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Secret Lusts by FlameWolf3182
Chapter 18 : All Shot To Hell
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Draco sat silent in the Common Room trying to concentrate long enough to finish his transfiguration essay on turning an owl into a muggle device called a computer. It had been two days since he took Hermione out to a wizard club called Wandless. Ever since she demanded for him to take her back to Hogwarts he hadn’t seen her outside her room, not even for classes or meals. Earlier that day he did see her leaving the bathroom, but Hermione had ran so quick back to her room he didn’t have time to say anything. So, there he was sitting in a pool of guilt crumpling messed up parchment everywhere. He could hear shuffling throughout Hermione’s room, and occasional crashing sounds, but he would never be able to get inside to check on her safety. After a deafening yell of anger from the staircase he finally decided to abandon his blank parchment and quill to sit by the lake.

Hermione heard the loud click of the portrait closing, assuming Draco had left; she chanced climbing down the stairs to check. When she craned her neck towards the couches in the common room around the staircase wall, she didn’t see anyone, and immediately ran as fast as she could towards the portrait hole before Draco came back. The first thought to pop into Hermione’s head was to go to the Forbidden Forest, but remembering the night at Wandless; she decided against her choice and headed to the lake.

“A portkey?” Draco smirked widely and pulled Hermione from the small dark room toward a muggle factory looking door.
“Yup, but don’t worry, I’m not kidnapping you or anything. This is part of your night of erm, rest...” The two of them were standing in the corner of a large room with people everywhere and lights swirling around them.
“Draco... please don’t tell me we are at
Wandless...” There was a club called ‘Wandless’ that Hermione had heard about from Ginny. Supposedly her red-head best friend had followed Ron and Harry there with Luna. Hermione didn’t ask any questions though; she could only imagine what Ginny did at an under-age witch and wizard night club.
“Where else would I take you, Ginny told me about this place, and that you’re a damn good dancer. Wanted to find out for myself.”
“You could have asked! But how did you get a portkey so quick... isn’t that illegal?” Hermione shouted over the loud music that had started again. Draco just smiled and pulled her toward the seemingly endless dancer floor.
“Not illegal if I got it from my father on my fifteenth birthday. I’ve used it ever since.”

To Draco’s content, Hermione turned out being a better dancer than he was. Of course he never told her that, but they both seemed to notice once they found a spot in the very middle of the mob of people. Draco couldn’t help but smile the whole time seeing how happy Hermione was being there with him. But then again their bodies grinding together made him pretty happy too.
“What are you smiling about?” Hermione had noticed the permanent smile plastered on his face when the song switch to a slower one. She screwed up her face a little bit when his smile became even wider without a word of explanation. Draco wrapped his arm tighter around her waist and lifted her up into a twirl.
“I love this girl!” He yelled loudly over the music so everyone heard and turned to look at them.
“Draco, shh what are you doing?! We’re supposed to be in school!” Hermione practically having a heart attack.
“I don’t care. Everyone here needs to know. Hermione I love you so much.” Pulling her into a passionate kiss, she could have sworn fireworks were going off under her eye lids and soft ‘awws’ were coming from the onlookers. Hermione pulled back smiling with tears in her eyes leaning her head against his chest.
“And I love this boy...” he heard her whisper soft enough for only him to hear.

Hermione already had tears cascading carelessly down her flushed cheeks that were falling like little tiny pebbles onto the frozen ground. She hadn’t noticed how cold it had gotten, and there she was, outside where the skies were threatening to let snow fall, in her pajama pants and a light sweatshirt. The trail of tears on her cheeks were starting to frost already causing the color of her face to turn even redder along with the tip of her nose. She could see the edge of the lake and for some reason her legs began sprinting towards the cold waters. Her lungs were burning from the chilly air, and she was forcing herself to not cough, to not make a sound.

