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the meeting by lyliansnape
Chapter 1 : the meeting
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“The Meeting”

Harry, Ron, and Hermione walk into the Great Hall, mumbling to themselves.
“Hey, Potter!” a voice calls.
The trio turns around to find a girl of 16 with bright pink hair, black nail polish and a saucy grin standing in the doorway of the Great Hall.
“Well, are you just going to stand there, stupid, or are you going to give me a hug?” The stranger said.
“Lily? Is it really you?” Harry asked.
“Yep. It’s me alright.” Lily said.
“What are you doing here? And what happened to you? You changed…a lot!” Harry said.
“Come on” Lily replied as she lead them into the Great Hall.
Her bright pink hair was so noticeable; heads turned all over the Hall.
“Well, my dad brought me here, after I caused some trouble at my old school, Durmstrang. You’ve probably heard of it. A really bad school it is. A lot of bad blood”, Lily continued on,” Oh, and you want to know what happened to me? Heh, I decided to change my style. I heard of muggles dying their hair and wearing “nail polish” so I decided to experiment. Then I decided I liked it so I thought “Why not?” and it just sort of stuck.”
“Wow! How did you do get your hair that colour?” Hermione asked.
“Oh, I’m sorry. Lily, this is Ron….” Harry started.
“Ahem…. Ron, Ron Weasley.” Ron butted in.
“It’s a pleasure.” Lily replied.
“And I’m Hermione Granger.”
“Very nice to meet you, Hermione. Oh wait! You’re the one who stole Victor’s heart at the Tri-wizard Tournament!” Lily exclaimed.
Hermione blushed,” Yeah. Hehe.”
“Oh yes, Victor’s told me all about you. We’re old chums, Me and Vic.” Lily said.
“Oh! Here comes Dumbledore!” Hermione exclaimed.
After Dumbledore speaks and the food appears, they continue their conversation.
“Well. I like the new you, Lylian.” Harry says.
“It’s Lily. Don’t worry my father calls me Lylian, too. It gets on my nerves so much.” Lily says.
“I’m sorry,” Harry says.
“Oh. It’s okay. So how’s about we start eating?” Lily said.
After a while, Lily gets a visitor.
“Well, well, well. What have we hear?” A sly voice calls.
They all turn around.
“Malfoy”, Ron says,” What do you want?”
“Just saying hello to your friend, Weasley. Go back to your pudding.” Malfoy says.
“Hello, my name’s Lily, Lily Snape.”
“SNAPE?!” They all exclaimed.
“Yes. Why?” Lily said.
“I never knew Snape had kids.” Hermione said.
“Kid. I’m an only child. My mother’s dead.” Lily said.
“So there’s a potion princess. I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. Ahem, I am Draco Malfoy, Son of Lucious Malfoy.” Malfoy sneered.
“Oh really? A Malfoy?” Lily replied.
“You’ve heard of us?” Malfoy asked.
“Oh, yes, but only a little. Want to enlighten me more?” Lily asked.
“Very well. How about tonight, 7:00? We’ll meet in the front hall.” Malfoy said.
“7:00 it is.” Lily replied.
“See ya then.” Malfoy said.
Malfoy and his cronies, Crabbe and Goyle, walked back to their table.
“What are you doing?!” Harry exclaimed.
“Well apparently, I have a date tonight.” Lily said slyly.
“Lylian, May I have a word with you?” Snape’s voice came from around the corner.
“Father! How many times have I told you? It’s Lily. And yes you may”, Lily replied,” I’ll meet you guys upstairs.”
“I heard Mr. Malfoy talking about a ‘date’ with you after dinner. Is this true?” Snape said.
“Yes, as a matter of fact, it is. Is that a problem?” Lily said.
“No except you cannot and will not use your powers on him. Do you understand?” Snape said fiercely.
“Father! Why can't I? You know I need to get to know the guys I go out with.” Lily exclaimed.
“You cannot use them on him, you are too powerful! And that is no way to get to know the guys you go out with!” Snape said.
“Oh father! This is no fair! I need practice anyway!” Lily protested.
“Not on Dra…”
Snape stopped himself just as Malfoy came around the corner.
“Professor, what are you doing here?” Draco said.
“Lily is my daughter, I’m allowed to talk to her without your permission.” Snape said quickly.
“Yes, you’ve talked to me, now you can go.” Lily said.
“Lily come here.” Snape pulled her aside.
“What is it father?” Lily said quickly.
“You must not use your powers. Do you understand me?” Snape whispered.
“Yes father.” Lily replied.
“Very well. Have fun you two.” Snape grunted as he walked away.
“We will Professor don’t worry.” Malfoy said.
Draco and Lily walked out of the castle onto the grounds. Lily and Draco had been talking for about an hour when the sun was beginning to set over the lake. They picked a nice patch of earth to sit on near the side of the lake. The Octopus came up and let them tickle his tentacles.
“This is really nice.” Lily said.
“Yeah. Lily can I tell you something?” Draco asked.
“Of course.” Lily replied.
“I know this is kind of sudden but, I’ve had more fun with you in an hour than any other girl I’ve ever been with.” Draco confessed.
“Really? I feel the same way.” Lily said.
