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Love takes time by 0o0Athena0o0
Chapter 1 : Love would come later
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The first time that James Potter ever saw Lily Evans, it was raining. The kind of rain that could soke a person in seconds.

Everyone was running, trying to get out of the rain, everyone but her.

James saw her just as he got off the train, one girl standing perfectly still in the middle of chaos, and before he knew it he was smiling.

Lily stood there, with her eyes closed and her face tipped skyward, letting the rain soke into her. Lily loved the rain, the thunder, the cracks of lightning, lily stood there thinking how much she loved storms altogether.

But James did not know what she was thinking, nor would he ever find out, but he did somehow know that he would always remember what she looked like at that moment.

It wasn't love at first sight, love would come later.

James wasn't sure what it was that made it so hard for him to turn his head and run into the night. Perhaps it was a fascination like an unanswered question that tugs at the back of your brain.

Whatever it was, it had him thinking about her the rest of the night and more then half of the next day.

James was eleven that first night he saw her, twelve when he started trying to impress her, thirteen when he first asked her out, fourteen when he tried to make her jealous by dating other girls, fifteen when she told him that she hated him, sixteen when he decided to change.

But he is seventeen when this story starts, in the early afternoon of a rather cold fall day in late October, in a village called Hogsmead, at a pub named The Three Broomsticks.

The place was packed but everyone saw James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew walk in.

It was a sight that no one ever really forgot, they had something about them, maybe it was the way that they walked or how they looked at you, and no matter what they were doing they always looked cool and confident. And it didn't hurt that three of them were rather handsome.

Sirius Black was tall with dark skin, hair, and eyes, he looked like the kind of person that was willing to laugh, ready to tease, and always had something up his sleeve. His hair was somewhat long and shaggy in a neat sort of way.

James Potter was about half an inch shorter then Sirius, with hazel eyes that seemed to take in everything and everyone around him, he was strong and toned from long hours of Quiddich practice. His hair was not long, nor was it short, but lost somewhere in the middle, it was always messy due in most part to the fact that it just grew that way and in part to the nervous habit of running his hand threw his hair.

Remus Lupin was as tall as Sirius, and although he did not look it, much stronger, as James would say, his furry little problem had its perks. His hair was cut shortly and even though it showed a few grays the most of it was a light brown, his deep dark gray eyes showed intelligence, worry, and the look of one who had to grow up much to fast.

Peter Pettigrew, slightly short and just a little overwhight, always looked out of place with the others as though he had stumbled in by mistake and was just waiting for someone to grab him by the arm and drag him away. His hair looked like he had tried to mix Remus's and James's hair styles, it was short like Remus's, but looked like it had not been brushed in about a week, it was such a dirty blonde that it was almost brown. His small watery blue eyes and his somewhat long nose gave him the look of a large rat in wizard clothes.

No one really knew what had brought them together and made them such strong friends, but you would be hard pressed to find them out of sight of each other.

Like always when they came through the door Remus and Peter went to find a table and James and Sirius went to get the drinks.

"Rosemerta, m'dear," Said James with a charming smile as the preaty barmaid came up to take their order. "When are you going to give up this place and marry me?" She blushed deeply.

"You don't want to marry him," Sirius said pointing at James and then at himself. "I know the things that he gets up to, and trust me, you wouldn't want a husbend like that. Now I on the other hand..." Rosemerta started laughing as James grabbed Sirius by the front of his robes.

"Are you trying to steal my girl?" James said loudly.

"Yep."Said Sirius calmly. And with that a mock fight broke out between James and Sirius with Roesmerta laughing harder and harder, suddenly they stopped fighting seeming to deside that they could shear her.

"Well, now that thats seadled, we'll have four butterbeers please." Sirius said smiling widly. Still smiling Rosemerta went off to get their drinks. James paid, and bowing deeply he sent the preaty young barmaid to laughing again.

"Done showing off are you?" Asked Remus mildly when James and Sirius showed up with the drinks.

“Don’t be so uptight. It was only a bit of fun. Sirius said in a defensive sort of way.

“And we didn’t even curse anybody.” James added like a child, trying to prove his innocence to his mother. Remus narrowed his eyes and looked at the pair of them for a moment before he burst out laughing.

“What am I? Your mother? You don’t have to explain anything to me.”

As James and Sirius sat down the door opened and in walked the largest man any of them had ever seen, James lifted his hand to wave, but when he saw who was with him his mouth fell open and his hand dropped.

Hagrid had his arm around Lily Evans, who looked as though she had been crying; Hagrid was trying to cheer her up, it looked as though he had been trying for awhile now.

His friends had started talking about something but James was not paying them any mind, he was wondering why Lily Evans was crying, and why she would go to Hagrid for comfort instead of one of her many friends as she was liked by almost everyone, and James knew for a fact that there were several boys in Hogwarts (himself included) that would give their right leg for Lily to cry on there shoulder. So why Hagrid?

The thought that they might be friends hit James like a sledgehammer in the chest.

Why had this thought never occurred to him before?

Lily was friends with everyone; of course she would be friends with someone so very like herself.

“Did you know that Evans is friends with Hagrid? James asked cutting across Peter’s story about how is Gran had tried to kill him again thinking that he was a Nazi.

“Everyone knows that.” Said Remus shifting so that he was sitting sideways in his seat, with a sigh of comfort he propped his back against the wall.

“I didn’t” Said James, Sirius, and Peter at the same time.

“Well, maybe I should say that everyone that Lily likes knows that.” Remus said with his eyes closed.

“I wonder why she’s crying?” Said Peter in an I’m- Just-Being-Nosy sort of way.

“She’s crying?!” Remus asked, his eyes flying open.

“Yep.” Said Sirius.

“I’m going to go see what going on. I’ll see you guys later.” Said Remus getting quickly to his feet.

“What was that all about?” Asked Sirius watching as Remus walked over to Lily and bent down to talk to her on her stool.

“Don’t know.” Said Peter.

“Has anyone ever seen Evans cry?” James asked, watching (just a little jealously) as Lily got up, hugged Remus, and walked out with his arm around her shoulders.

“No, now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever even seen her tear up.” Sirius said sounding like he was very intrigued.

“Maybe her Mum died.” Said Peter jumping to the worst conclusion he could think of.

“PETE!” Said James and Sirius at the same time.

“What? You’re the ones who said she never cried! I was just saying that might be why she was crying.” Peter said defensively.

James look at Sirius with his eyebrows raised, Sirius looked back at him for a moment and then they both burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Peter asked as though afraid that they were laughing at him and not sure if he should join in or not.

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Love takes time: Love would come later


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