After a couple of minutes of running, Hermione finally met the bank of the lake, collapsing with a quiet thud on her knees inches from the black water. It was getting even colder now, and the sweat on Hermione’s forehead started becoming cold and frosty also. She let out a loud and dry cough not being able to hold it in anymore. Now her lungs were burning even more, and her throat was sore from the constant coughing.

Draco was circling the castle on his broom enjoying the cool air whipping against his heavy robes and ruffling his hair. He started pretending like he was looking for the stitch since the game against Gryffindor got moved to tomorrow. He weaved in and out of the towers of Hogwarts, diving and then pulling up inches from the ground, pushing the limits and speed of his broom. Draco almost fell right off his broom from stopping so hard when he glanced down to the lake. He saw a small black figure hunched over only inches from the water. He watched for a couple minutes just hovering about 150 feet from the ground waiting for the black shadow to move. Draco realized it was a person when they stood up and started walking away from the shining lake. He slowly started making his way towards the person trying to see their face when they collapsed hard onto the ground into the deep snow. Draco panicked and jumped off his broom while he was still almost 10 feet from the ground. Landing hard, Draco still sprinted to the shadowed heap. ‘Why the hell would somebody be out here with barely anything on?!’ Draco yanked his cloak off and wrapped the person in it, noticing it was a girl by the outfit.

Hermione could feel something drape over her, but she was so numb and weak that she couldn’t even open her eyes, let alone look up. She heard her name being yelled, but it sounded so distant even though she knew the voice was from someone beside her, she wished so hard to be able to look at the person that had now picked her up and saved her from the cold night.

Draco was fumbling in the snow trying to find where his broom fell because they were so far from the castle and he didn’t know how long it would take to walk.
“I know how much you hate flying, but it’s for your own good ‘Mione.” Draco lifted her limp body higher onto the broom that he had finally found, and quickly kicked off heading towards the school faster than he had ever gotten his broom to go before.

In less than a minute, Draco had flown straight into the school causing many students heading off to dinner to turn their eyes upward looking who would do something so against the rules. Among the students were Harry and Ginny who noticed right away who was flying the broom, the wisps of platinum hair told them Draco was atop the broom, but they had no idea who was slumped against his chest. Both of them ran after him, only to find themselves heading to the Hospital Wing and Draco way ahead of them. They turned a corner to see Draco jumping from his broom and kicking in the Hospital
Wing door carrying a girl in her pajamas through the broken wood.

“Hermione!” Ginny shouted when her and Harry finally made it into the room to see one of their best friend’s unconscious body lying on a fluffy white bed.
“What the bloody hell did you do to her Malfoy?! Is this why she hasn’t been coming out of her room? Why are her lips blue?!” Harry was gripping Draco’s shirt with both hands yelling questions at him.
“I don’t ruddy know Potter! I just found her by the lake freezing to death! What would you rather me do? Leave her?!?”
“What is going on here? Oh not Miss Granger again. What has happened this time?” Madame Pomfrey came walking around to the four students looking tired and frustrated. “Hmm, she looks on the verge of Hyperthermia... give her this and she will be well in a couple minutes. I have much more important things to attend to so I hope you three will be able to handle yourselves like mature wizards and witches.”
“Yes ma’am.” Harry and Draco mumbled while Madame Pomfrey turned on her heels and left for the last bed in the room.

After giving Hermione the clear potion, Ginny was pacing the room watching both Draco and Harry and now Ron who had just walked through the repaired door. Ron could instantly feel the tension between Harry and Draco because of the way they were staring at eachother and practically breaking whatever they were holding onto.
“So... how is she?” he asked quietly to mostly Ginny.
“Just gave her the potion, she should be up in a minute or so and-”
“And then she can tell us what Malfoy did to her.” Harry said cutting Ginny off and shooting daggers at Draco.
“I didn’t do anything to her Potter! I bloody saved her life! You should be thanking me for Merlin’s sake!”
“Why would I be thanking a ferret like you!?”
“Harry stop yelling! You two have no reason to be at each others throats when Hermione is in this state!” Neither of them were listening to Ginny’s shouting until Ron shouted ‘Silencio!’ and pointed his wand at the two fighting boys. Without being able to yell Harry jumped Draco knocking him over a table that was standing behind him.
“Stop you bloody immature children!” Ginny shouted prying the two from eachother with Ron’s help. “Harry James Potter I have never seen you loose you’re temper so easily!” Ginny kept shouting sounding exactly like her mum.