“That’s great. So how do you and Harry know each other?” Draco asked.
“Oh it’s a long story. It all started about a year before me and Harry started at Wizarding School. We both lived in Surrey. Except neither of us knew each other were going to Wizarding School. I went to Durmstrang and Harry went to here, to Hogwarts. I was so upset. Then, last year, I decided I should be with my father, but he didn’t think it was a good idea with my powe….” Lily stopped herself before she revealed that she had magical powers.
“With your what?” Draco asked.
“Ummm, nothing, nothing. What time is it?” Lily asked.
“It’s about 9:00. Wow! We’ve been talking for at least two hours.” Draco said.
“Oh my gosh, we have. I’m getting a little tired. Maybe we should head back to the castle now.” Lily said, shivering.
“Yeah it’s getting a bit cold out too. Lily can I ask you something?” Draco said.
“Yes.” Lily replied.
“The first quidditch match of the season is tomorrow and I was wondering if you would see me off.” Draco asked.
“Of course I would. Isn’t Harry the seeker of Gryffindor?” Lily asked.
“Yes and I have to say, a good one at that. But don’t tell him I said that.” Draco replied.
“Alright”, Lily said,” Now let’s head back to the castle.”
“I agree.” Draco said.
So Draco and Lily headed back to the castle shivering, but happy with what the night had brought.
“Here we are, the first quidditch match of the season between Gryffindor and Slytherin.” Lee Jordan commentated.
“Hey Draco!” Lily called.
“Lily! I thought you weren’t going to make it.” Draco exclaimed.
“I wouldn’t miss it. I just have to get back to Harry before Gryffindor goes onto the field.” Lily said.
“Oh, okay. Well, see you later.” Draco said.
“Bye. Good Luck.” Lily said as she walked away.
Lily took out a little glass orb from her robe pocket and whispered a few words. A second later she appeared at the other end of the field.
“Harry!” Lily yelled.
“Hey Lily. I thought you weren’t going to make it.” Harry replied.
“I…. I wouldn’t miss it.” Lily said.
“Well, I guess I’ll see you after the match.” Harry replied.
“Yeah, I guess so”, Lily said,” Good luck, Harry!”
“Thanks Lil.” Harry said.
“And Gryffindor takes the win, 180 to 50.” Lee Jordan said.
Lily ran down the congratulate Harry.
“Good job Harry.” Lily exclaimed.
“Thanks Lil. I knew you always brought good luck to me.” Harry said.
At that moment, Draco landed nearby to see Harry and Lily talking.
“Uh, Harry. Can I have a word?” Draco said.
“Um, I guess Draco. Be right back Lil.” Harry replied.
“Okay, what’s going on between you and Lily?” Draco burst out.
“Nothing we’re just really old friends. Why? Do you like her or something?” Harry asked.
“Yes, if you must know. I do.” Draco replied.
“Ok, cool.” Harry said.
“So, you don’t care if I go out with her again?” Draco asked.
“Not really. Just remember one thing, If you break her heart, I’ll break your neck. Got it?” Harry said.
“Yeah sure, Harry. I won’t break her heart.” Draco said.
“Do I have your word on that?” Harry asked.
“Yeah of course. Here, let’s shake on it.” Draco said.
“Alright.” Harry said.
Ron and Hermione came up the steps just in time to see Harry and Draco shaking hands.
“Harry! What are you doing?” Ron exclaimed.
“Um, just making a pact.” Harry replied.
“Ok Harry. I think you need to lie down.” Ron said.
“Come on Harry. You need to take your broom back to the team closet.” Hermione said.
“Lil, you coming?” Harry asked.
“Um, I think I’ll hang out here for a little while.” Lily replied.
“Ok, see ya later.” Harry said.
Harry, Ron and Hermione walked off.
“So want a ride?” Draco offered.
“Sure.” Lily said.
Soon, Lily and Draco were soaring over the treetops of the
“This is amazing.” Lily said.
“You think this is amazing. Just you wait.” Draco said.
Soon, they reached a small hill not too far from the grounds, just
beyond the Forest.
“This is so beautiful.” Lily said.
“Like you.” Draco said.
“Heh, thanks”, Lily said,” Are you always this nice to the new
“Only if they’re as nice as you are.” Draco said.
Lily and Draco were talking for about half an hour.
“It’s getting a little chili. Maybe we should head back.” Lily said.
“Here take my quidditch robe.” Draco said.
“Thanks.” Lily said.
Draco took Lily back to the castle and walked her to the
Gryffindor Tower only to meet Professor Snape at the entrance.
“Lylian. Where have you been?” Snape said angrily.
“It’s Lily dad. And I’ve been with Draco, if it any of your
business.” Lily said.
“It is my business when it comes to my daughter. Mr. Malfoy,
you can proceed to your dormitories now.” Snape said.
“Okay. Goodnight Lily.” Draco said.
“Good night Draco.” Lily said,” Goodnight father.”
“I’m not done with you yet miss.” Snape said.
“Oh father can’t we do this tomorrow when I have the energy?”
Lily said.
“Very well. Goodnight Lylian.” Snape replied.
“It’s Lily!” Lily yelled as the tower door closed.


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