly.

"Then I shall have to find out myself." said Harry simply.

He entered Remus' mind without him knowing. Harry watched as a man came running in saying that Voldemort had found out about Snape being a spy, then killed him.

"I see it is because Voldemort discovered Snape's cover?" said Harry calmly, looking up at his Godfather.

Remus looked back with shock and amazement. His mind had just been entered without him knowing.

"Harry, you must unders-"

"Mrs Weasley, how are you?" asked Harry, interrupting Dumbledore.

Dumbledore looked upset, he knew he had done wrong to deny to help Harry. He looked around the crowd of followers and knew that Harry had been more successful without his help.

"Fine Harry dear, are you here to stay?" asked Mrs Weasley hopefully.

"I am not I'm afraid, I do not feel comfortable in the presence of an ex-Grandfather." replied Harry truthfully.

Dumbledore's head dropped, he knew that Harry meant every word. If only he could talk to him alone.

"Harry can I have a word?" asked Dumbledore hopefully.

"You may not. I have nothing to say and do not want to hear what you have to say. Meaning there is no reason to talk. I must ask one thing, how are you expecting to win this battle, now that you have thrown away your only chance?" asked Harry sourly, not even looking at his Grandfather.

"I don't know, I was hoping you would help now that you have Hermione back." said Dumbledore bravely.

Harry felt anger bubble, Dumbledore had made Harry risk his and so many other lives to save Hermione. He had made Harry, a teenager, do a rescue mission. Harry couldn't believe he was hearing it, Dumbledore now wanted Harry back, now that all risk was clear.

"Fuck you, I got Hermione with my own family, a family of followers. I had to get them, I had to teach them and I had to lead them into one of the most dangerous situations ever. You want me back now that all risk to your life is gone. Well you know where you can stuff it. I am doing this with my true family, the family who stick by me. We will win this battle, whether your alive at the end is another matter." snapped Harry bitterly, before disapparating.

Harry appeared in the Entrance Hall of headquarters, he felt proud at what he had said. When his followers came back, they smiled at him and bowed slightly.

"We are pleased to hear you say we are such people to you, we thank you and feel the same about you." said Polleo pleasantly.

Harry and his friends relaxed and played a bit of quiddich for a few weeks. They wanted to chill out before getting down to some hard training, for the upcoming battle.
This chapter is done, only a few before the battle. There will be a bit of revenge in the next chapter, I think. So read it. Thanks.

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