During the commotion caused by Harry and Draco, and then Ginny stepping in, Hermione had woken up, but stayed as quiet as she could so she wouldn’t draw any attention to the fact that she was no longer unconscious.
“Hermione! You’re awake!” her eyes bolted to Ron who was already by her side hugging her still weak body. When Ron let go, Ginny jumped on Hermione’s bed hugging her tighter than Ron had. She looked up she saw Harry with his head cast down to the floor looking extremely guilty. Then she glanced to Harry’s right and saw Draco staring at her with questions and concern swarming in his eyes. Hermione turned her head towards the door so that she wouldn’t have to look at the concerned faces of everyone around her, especially Draco.
“I want to go back to my room.” She whispered feeling her voice for the first time in two days. It felt weird for her to talk, like she had just learned what words were, like she had been speaking a foreign language and people just now understood her. “Alone...” she added when she heard everyone’s feet moving towards her again. Hermione winced a little at the soreness in her legs, but quickly shook it off as she stood holding onto the edge of the bed.
“Hermione, I’ll take you back, you can’t walk on your own.”
“I can do plenty on my own Malfoy.” She hated calling him by his last name now, she wanted to take it back so badly, but she looked to the stone floor instead and pushed past him and the rest of her friends standing before her.

The band started to slow down after a couple more songs that Draco had spent thinking how lucky he was to have this brunette beauty in his arms.
“Draco... Draco?”
“Wha-What...” Draco looked down into Hermione’s eyes trying to focus back to reality.
“I said the band has stopped playing... it’ll be another twenty minutes until they start up again... are you okay?” Hermione moved her hands from around his neck to his chest.
“Yeah, I’m perfect. Come on I’ll get us some drinks.” Draco wrapped an arm tight around her waist and led her over to the black and silver bar at the end of the club.
“What’ll ya kids ‘ave?” the stout bartender asked gruffly.
“Two butterbeers will be fine, thanks.”
“Four sickles and one knut.” The bartender took Draco’s money and disappeared under the counter for a couple seconds and reappeared with two bottles on his hands and two mugs. Draco poured Hermione her mug and handed it to her while he grabbed his bottle, leaving the mug at the edge of the black marble bar.

“Hermione! ‘Mione come on stop for a second!” Hermione was almost half a hallway away from Draco was, but she could still hear his pleas, though ignoring him nonetheless. “Oy, Granger!” Hermione finally stopped in the middle of the hallway staying faced the opposite direction of Draco. “Finally, why are you running from me? Look at me ‘Mione...”
“Back to first name basis already Malfoy...”
“Obviously not for you... what’s wrong... just talk to me...” Draco had gotten a hold of Hermione’s hand for a split second, but she pulled away before he could turn her around.
“Drop it. It’s for your own damn good.”
“No, I’m not going to drop this. What the bloody hell do I have to do for you to just tell me what went on that night? I know that’s what your attitude is about, don’t even try to deny that.” Hermione stayed turned away from him and silent. “At least turn around...”

Hermione turned around with her butterbeer looking for a table when someone bumped into her shoulder causing the mug in her hand to spill everywhere. She looked up and saw a tall man in all black with jet black hair.
“Hermione, you okay?!” Draco was looking her up and down while she was trying to wipe off the cold liquid from her tank top.
“Relax Draco, I’m fine.” After the butterbeer didn’t come completely out Hermione gave up with a soft groan. “I’ll be right back, let me just go to the loo and clean this up a little.”
“Alright, but I’ll be at that table over there.” Draco pointed to an empty small bistro table in a far corner near the bar. He kissed Hermione lightly on the forehead and let her weave out of the crowd towards the bathroom doors.

“What do you want from me? Why can’t you just leave me alone?” Hermione whispered while a silent tear rolled down her cheek. She was a little relieved only a single tear fell, and that Draco hadn’t even seen it. Hermione was desperate for him to believe she was mad at him, and that yelling and ignoring him wasn’t ripping her inside out.
“Stop pretending you don’t still love me... it’s tearing me up not being able to have you anymore...” Draco pulled Hermione’s arm for her to turn around to him so he could finally look at her. He tried to take a step towards her, but Hermione reacted by taking two even larger step away from him.
“Quit trying to find something that isn’t there! Can you not just let things be?!” Hermione shouted when she got sick of the little game. Draco took another step towards her, but this time Hermione had nowhere to back up to, she had walked back into the stone wall behind her. He held onto both her forearms pressing her hard against him and the wall. “Let go Malfoy... I don’t want to be part of your game anymore.”
“This never was a game Granger, and you know it! You had the same damn feelings I did, and now you’re the one denying every bit of it and what’s worse... what’s worse is that I can’t just forget that any of it happened! Maybe some other girl I would forget the next day, but bloody hell Granger I’m not going to forget you!” Draco was practically on top of Hermione by now; he had forced her so hard between the stone and his chest, that she could feel his heart racing under his shirt.
“Malfoy you stubborn bastard! Why the bloody hell won’t you just move on and forget about what we had?! Just... stop caring...” Hermione dropped her voice along with her gaze. ‘Make him not love you! You have to, for his sake-’ Before Hermione could finish her thought, Draco had turned her eyes back to his. Already tears were forming again in her eyes. Her vision must have been blurry because she thought she saw Draco’s eyes become glassy and misted over also, it had to of been a mistake. Hermione blinked a couple times letting her eyes empty partially, and yet there it was, a moist trail down one of Draco’s cheeks. ‘Nice one, you made the poor guy cry... smooth hon.’ Draco let go of her arms and drifted one to her wet cheeks and the other to her jaw. He leaned in to kiss her but barely brushed her tender lips before she moved her head to the side.
“Hermione if you stopped caring like you say so and you’re so damn angry with me... then why the bloody hell are you still wearing my cloak...?” Hermione’s expression fell from her face when she looked down and saw the heavy hunter green cloak covering her light pajamas. She didn’t want to constantly push him away, and he knew now, just because Hermione had been so in love with the simple things about Draco, that even his cloak was something she wanted around her.
“I’m sorry Draco.” Hermione had twisted from under him with ease now that his hands weren’t holding her down. She looked over her shoulder once before walking away from him.

Draco felt even emptier now that he knew for sure Hermione still loved him just like before, and that she was pretending to hate him. Before when she would get mad at him for something, the next hour they would be snogging on the couch in the common room, or one of their beds, sometimes even in some dark corridor. But now she wasn’t mad at him, just avoiding him at any cost. ‘What could have happened so horribly that she suddenly has an urge to stay away from me, she still loves me, she was crying for Merlin’s sake! Someone doesn’t just cry in the middle of yelling, there is way more to this, damnit ‘Mione. Bloody hell what happened to her!?’

Author's Note: This chapter was soo difficult to write... i'm really sorry for the wait and all, usually i'm pretty good with updating, but this time i got side tracked... sorry! but i really hope everyone enjoyed this chapter... so i would greatly appreciate some nice reviews!! take some time to motivate me and i'll get the next chapter out even sooner!!!!! yay!

ALSO!... i'm thinking about having a beta or two because these next chapters are going to get tricky... and i'll need some major help so anyone who wants to become my beta just say so in a review or contact me! thanks soo much everyone!

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